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shiftyless chapter 5 . 11/13/2013
SleepingSiren chapter 3 . 10/20/2013
This is the best thing I've read for these two just perfection. Fav, definitely 3
1sunfun chapter 5 . 9/5/2013
Sirius-Potterfan chapter 5 . 7/28/2013
SOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! I love it! Tony torture is exquisite :)
Little-Retard chapter 5 . 1/29/2013
Awesome! I loved this story, great job!
Textcrazy chapter 5 . 7/28/2012
Textcrazy chapter 3 . 7/28/2012
mandielouluvsewe chapter 1 . 5/18/2012
Just to let you know, I will NEVER watch that episode the same way again because of this story. LOL
loverboysgirl chapter 5 . 4/9/2012
P4Nd4 chapter 5 . 4/5/2012
Very nice! Got me hot, it did! Love Wildcat!Tim! XD! Amazing, Awesome and Wonderful! Thanks!
IGottaFindYou chapter 5 . 4/4/2012
Tim walked into work with a smile, four cups of coffee, and a bounce in his step. He was happy and he was excited. If today didn't make Tony snap then he would have to start worrying about Tony.

...MEAN MEAN MEAN!:P And don't you DARE give up on our boy!:P:P:P

No, he was imaging it. There was no way Tim was looking at him like he wanted to see Tony naked and do naughty things to him. He was definitely imagining it.

...OOH...! Finally the table turn to a GOOD postion! (hehe..."position"...:P:P)

"Thanks," he said and couldn't help but smile at the smile Tim wore. It practically lit the room.

...Is he not even gonna bother wondering why McGee's attentions turned so quickly from Ziva to him?...Well, I guess he wouldn't complain would he?:P:P:P

Or…oh monkey balls!


"My head is in no way little."


Tony managed to stop himself from choking at the innuendo.

...Hey, I was RIGHT!:P:P

Probie kept touching him! He was ready to burst.


"Tim would you go faster already," he said annoyed.


"Tony," Tim sighed, "you really need to relax and realize that sometimes, slower is better."

He did it again!

...HeeheeHEE! GIGGITY!:P:P:P:)

Tim shrugged as he took out the key and opened the door. "I have the time if you have the energy."


They reached the elevator and Tony was trying to keep his mind on the case and not all the fantasies he's dreamt up in one day.


Tim shook his head with his own grin. "No. I said it feels weird. Not like going down. Nothing feels better than going down. Don't you think?"

...*LAUGHS* Oh GOD, that was a genius move...!:P:P:P:)

Staring with a gape mouth, he unconsciously nodded in agreement and tripped when he followed Tim out of the elevator.

...Aw, no elevator...?*Pout*:P:P

His mind and body was about to combust with all the touches and innuendos.

"Are you alright Tony?" Ziva asked before he could make a run for the elevator and drive home to whack off again. They stood in front of each other.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine."

"Because you seemed distracted all day."

"No, no, I'm fi-"

"Excuse me," Tim cut in, squeezing between them as they were blocking the exit and Tony stiffened as Tim's hand brushed his cock.

...Mean mean MEAN, the both of you!:P:P:P:P

Walking into to the bullpen, he paused to stand in front of Tony who was still glaring at the elevator. He could see Tony's mind working and smirked when a heated look passed his face.

"Just make sure he can stand to work tomorrow DiNozzo."


"Tony?" he asked when he opened the door.

...TONY: "You're EVIL!":P:P:P

"I'm going to kiss you Probie." He stepped forward and Tim took a step back, whimpering as his dick hardened at the wicked smirk that came to Tony's lips.

...OOH! And Tony's back on top! (*giggity*):P:P:P

"I'm going to kiss you," he repeated, "and I'm going to strip you." Again a step forward which Tim matched a step back. "Then, I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. Make you dirty."

...YEAH, baby!:P:P It's like a scene out of "9 1/2 Weeks"! Except SO much better!...Yeah, I didn't really like that movie...:P:P


Tony took another step and Tim jumped when he took a step back and bumped into the back of his couch.

...HEE-HEE! Who's the bitch NOW...?:P:P:P:P:)

"Then after we get some rest, I'm going to make love to you slowly, and then repeat."


His breathing was harsh and he closed his eyes briefly when Tony trailed his finger down his face and traced his thumb over his bottom lip.

"How does that sound Timmy?"

...McGEE: "Yes, Master...very good, Master...":P:P:P:P

Snapping his eyes open at the name and affection and love in his voice, he smiled. "About time."

Tony grunted before crashing their lips together and wrapping his arms around his waist, pulling him in tight to his body so they were flush together.


Tim gasped, in which Tony thrust his tongue past his lips, and groaned as he wrapped his arms around Tony's neck, tangling their tongue together. The fight for dominance was short as they both knew who was in charge.

"Tony," he gasped as Tony rolled his hips and brushed their covered cocks together.

...YEAH he is...!:P:P:P:):):)

"Need you naked now," Tony harshly whispered and immediately attacked Tim's clothes, ripping and tearing them off.


"You're mine now McGorgeous."


Tim smiled against Tony's lips before whispering, "I thought you were going to make me dirty."

...PATIENCE, McGorgeous...!:P:P:P

'As if a flip had been switched, Tony started attacking him again...'

...You mean, a "SWITCH had been FLIPPED"?:P:P


"Mine, mine, mine," he chanted to himself as he poured lube on his fingers, Tim had no idea where the lube and condom came from, and pressed a finger to his hole.


"My Probie. I love you."

"Love you too."

IGottaFindYou chapter 4 . 4/4/2012
"Don't let it interfere with work McGee."

Tim glanced at Gibbs confused before he followed where his boss' eyes were and landed on Tony. Softly smiling, he assured Gibbs, "It won't. Just tired of waiting for him Gibbs."

...LOVE IT!:):):P Had to post that, because unfortunately, I posted the previous review before I realized the chapter wasn't finished. But why'd the tables have to turn?What happened to McGee being pushed to profess his love because of HIS jealousy?...Sorry, not meaning to criticize, I just love it when Tony knows he's appreciated/loved.:)

Tony did everything he could though to get them apart. He walked in between them when they went somewhere, he came on the other side of Tim to look at what they were, he made sure Ziva or Tim rode shotgun so that they weren't alone in the backseat together. He even made sure to stand between them when they all stood in the bullpen looking at the monitor.


And right now, he about came in his pants.

When he looked up to glance at Tim, he had to do a double take to make sure he was seeing what he was. Tim was sitting at his desk, typing away, and sucking on a lollipop.

...*Watches as Ass Falls Off Again Due to Laughter* DAMNIT!:P:P:P:P:)

He never really thought of anything "kinky" when he thought of Tim, aside from the occasional bondage scenario, but what he was visioning right now was way kinky. An image of a school girl Tim, mini plaid skirt with knee high socks and white button shirt that showed his midriff. Tim would stand there, with the lollipop in his mouth, admitting he was a bad boy and deserved a spanking from Mr. DiNozzo.

...*Plop!* DAMNIT AGAIN!:P:P:P:P:P:P

"Hello Tim," she purred. Tony had to make sure he didn't kill his keys as he hit them.

...Poor Tony...:P:P

She came around the corner and nearly bounced in glee and laughed. Tim and Ziva were at Ziva's desk, sitting close, talking, and laughing while Tim showed her things for the computer. But what really had her wanting to bounce in glee was how Tim was licking and sucking on the lollipop she suggested the other day. And it was working she could see as she looked at Tony.


"McGee's lucky he chose today to do your little stunt or I would put an end to this."

She jumped at Gibbs' voice behind her and wanted to ask how Bossman knew it was her idea in the first place, but decided not to.

...Boss always knows...EVERYTHING...!:P:):):P

Abby stared at their silver haired fox boss and grinned. "You knew."

He looked at her with that smirk and a look that said, "Obviously."

"How long?"

"Since McGee started here."

She gasped as she didn't know that it's been that long.

...Seriously? ABBY couldn't see it? Oh, I guess it was because her relationship with McGee was recent...

She giggled behind her hand and continued to watch before heading back to her lab. It sucked sometimes being stuck down there. She missed everything.


"Go home."

Tony shot out of his seat and ran to the elevator with his backpack and a quick, "Later."

...GIBBS: *To McGee and Ziva* "...And you two. Be nice.":P:P:P:P

Tony gave a pitiful groan and banged his head against the refrigerator as he felt his dick start to harden again. "Shit."

...Our poor boy.:P:P:P
IGottaFindYou chapter 3 . 4/4/2012
"I hear your bromance ended."


Tony rolled his eyes behind Abby's back at her comment.

...Oh, I thought it was GIBBS who said that! Oh well, still funny.:P:P:P:)

"I heard he called McGee Probie."

Mentally growling at the reminder, he nodded. "Yeah."

"I'm guessing since you didn't get another warning you didn't do anything like last time."

"Just had a few words with him."

Abby smiled. "That's what you said you wanted to do with the last guy. And looked what happened."

...Abby always knows...:):):)

"Hey! That guy kept doing it and trying to say if I did it then he could..."

...The HELL he can...!:P

Tim watched Ziva walk over to his desk and sit on the corner of it. "Are you happy about Tony's man-mance ending?"


"He can have as many flings as he wants," he said but smiled in return, "but he always comes back to me."

...HE ADMITS IT!:P:P:):):) He seems very Tony-ish in this part...:P:P

Gibbs shook his head with a smile he hid behind his coffee as he watched his kids.

..."his kids" again! LOVE IT!:):):):):P

He's known from the very beginning about Tony's feelings for Tim.

...Yay Gibbs.:):):)But when did anyone clue into McGee's feelings for Tony? Was that supposed to just be developing now?

And he knew the moment he figured it out too.

...Of course you did, you're Gibbs.:):P

He had been partnered with Tim while Ziva and Tony had the other group. And after watching a boy pull on a girl's pigtails, Tim had broken it up by whispering that all the teasing and pulling meant he liked her. Tim had frozen as soon as he said that and whipped around so fast to look over at Tony, Gibbs almost thought the kid would get whiplash. The look on his face…Gibbs snorted remembering it.


Time passed and Tim started returning Tony's feelings, and Gibbs was suffered, or if you looked at it entertained, with watching them play back and forth with each other. Though with Tony, he didn't know Tim returned his feelings where Tim knew Tony did.

...Aw, poor Tony...

Now, after this McCadden incident, he was really proud that Tony didn't go off on McCadden like he did the last guy because he didn't think he could talk Vance out of not punishing Tony again, it seemed Tim was finally tired of waiting for Tony to make a move. And instead of just asking Tony out for a date, he was going to make him jealous.

No fair! That's Tony's job !:P:P:P

He shook his head as he took another gulp of his coffee. And his team complained about him not owning a good television. Why would he need one when he had his kids to watch?

..*Gasps* That's TRUE...! I never thought of that before! Do you mind if I possibly use that thought in a story I'm working on?

But he swore to all things holy that if Tony snapped and did anything to Tim in the middle of his bullpen, he was going to head-slap Tony so hard his and McGee's adopted children would feel it.

...*LAUGHS. *:P:P:P

"Gear up!"

...What? Isn't it still nighttime?
IGottaFindYou chapter 2 . 4/4/2012
But yes, Tim knew. Tim knew that Tony lusted after him, maybe even loved him. Just like Tim loved him.


What wasn't easy to figure out was why Tony hadn't made a move yet. Instead, he asked Tim to be his geek wingman to hook him up with a college friend who worked at the Air and Space Museum.

Who does that!

...AW...! Hehehehe...:):):P It was also INCREDIBLY hard to miss (whether you're a slash fan or not) the slashy undertone of McGee's line "...I was in the BATHTUB.":P:P I always thought there was a backstory there, like McGee expected Tony to be in the bathtub WITH him, but he forgot about their date or something...:P:P:)

Tony was obviously interested in him with the way he bit his lip when Tim told him he had been in the bathtub when Tony had left him 15 messages the night before.

...HA! See? You noticed it too!:):):):P

Tim hated this case. That damn Norfolk detective was getting too close to Tony for his liking. What was he thinking? That he was Tony's new partner? And who the hell did he think he was calling Tim Probie? Only Tony got away with that.

...I am BEAMING right now as I read this, cuz watching/reading jealousy happen is just AWESOME!:):):P:P:P

"This will not last long."

Confused, he looked up at her and saw her watching him. "What?"

"Tony and McCadden. It will not last."


"Guess you heard about T-Cad?" Tim asked Abby as they both were alone in the lab and on the computer.

"Ah," she smiled, "Tony's new bromance." He hated that, everyone seemed to get a kick out of it while Tim hated it. "Oh honey," she soothed, "don't worry. It'll be over soon."

...This scene between Abby and McGee was one of my favorites of the adorable.:):P

Which was a total lie. Tony didn't even get him his NutterButters, and he never forgot to get Tim those. Even when the snack machine ran out, he always found a way to get him some.


Then McCadden walks in and Tony suddenly forgets them!

He hated this.

"Oooh, someone needs a hug."


Tim glanced over before looking back to his computer. He didn't want to listen to Tony make plans with that man stealer.

IGottaFindYou chapter 1 . 4/4/2012
From the moment he laid eyes on one Timothy McGee, he's wanted him. He's wanted to get little Timmy naked and never stop having his way with him until Tim was all panting and dirty.

Just thinking about a naked, panting, and clinging Tim underneath him had Tony squirming in his seat.

So when Phil McCadden, the local Norfolk police detective that he hit it off with from the beginning, called Tim McSlim after Tim asked about his NutterButters, he glowered but kept silent.

...Evil McCadden...EVIL...!:P:P

Ziva frowned at him as she, along with Abby and probably all of NCIS, knew about his affection towards Tim.

...Yay...Ziva's Team McNozzo...and she doesn't even know it yet.:P:P

However, he stayed silent and continued to tell Gibbs about how he and McCadden—didn't feel right calling him McC any longer—went out for a break.

Tony didn't see that happening again in the future with this guy.


The look on Tony's face would forever be in her memory. From the moment she joined the team, right after Ari and the death of Kate, she knew something was between McGee and DiNozzo, though it was one sided. Tony loved Tim, and has not said anything about it. And everyone knew, except for Tim. Even Holly, the escort that has been helping them in the last few days could tell how Tony felt.

Not wanting Tim to witness Tony blow up on McCadden, Ziva spoke up. "McGee! I need your help."

Nodding, Tim turned away from the two other men and came over to help her do some searching on her computer.

...Team McNozzo AND protecting Tony from his secret getting out to sweet Ziva.:):):)

Snapping, he flipped the switch to stop the elevator. He said it again! He turned to the detective. "Listen McCadden, no one, and I mean no one, calls McGee Probie but me! He's my Probie, not yours or anyone else's! If I ever hear you call him that again or any kind of version of his last name, well, you won't like it. Ask the last agent who thought it was okay. Do we understand each other?"

...YEAH BABY! You stand by your man!:):):):P:P

"Oh hey there McCadden…Oh really was that tonight? Yeah it slipped my mind." Like hell it did. Damn near strangled him when he almost called Tim another McNickname when they had been in the car.


"…That was McCadden?" Tim asked from his desk.

Tony shrugged, inwardly smiling at the hint of jealousy in Tim's voice.

...Oh, I think we all were...:):):):):):)

"Did you dump him Tony?" Ziva asked from her desk and Tony wanted to strangle her, yet at the same time hug her for the way she distracted Tim after McCadden called him Probie. "Has your man-mance come to an end?"

...I loved her in this episode.:):P I don't love her in a lot of episodes, but I loved the way she and Abby both talked to the guys about the triangle.:P:P:P:)

"I never had a man-mance." If he did, it'd be with Tim.


"You're annoying."

"You're juvenile."

...And now I shall say the same thing I said the very first time I watched this scene, and every single time afterward...I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY!:P:P:P:):)
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