Reviews for Black, White and Shades of Grey
FailScribe chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
I agree with you on the OC thing! However, I use mine as more or less plot devises for the canon characters to have fun with. XD

Anyway! I like this a lot actually. It's well written for a story based off an RP. A trait I rarely see when going over there. Actually, if you hadn't included it in the intro, I would have thought you made this up on your own as a FF~

I've just come back from a really long hiatus and this has been the best story I've read so far. There's enough details(something I rarely find in FF) and the characters are well played. Must be an epic RP too. :O

Do continue~ I will read what happens.
Time Lord Ash chapter 1 . 10/26/2011
I've only recently heard of Soul Eater so I only now the basics of the show. But despite this I haven't felt lost so far in reading this story (even though it is only the opening chapter). So on behalf of any casual or non-fan readers out there I offer you a thank you and congratulations for making it easy for any non-fans to follow. Don't worry, Wikipedia will help me get up to speed. ;)

I liked the reference to Kid resetting his clocks once a week; it actually made me chuckle! It was a funny little anecdote that helped me settle in to the narrative flow quite well, so there's another tick for you.

It seemed to be a bit shorter than I expexted, but that may have been because I read it over several sittings. In any case, I wouldn't consider that a bad thing at all (I like chapters of ALL lengths).

All in all I'm enjoying it so far and I'm really keen to learn more about these OCs. There's not enough evidence so far to know whether they'll "go sue" or not, but I think they'll be fine. ;)

Cudos for the experimental approach you're taking to this story too. It kind of makes it like a chose your own adventure book; one where even the author doesn't know what'll happen. Just as long as things don't get too out of hand, I'd hate to see the story get too loose and unstructured after all. But I'm sure the forum participants will be obliging in helpful you keep everything structured. :)