Reviews for My Lost Love
deanstheman chapter 2 . 10/27/2011
Teenage Sunny in love - awwww. She and Mike do certainly seem to have a lot in common, more so than even her and Dean. I can definitely see from this background fic that he was so much more than just some ex-boyfriend. They hit it off on some deeper level right from the start. It makes it all that much worse that she ends up having to kill him. They are sweet together and I loved the ending where the others walk off rolling their eyes while Sunny and Mike stand among the bloody vamp bodies making out! haha! Great visual!

So you're going to slip teenage Sam into the next one? Is he going to meet Roxie as a teen and then not recognize her later on in life coz of the funky hair? Sounds interesting - I can't wait!

PS - Looking forward to Twisted too :)
deanstheman chapter 1 . 10/19/2011
Aww that was sweet. Actually kinda made me feel bad for Dean. Knowing what I know about the future, it's almost hard to read about Sunny being happy with someone else, someone very unlike Dean and her feelings being so genuine. I know she's not cheating but I feel almost guilty for actually liking Mike in this! lol!

It's fun to see Sunny as a teenager in puppylove mode :) Great job.

Oh, and "mentally nearing orgasm" - great line!