Reviews for Honestly Harry - The Founders Chambers
ngaothien7531 chapter 71 . 10/10
Finish the second year, for me Harry in the 3 last chaps was too naive for the preparation he had in two year and Hermione was so weak for me to believe!
amortentiate chapter 71 . 8/13
You truly have the gift of storytelling. I honestly don't know when I last enjoyed a fanfiction story so much. Kudos to you dear author.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 47 . 7/6
Hmm, ghosts performing magic. I think my concern is ghosts choose to not go on after 'dying'. At least that's how I understand it. And we know that they can linger in our world for centuries. Nearly Headless Nick died in 1492. He's been around for some 500 years. He's practically 'Immortal'! And now he's going to perform magic! Possibly anyway. Somehow I think Tom Riddle might find this theory kind of interesting. I'd be real leery of pursuing this if I were Harry.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 37 . 7/5
I think the interesting thing here is how Ginny reintegrates with H/H after they finally free her from Tom. She's going to have ton of guilt and then there is the fact that they are moving on from her. Kudos though on how you made the diary happen. It really was about the only option you had. And kind of neat to see all the founders had secret chambers. Not sure how I feel about Harry being Lord Gryffindor. Kind of like Ron I guess. Harry gets everything.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 29 . 7/4
Hmm, well it seems you found a way to kill their bond with the spell going through the diary and now e'll get Ginny being used by Riddle. Not nice of you. Not nice at all.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 27 . 7/4
Whoa! You're going to do something about Snape?
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 22 . 7/4
Honestly, I'm flabergasted they came up with a simple easy solution to getting them to the school. Adults in the HP world aren't exactly known for logical decisions.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 21 . 7/4
So do we ever get a Weasley family meeting about H/G/H? Just wondering how that will all play out.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 20 . 7/4
Little news flash, Harry. Everyone wonders if the next day might be our last.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 19 . 7/4
McGonagall. We'll I'll be damed. Didn't quite see that one coming.

I don't know, but if I'm H/G/H and I've got a house elf admitting he serves a dark family telling me that family is out to get me I can't comprehend not telling Dumbledore or some adult.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 18 . 7/4
Oh man, that was just quick, cruel, and rather brilliant how you stuck some other girl with the diary. Here's hoping she doesn't die. Also really hoping Harry's saving people thing doesn't lead to a third girl bonded to him. I like this story but really would have to think about continuing if the harem grows beyond Ginny and Hermione.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 16 . 7/4
Impressed with the wording of your scavenger hunt clues.

The Weasley parents really know how to ruin a birthday.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 15 . 7/4
Ginny is a quidditch player and broom riding maniac. I don't think a little cart ride at Gringotts would frighten her.

Good trick on Harry finding the cabinet in his vault. You come up with some interesting little twists.
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 14 . 7/4
Dude is seriously rich!
Sorcerer's Muse chapter 5 . 7/4
I think it really interesting how it seems everyone is ok with Harry being the Dursley's personal house elf as long as they aren't beating him. It's still abusive in the house but no one really seems to mind because he isn't being hit. Hardly makes any of these adults responsible in my book. It's not just your story, it's across FF for this to be the case. And I'm not complaining really. Just noting that I think the adults aren't worth much of anything in JKR's or 99% of the FF world.

And interesting that we find out Sirius is innocent very early on in the timeline.
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