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Lunita Shiratori chapter 22 . 11/10/2015
Tiakiatsu Amazing fanfic. I miss you. I hope you writer other fanfic again.
Thanks you .
with love Lunita
Stitch chapter 22 . 11/9/2015
Thank you for such a beautiful story. It is one of my favorites.
TetiSherii chapter 21 . 11/4/2015
HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Congratulations :) the Epilogue, wow still can't believe it!
I love it... it's very peaceful and calm, glad to see everything is back to normal -as we all dream-Bryn confusion is very expected and normal...
Doubar point of view is a lovely move, seeing the couple from a third but still involved view is nice. The thought he feels guilty Bryn missed a lot, they ignored to tell her is very rightful to mention and I'm glad you show her upset about it.
The last part though, is very interesting... did you just left a hint for an upcoming story? or was it just my imagination? Because I can prepare myself from now for the excitement for a new adventure :)
The Griffin/Wind and his keeper... hmm
Let me think about it... who would it be?... I think I have a guess :)

An amazing story and amazing writer... Thanks so much for giving us the chance to enjoy such beauty and thanks to keep working on it till the end and never abandon it.
And sorry if I still didn't review few chapters, but sure enough I read them all and will tell my thoughts soon :)
mslm90 chapter 21 . 10/27/2015
I am sorry it took so long for me to review- school has been crazy. I am so happy that you had a great ending to this story! I have really enjoyed reading it and I am glad to know there are still Maeve/Sinbad fans out there. Thank you! :)
Trepkos chapter 21 . 10/27/2015
An amazing end of this great story.

I like that the beginning was taken from the point of view of Doubar, his memories to events which took place after last chapter. You greatly capture his character and his relationship to supernatural elements - he realizes and admits them, but he still knows that they lie outside of the scope of his knowledge.

I like the bond between Maeve and Sinbad which was evident despite their limited physical presence in this chapter. I also like how Bryn understood this bond although it is a new situation for her (contrary to Doubar, Firouz and Rongar). Two opposite elements which become one.

A great moment when Bryn and Doubar shared this joke. They have excellent chemistry in your story.

I like the comment of Maeve about the Sinbad's hair and I fully agree with her. You should return to your old style, Sinbad.

And the crew found a next friendly island where they can return repeatedly. I like the thought how many friends they gained during their journeys. I sometimes think that even short stories where our heroes would visit some of these friendly islands, not necessarily with an adventure, would be great. For example the island where Velda and Borell live, the island of young Timour, Mylagia, the Lake Isle of Leopold or the island with the "vanishing" village, where their friends Belkor and Cassandra live, the Rongar's island and next...

I like the ending scene with Dim Dym and Chiara. It shows us a piece of something which can turn into something important in the future. Your idea with elements was excellently created and we know that Gryphons still exist. I cannot only remember now, if your story follows the whole second season. I mean if the crew experienced the adventure from A Gryffin's Tale.

And I must admire how great character Chiara really is. A young girl at the first look, but such a wise old woman inside.

An amazing job was done here. A great story came at its end. My honest congratulations on you.
inbid chapter 21 . 10/16/2015
Today I went through the whole story once again. I must admit that I had a really really nice evening thanks to you. :) Thank you.
It is so AoS climate which I miss so. Each and every detail creats an a wonderful entire.
Maeve and Sinbad realtion is so Maeve and Sinbad realtion we know (and we love) from the show.
Really amazing fanfic.
What is more I had to bring back from my memory my password to FF :D Maybe it's a sign XD
MJDai chapter 21 . 10/15/2015
OMG TK! You wrote an epilogue! Thank you so much :D I love it *huggles the epilogue*. I love how Maeve and Sinbad's bickering exasperates Bryn. And of course the hints of Bryn/Doubs :D Oh and the Di,-Dim and Chiara bit at the end! It's like mysterious basically because these two are mysterious and yet cosy but also with a lot of foreshadowing.

So yes, in conclusion: Thanks TK :D
Anandi chapter 2 . 8/2/2014
I really really like the scene between DimDim and Maeve.. :) If Maeve's character had been continued to Season 2, this is how the interaction between her and her master of white magic would have been! Right from the start, Maeve is portrayed as someone who is cautious to make friendships, does not easily put her trust in people, very sarcastic at times and highly independent.. I used to think that only someone with extreme patience and a kind of strong yet gentle love can actually help her a LOT.. that's why I've always wondered about her relationship with Master DimDim.. She must have been a total mess before meeting him. So,theirs must be a very beautiful, meaningful relationship.. I think you have portrayed that extremely well here.. Kudos! :)
Stitch chapter 20 . 6/20/2014
I re-read your story again tonight, because I am anxiously awaiting more stories from you. Your writing is beautiful, and you did justice to a show I loved from childhood. Thank you TiaKisu!
inbid chapter 20 . 2/23/2014
It was really nice to get back to your story again :)
I do like this new chapter :) and I'm getting more and more curious about how it all is going to end...
And looks like Turok got back to the game, it's getting better and better xD
Somehow it reminds me "The Vegance of Rumina".
Great job :)
Post more ASAP :)
Stitch chapter 20 . 2/21/2014
Excellent as always. I often struggle to find the right thing to say, since your writing is always so lyrical and does justice the characters we loved from the show. I am sorry, I didn't post a review from the last chapter, but I hope you know it was good as always. I hope you continue to post more stories about Sinbad and his crew. You definitely have a fan in me!

Thank you for telling your story and for the beautiful way you reunited our favorite characters. I really did love their story.
AFairy88 chapter 20 . 2/21/2014
WOW! A very fitting chapter... Thank you for the update ;)
Trepkos chapter 20 . 2/20/2014
The great chapter, i really like this ending, where this concrete story is ended and the new adventures are waiting for our heroes and our enemies are still somewhere outside prepared to a next encounter.

I like how Maeve informed others about the fact that everything what happened was destined, from her first steps on the board to her return towards them. And although they can not save Dim Dym the same way, they will be continuing with sailing and they will fulfil the Sinbad's old promise. And that Dim Dym knew about all what was destined was really the great move.

By the way, one question. When Firouz asked for the possibility of Dim Dym rescue, i got the idea; it was mentioned in the tv series if Firouz knew him as well as Sinbad and Doubar? i do not remember now.

I really like the talk between Chiara and Sinbad. I like how Maeve gave him her significant look "be attentive, Sinbad" before it. I like the character of Chiara very much; such a mysterious woman and her speech towards Sinbad reminded me the talk between Maeve and Caipra in Double Trouble. And Sinbad was horrified when he found that Turock is alive again, but he believed at the end of the day that they can defeat him, when the crew will stick together.

The end with Rumina and Turock was great. I expected that Turock will not be very pleased her decision to stop fighting, but Rumina was able to recognize that this time their battle had been lost, but it does not mean that she wants to stop their plans for world domination. And the end, it reminded me the Turock's scream "I am alive." from The Vengeance of Rumina so strongly. Poor sailors who had the opportunity to hear him, it had to frighten them to death.

This chapter reminded me the end of the first season so much, it was really great written and great created in your fantasy, you have the great writing talent, i simply love your story from the beginning to the end. One adventure of this crew ended and next adventures are waiting for them at the sea...
Anime Princess chapter 20 . 2/19/2014
whoa, Turok is back and ready to take control of it all on his own time!
I'm glad Sinbad knows he's back.
Does Maeve though? I mean, she felt Turok's resurrection right? Before she fell overboard?
And I'm glad that Chiara is going to be able to act her age at the celebrations!
POST MORE ASAP! Well, you know what I mean,
TetiSherii chapter 19 . 1/4/2014
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnd finally :D :D here I'm ;)
I'm terribly sorry TK, being that awfully late :( really sorry, hope you'll consider it :/

Now, WHAT AN AMAZING CHAPTER this one? I love it totally :)
first i love how Sinbad is acting through all the chp, calm, reassured, happy and satisfied :) now that his love is back ;) love this side of him,
secondly, Maeve/Sinbad moment when she hesitated to follow Chiara was AWESOME ... my favorite through the chp,,,
this and the vision Maeve got about Dimdim all together are my favorites :) :) i love this vision or dream,, and love that the phoenix is the one showing it to her via the stone :D
which reminds me... the stone,, nice change about it... it seemed more like .. being alive :)
for sure, Dermi has a part out there, if not it would be weird,, he should calm his sister,,, but i love how he felt her emotions as if they are his own, nice one,
last but not least... Maeve loyalty and guilt for leaving her master behind even if it was not planned for ... is just so touching, making me falling for her more 3

and i wanna say ... totally love how it was Rongar who took care of her while she was unconscious ... and his concern... i noticed and like it so much,,

now, now how can we forget the white rose? if it wasn't it we couldn't start the adventure from the start :P

wonderful chapter, Tiakisu.. as usual ;) very well done dear :)
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