Reviews for Special the Fantastic Four
Mark Meredith chapter 1 . 5/17/2013
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Reviews for: Differently abled Superheroes: X-Men's Guardian 2
Twenty eleven/month: the first/twenty nine. Chapters 1 through 2.
That was for a criticism on an earlier submitting...
THE INSultimate
Two thousand eleven/one/day: twenty-nine. Chapters 1-2.
… Sorry that this story wasn’t what you expected, you all. These articles are what I playfully call fan-fiction non-fiction. Here are some of my stories that are more like fiction: MOON; WITCH’ES GENTLING; To WhatEver’s in Scenes De La Vie de Boheme Chapter I; Musical Fan: What’s in the Opera? Vie … Boheme!; THE BOHEMIANS AND HOW THEY MET; INTERLUDE; ALISON BABY; MS. SHUNARD “DON’T” TAKE NO AS AN ANSWER; OVER THE MOON; INTERVAL; The Invisible Man, Hawley Griffin: Agent of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; MS. LIDDEL OF OZ; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen versus Justice League Act Two; Society of Gentlemen; Kent: Lois is Dead; The Man Has Everything... Justice League, Trinity; Handycaps and Super Power-heroes… Mr. Kent!; SUPERMAN Movie; Superman: Peace; DEATH OF SUPERMAN, RENOVELIZATION: PART ONE; The Death of Superman Chapter Two; FORBIDDEN ROOM OF SUPERMAN; ALL-STAR COMICS: SWEET DREAMS SUPER-WOMAN; MARVEL COMICS V. ASTRO CITY COMICS; It Was Then; The Knight Returns; The Knight Strikes; Han Di Cap-Ped Super human In General...the Spirit Dennis Colt; HANDYCAPS … MAX; Big City: Astro; DIFFERENTLYABLED SUPER HEROES, THE SCORPION ONE?; Transform: First Transform of Dr. Banner; Transform… First Six Appearances of the Incredible Hulk Number Three; HULK Four & V, First Hulk Transformations 4; Cheers, the Abstraction of Death; ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN; Miss Grey Marvel Girl 2; THE FIRST APPEARANCES OF ANTHONY IRON MAN STARK; Mike Jackson versus Kruger; Desperation/Thinner; MiseryStart; Macross: Remember; Clean Porno for People Hating Porn; ASTRO CITY; MY SOUTH PARK YOUTH; and The Heart Stealer which is a cross between Our Town and Tolstoi. You might also want to buy my short short story book named ‘DUSK LAND corrected by an English double major that has a story about Queen of the Damned crosses with Van Helsing and you can contact me on how to receive this book.




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Kukapetal chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
Totally reported for not being a story. I hope you get banned, you troll.