Reviews for Mega Man X: Maverick Hunters
SaintHeartwing chapter 3 . 1/28/2013
Ah, this makes me think back to Magus and Maelgrim's work. Whilst I do like a great deal of their and YOUR Mega Man work, there is something of a problem that comes up, mostly in the fact that...well, that it all goes back am I gonna put this...

I never feel like X or Mega Man are...who they are. The guys are meant to be pacifists, idealists who HATE having to fight and who always want it to be a last resort, who feel regret and remorse over the deaths they've been forced to cause, and in the case of Mega Man from what we've learned in Mega Man 9's "flavor text", he doesn't even really DESTROY his enemies, he disables them so their violent programming can be removed. But in yours and their stories, well...the two kinda come off as sorta heroic sociopaths that are just waiting for a Rebellion to break out for their real, "COME GET SOME" attitudes to shine out so they can blast apart their opponents without much of a second thought. They're the kind of guys who seem to be getting into "blood rages" almost every other chapter, who are cynical and disillusioned at best, and outright PSYCHOTIC at their worst, when that's not what they're supposed to be!

Above all, the "classic" series never FEELS like the classic series when your friends write. The classic series was goofy, light-hearted, and kinda touching in how kooky some of the ideas presented were. They had a SOCCER game made during the series. It was FUN. But...the novelizations done here on the site by Erico and Maelgrim? There's plenty of ways I'd describe them but...I'd honestly never be able to say they feel like the classic series was meant to. They're simply too dark and gritty and edgy. Which seems to be the real reason why you didn't want to do MM8 or MM and Bass, because they're NOT dark and edgy and you can clearly see a sort of campy enjoyableness in both games. But that's how the classic series was meant to be.

So that's my first issue with this fan-verse you guys set up. But the second thing, well...the thing that the whole storyline kind of is centered on is the idea that Zero kills his creator and the Light robots and pretty much everyone and THAT'S why he's sealed away and why Rock's not around anymore. Even though the series creator specifically addressed this very issue. In fact, it's the very first question he answered for the Mega Man Network. And he said that didn't happen.

You can't get much more clearer than that in putting the "cataclysm theory" to rest. It's kind of like what happened with "Watchmen". The whole foundation for one of its biggest characters was the murder of Kitty Genovese. Rorschach's whole character is that because he read in the papers that nobody interfered, he became the man he was. But that story of Kitty Genovese was, guess what, false reporting. They got the story wrong. People HAD called for help and tried to get the police to come. So the whole foundation for his character was based on something that was completely wrong, and which completely screws over his "You're all locked in here with me, everybody is a monster or apathetic deep down" ideology. The same can be said for the storyline you've kinda added to...the very creator of the Mega Man series has basically said that Zero DIDN'T kill the Light family, didn't kill Rock, didn't kill his creator. That kinda undercuts a huge chunk of the mythos you're trying to craft.

I get that you want to build up your own universe around the Mega Man stories and the like, but the problem is that these are pretty huge clashes with what's been established. It would only work if this was some new universe with original characters, a "Mega Man" story, it really goes against the truths OF the Mega Man universe in a variety of ways.

Anyhow, I don't mean to be confrontational or overly critical. I just wanted to get these points off my chest and out there. You're free to do whatever you like with the information. Hell, you can even ignore it, that's your right. But I do feel that the overrarching storyline does have some considerable flaws that needed addressing.
MungoJerry chapter 2 . 1/7/2013
Alright, guys! I like the characters and the majority of the writing a lot. I think I can recognize bits and pieces of Fokker's imagery and Erico's thrice damned, must-be-regional use of "anymore." I WILL say, though, that I think you're Worfing it up in this chapter, and going through EACH team members gauntlet in detail was, IMO, unnecessary. ...not that it wasn't fun and informative character development. The part with Lu was quite disturbing, particularly the death of the original. That's pretty fracked up, mang.

And then there are a couple world building things I'll harp on, but they come down to my own personal taste. ...the biggest I can remember is the holo room, and the fact that it literally damages its users. That just seems terribly wasteful to me, in regards to repairs and resources. What if HQ comes under attack and you've just gotten out of a tough holo? OOPS. I feel like a more Matrix-like system makes more sense, where each user plugs in. It'd be super easy for reploids, physiologically speaking. The personalities of the simulated mavericks was intriguing and strange... are these AI copies, forever confined to the holo system? Is the holo system partially transporting the user into a parallel universe? That would explain the damage, but suggests a technological advancement that would reach far, FAR beyond use as a holo trainer. And then, all this has serious ethical implications, but I'm just running freely here. Is all this stuff explained in an earlier story?

Also Huey is my favorite, and it's nice to finally see a cool girl character making an entrance into this loveable sausage fest.

Happy writing!
Mugen Kagemaru chapter 2 . 11/8/2012
Hey, Eric! You ever gonna finish this? I'm interested enough as is!
ArcaneMaverick chapter 1 . 5/2/2012
I like the intro and the bus scene of Nils. He's a great character. However, unless Volya was made by Cossack, he's too powerful. I do not believe he should have a buster like that nor weapon copy abilities. Those were attributes solely used by Dr. Light and Wily and subsequently passed on to X and Zero. Volya having them, even in a watered down state makes no sense.

X is also kind and compassionate when not in battle, but you have him say, "What an asshole. Who does he think he is?" I would have accepted that line if it had come from Zero, but not from X.

Otherwise, this was a beyond great start. Its good that you have familiar faces to ease in these OCs.

I was anticipating the Navigator to be Alia.

The various descriptions of the Highway scene and its Nightmare mode were fantastic. One of my favorite parts. And I wish I could see how X and Zero would do them. They must be beyond Volya because they are the only ones who can take Sigma that the games define. But who knows in this version of things.

I also did not agree with Dragoon's character. I always thought of him as the Akuma of Megaman X obviously with his prayer beads and shokotan moves. He had a stoic personality in the games and you changed it. Ah well, it served its purpose.
Mild Guy chapter 2 . 12/26/2011
A pretty good fic so far. I do have some reservations and criticisms, but since I'm not sure what you and your co-writer's policy is on receiving feedback over the Internets, I'll hold back on those for now.

Though I'm not well read on your fan-fic canon for Mega Man games, I found it easy to follow along even when I didn't get the references and name drops. And I do have a soft spot for Dirty Dozen-type ensemble casts. Also, kudos for writing well a fan fic where original characters are the main cast and the canon stars are on the sidelines. Usually those kind of fics are a disaster, but so far you're making it work.

Lookin' forward to chapter 3.
Anmynous chapter 2 . 12/19/2011
"What NOW, bitch?" Fan of Revokov's? :D

'The Azure Hunter' seems a bit excessively... formal? at that point (during Lu's attempt), maybe just '[...]X muttered, reaching for the simulator killswitch.'

Missing punctuation just after 'The odds had somehow been evened'

'Lu slid back from evading the second swipe, taking a knee once more once he'd stopped[...]' looks weird, is it saying he landed on a knee?

Missing 'as' in 'Lu looked upward just an electroplasmic burst[...] '

Man, I've checked the dictionary like 5 times after reading a passage and getting the gist of it, then realizing I have no idea what one of the words mean. Like, 'his buster blazing in a syncopated shriek of ionized air.', syncopawhatnow? Or sphecoid, which I was sure was a typo for spheroid, but no, it means wasp-like and indeed refers to the bombers/wasps that are a nuisance in the later part of the stage... Here, you're not using a thesaurus, are you? Certainly aren't complaining though, varied wording is the spice of write. Ing.

Not sure why they want to reprogram the sim after Huey's display, he didn't seem to break it or anything?

"Why, you..." is probably the most cliché thing possible for a villain in a fight to say. Maybe I'm biased though.

Vile's ride armor suddenly has a canopy during the fight with Nils. Did he leave it open during Huey's attempt out of contempt?

The description of the highway on Nightmare difficulty is great, really gives me a mental image to work with. Heck, they're great even before that, Nightmare just brought it up a notch since it's different from what's already known, sort of thing.

Classic story so far, in more than one sense. Mishmash of a team with dysfunctional but colourful personalities succeeding against the odds... I look forward to more!
MrEmperor chapter 2 . 12/18/2011
Thanks for writing this. I’m interested to see how Lu does now that he can’t just backup and away with himself. That was a nice tweak, and feel a bit like Bob and George’s Ran system.

Making the last GDC hunter female will be interesting. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.
anonymous chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
Oh hey the only author I read MM fiction for is FINALLY going to write X4 story.

Quick Qs

1)Will it be like your first novelizations? or will it be the same as your later work with those Original Characters?

2)Will you write as if you're doing a 100% run? Or will it be "Just story" mode?

3)Which route will you follow? X mode or Zero mode? I mean it could go either way(X/Zero splitting up or Them Sharing skills) But really, I just hope Zero gets to combo with his signature moves.

4)Will there be more "Guiding" style world building? I really hope so...

Other than that...

,,/. ( .-) GL!
Megaxis chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
Hope there are more chapters of this story it has a good setup so is there anyway there will be more chapters for it?
Cerobus chapter 1 . 10/20/2011
Ah man, your doing the Repliforce war. One of the most tragic chapters in MM history. And knowing you it'll be extremely well written and horribly heartbreaking knowing how everything ends up.

Can't wait to see how you do on your latest endeavor.
MungoJerry chapter 1 . 10/19/2011
*takes notes* HMMMM! Yes, always a pleasure. It'll be nice to have another story to look forward to. :D
JasonHRAC chapter 1 . 10/19/2011
Wow! A fic that doesn't suck! I already want to read more! No but really, I can't wait to read more.