Reviews for Can't Breathe
Cuthbert72 chapter 29 . 11/7/2012
This is a roller coaster of a story. It was well written and kept my attention to the end. Very few characters come out of this well and you have found their weaknesses. I liked your take on Tony. That boy had an evil side before his encounter with the bus at the end of the first series.

At the end of chap 28 I was really worried about Cassie as I really love this character. She is a very special person (as is Maxxie) and you have brought this out in your story. I'm glad she survived and that Sid stayed with her. I can only agree with Maxxie's words about her beauty. She made Michelle and Jal look plain.
Jane chapter 28 . 1/16/2012
Oh. My. Maxxie. Who got shot?
waste away chapter 20 . 11/17/2011
Another flawless piece.

I'm very excited to read the next chapter :)
PenguinxHero chapter 15 . 11/14/2011
... Just realized that I typed protagonist in one of my reviews when I meant antagonist. This is why I shouldn't review when I'm tired... Oh, well.

Yay for Maxxie standing up for himself! Although, I wouldn't advise anyone to yell that sort of thing out in the hallway... Poor Sid XD

As usual, characterizations are spot on :) I love how you make use of all of the characters, too.
PenguinxHero chapter 14 . 11/14/2011
Haha, the part about the fingerless gloves made me smile :)

Ugh - Tony, you're being a jerk. Go get hit by a bus or something. Ooh, touchy topic... XD :P

Go, Cassie! You eat that oatmeal! ... I'm sorry. I think I've just passed into the realm of over-tiredness.

Off to review the next chapters and read the conclusion of this stare war...
PenguinxHero chapter 11 . 11/14/2011
I'm loving the friendship between these two, I really am.

It's so nice that Cassie's basically doing for Maxxie what Chris did for her. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on...

Wonderful as always :)
PenguinxHero chapter 8 . 11/14/2011
So, guess what I learned today? Going back and trying to review a chapter after you already know what happens after it is kind of hard - but that could just be because I'm totally ADD and suck at organizing my thoughts XD

As always, love the stuff you put in about Cassie. She would totally compartmentalize her physical surroundings...

Haha, anyways.

Tony... What is there NOT to say about him? XD

He's nosy, he's pushy, he's egotistical; he's totally in character. I've read a lot of things where people downplay those parts of his personality, but you're definitely not doing that here. I'm interested to see if he continues this behaviour (as he's obviously the protagonist) or if you'll throw in a surprise later.

So many possibilities... You have no idea how excited I am to read the conclusion to this :D

Keep up the great work!
waste away chapter 19 . 11/11/2011
Wow, great chapter!

I love how you made Chris so protective of Cassie, it's so sweet. I'm curious as to what will happen next, can't wait until the next chapter!
waste away chapter 18 . 11/5/2011
Oh wow, how mysterious! I'm interested in where you're going with this. Cant wait for the next chapter!
waste away chapter 17 . 11/4/2011
Lovely! Your words are so beautifully strung together. I cant wait for the next chapter!
Maya chapter 13 . 10/24/2011
I just read all the chapters. I'm loving this story so far, and I can't wait to see what comes next! :D
waste away chapter 13 . 10/24/2011
This is brilliantly written. I love how all the chapters are so short and fleeting, but so much development in each. You learn so much about all of the characters in each chapter. I find the dialogue so real and very much like the characters. And just every word you use just fits together all so perfectly, the story just dances. It's so pretty and deserves much more attention than its getting. Thank you for writing! I'm excited to read more!
PenguinxHero chapter 7 . 10/19/2011
Yay! Lots of plot development in these last three! But jeez... That cliffhanger in part seven... You missy, are evil :P

I love the friendship/could-be-something-more between Chris and Cassie. Reminds me of season two of the show, except the circumstances were different... *is hit with a sense of nostalgia* *shakes it off* Anyways... I'm really interested in seeing where you take this relationship - especially since it could cause friction considering some of the other relationships already set in place.

Once again, love the descriptions in Cassie's part. A mirror is a perfect symbol to use for her; how others see herself in reality, and then how she sees herself in her reflection. 'Maybe she was lovely and ugly at the same time?' - indeed.

Oh, Tony... You just know as soon as he enters, shit's gonna go down XD Hmm... I wonder what's going to happen with him and Maxxie in the bathroom... *is actually a pretty big Taxxie fan* XD

Guess I'll find out in the next part that you just put up... You have no idea how awesome you are for updating so fast, btw :D
PenguinxHero chapter 4 . 10/19/2011
So, I read this one and the one before it yesterday when I was really tired and decided I'd better re-read them today before I reviewed.

Man... It kind of throws me off, Cassie being with them in Russia and all, since it's been a long time since I've watched the first season and I can't quite help but think about the episodes after this one and what is "canon", ya know? It really doesn't help since this story is AU, so I feel a bit stranded... but in a good way? I don't know. I'm rambling. But anyways... I like it a lot regardless. It shows how if just a few scenes were changed, things could have ended up drastically different.

I like the descriptions in Cassie's POV. I don't even know how to describe it... It's like things are being viewed from a simple, child-like point of view where the beauty of things isn't taken for granted, but there's a twist. You can feel the damage they've been subject to. It's totally Cassie :) Love it.

In the next part, I really like how you had Maxxie show his anger by trying to punch the wall. A lot of writers have their male characters internalize their emotions, when psychologically males are more likely to express them outwardly. It really depends on personality to determine the extent, but considering the circumstances I'd say it was quite in-character.

I found this line funny: 'Cassie blinked, swallowed and said, "You shouldn't hurt yourself."' Ironic. She should follow her own advice... :P

Also, I like the ending of this part. I sense foreshadowing! :D *is excited*

Anyways. Onto reading and reviewing the next three parts you put up XD
PenguinxHero chapter 2 . 10/17/2011
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god - 'kay.

I'm on my phone and whatnot and it's kind of a bother but I really feel like happy-ranting and just - gah!

You are awesome and this story is full of win. It could take off in so many directions, yet I feel completely happy with being taken along for the ride. You captured of the mood of the show so. well. The characterizations were spot-on, too. I really hope you finish this one - and believe me when I say I'll nag you until you do (just kidding... Or am I? ;P)

Now onto the next story!