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zerxes96 chapter 4 . 9/23
Did Danny just call his mom hot?

Other than that, this is amazing so far and I'm so glad I decided to pick this duology up.
LiteratureGirl12 chapter 22 . 9/21
LiteratureGirl12 chapter 14 . 9/20
Was the scream Dani? Oh please no! No, no, no! Not Dani!
LiteratureGirl12 chapter 9 . 9/20
Dear God you better give him his hand back or I swear I'll hunt you down!
roseaj chapter 21 . 9/15
That was such a wonderful read. Now I'm gonna go scurry off to read the sequel. I can't wait to see how you handle Danny's mental state, not to mention physical state, after suffering through all that torture - made even more traumatic by the fact that it was at the hands of a person that he loves dearly. Once again, this was a wonderful fic. Thank you so much for writing and posting it.
Krista Perry chapter 21 . 9/5
Ahhhhh! Such a great fic! It's easy to see why this has so many faves and reviews. Here's one more! Thanks so much for writing and sharing!
BLINIX chapter 16 . 9/5
I know we're on chap 16, there are 22 chapters and a sequel, but with all the angs Ive been reading m, this feels like the end :'v
BLINIX chapter 13 . 9/5
Now the shocking truth DUJ DUN DUUUN!
BLINIX chapter 7 . 9/4
Okay, like in the anime Im watching suddenly everything went downhill :v, feel sorry for Danny, %99 sure that here is where torture starts :3
Baby Hedgehog-Cute but DEADLY chapter 22 . 8/21

I found this story after seeing fanart for it on Pinterest. I proceeded to track it down and binge-read it in the span of few hours.

Ohhhh myy goddd. I cried actual tears, which rarely happens to me. This was so... AHH. I wish I could spend more time describing how awesome you are, but sadly it's 2:30 AM and I still have homework to finish.

I will definitely be reading the sequel, though. :) Stay awesome!
MostLikelyNotHuman chapter 22 . 8/12
I have read this story multiple times, and as much as I regret it I've never reviewed, mainly due to (anxiety) the fact that I have never been able to properly string together a series of words that can show my absolute love for this story. I still don't know how to do that for you, but I'm going to try because you absolutely deserve it.

Experimentation stories have always been interesting. There's just so many different and great directions you can take it. You, my friend, took this story in all the right directions. It may be a common type of story, but yours stands out in all the good ways; its unique, it's brilliant, and it's incredibly well written.

We get to experience the inside of a brilliant but flawed mind. The way you wrote Maddie was absolutely exceptional. We get to know her as both a scientist and a mother, and where both of those parts of her connect, overlap, and conflict.
That conflict is such an important part of this story, and through it we not only see her strong points, but also her flaws, even seeing her go so far to lose one of her most important abilities as a scientist; the ability to adapt to new information. Her character development feels very natural and flows nicely. She's intelligent, but stubborn, and you found the perfect balance between those two.

All of the interactions between Maddie and Danny felt realistic and true to character. Maddie's confrontation of Danny after she figures out what she thinks is the truth is such an emotionally raw and devastating conversation; the whole exchange carries this atmosphere of defeat that you handled very well.

Every single aspect of this story is just so well thought out and executed. You've created and expanded upon an entire field of fictional science, just for this story, and that's absolutely incredible. It is so extremely clear how much time and effort you put into this story, and I want to show my appreciation for everything you've done with this.

Thank you.

Kimera20 chapter 21 . 7/28
yess! this story is amazing! you are a fantastic author!
reading this take me a few months, cause every two chapters a had to stop because i was too emotionaly compromised to continue, had to calm down and then keep reading hehe
welp, now i'm gonna read the sequel XD
GentleRage chapter 22 . 7/20
This story was nothing like I've read before. I'm definitely going to read the sequel. I've often wondered what would happen if Danny was captured by his parents but this was a perspective I didn't consider. It was a very good read, thank you for such great introspection of Mrs. Fenton's charachter.
ArtofthePlate chapter 21 . 7/17
I don't even watch this show. I know next to nothing about it. And yet, this has to be one of the best stories I've ever read. The ethical quandaries are so well written, every little event ties into a bigger picture, and I really felt for Danny and his mom throughout the whole thing. Well done.
CatalystOfTheSoul chapter 21 . 6/19
Okay so I've been chipping away at this fic for days. Weeks? Something in that realm between work and projects and work and people and a list of distractions so endless I'm not sure what most of them are.

But I made it. Here I am. The end of Phantom of Truth.

I'd say it lived up to the expectation! I'm fairly certain I can name five people who referred me. Tilliquoi/Sabrina and Katie excluded. This work was wonderful! Well written and well executed. How managed to make so many chapters out of Maddie sitting in a lab-honestly the thought of reading that daunted me, and after the first chapter I didn't return for at least a week. What was there to read? What would happen? Would it be a repeat of Lab Rat's gore and horror? All those referrals and nobody was really able to describe what I was in for.

And I know why. It's because this story is the best kind of story. It's not a story that has a plot. I mean, of course it has elements of plot, the devices are there. You've built up the appropriate setting for "plot" to occur, but what this story was "about" was not at all what this story wa t. That's why no one could describe it. It's a story about people. Namely, a story about Maddie.

In Cori's writing she gives glimpses of Maddie, pieces that when strung together give an idea of a woman. This story is the entire idea, a fantastic and beautiful description of a character. We get to know her, from strengths and weaknesses, to fears and values. In this story, you gave her a voice, a face, and so much to consider. I cared about her deeply, sympathized with her, experienced her world like it might be my own.

This is prime, beautiful writing. Thank you. I'll remember it for a long time.
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