Reviews for Awakening: Rise of the King
CatalystOfTheSoul chapter 2 . 10/19/2011
Is it just me, or is it downright pitiful this doesn't have any reviews? FFN, I'm offended. An OC character story? Yes. I understand that generally leads to Sues and poor writing/plot.

But not even giving it a chance? For anyone who might click to see this, I'd like to state that this story is well written, well put together, and the POV is very comfortable to read.

Future-set and a bit AU, the author still commands a sense of realism and probability. The plot is moving along smoothly, and isn't jerking around like other crap fictions would. Character interaction has a dialogue like history; you can actually /tell/ they've done a lot of speaking to each other before. While maybe lacking in some textual detail, especially around conversations, the writing is still casually readable.

This is not a Sue fic. This is a tale written from the POV of Danny's son; which makes sense since it's high-future. Love it or hate it, at least give it a chance.

Thank you,


p.s. To the wonderful author: I really hate having to suggest this, but I too fall for the "crap story" button the second I see an OC name. If you left Demi's name out of the summary for this story...I'm just saying, it might open up your reader clientele.

For instance, instead of:

"Demi, Danny, and co., are going back to business as usual, save for the fact that a poem still needs deciphering. But there's trouble looming on the horizon. Can they handle it, or will they be overwhelmed?"

"In the far distant future, the Ghost Zone is on the edge of unleashing the worst catastrophe to ever face the human world. Can Danny and son crack the code hidden in poetry before it's too late?"

...or, something like that. Shameful as it is to remove Demi's name, it'd probably help some. :)