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Lackadaisical Pajamas chapter 1 . 2/4/2015
Just wonderfully wonderful . ...very believable. .you had me on tge edge of my seat the whole way!
ibowsgrande chapter 1 . 11/6/2012
love this!
Jandrefan chapter 1 . 8/8/2012
Let me start off by saying that this 1 shot was extremely long, and I enjoy every moment of it. I hope you write more Jandre.
SwagTuesdays chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
this was great! loved how you told it prom different POV! glad it ended with Jandre! :] please read my story when you get a chance! I would love feedback!
Emma chapter 1 . 7/24/2012
One word:A-MAZ-ING!
lz12349 chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
nickelodeonfanfic chapter 1 . 5/2/2012
. okay first of i need to apoligize for not reviewing. but i didnt have time to even finish xc


you should seperate it into chapters :O

anywhooo...idk if i read any other of your stories, but heres how i review..

you see, i copy&paste a sentence from the story, and add a "-" and then a 'comment':) i try my best to make them funny lol. (if you dont understand, look):



André and I—well, we aren't dating. We're just good friends."- lolololol friendzoned :P

What most people don't know (and probably would never guess) is that she has soft hands, softer than most girls'.- her hands do look soft now that i think about it 0.0

"Yeah, I'm not normal,"- its true tho..

The two of them watch Jade like some sort of magnetic force is pulling them to her, but once she leaves, the awkwardness resumes.- :l

He wonders how she does it.- i do too 0.o

Running a hand underneath her eye, she meets his gaze with a gaze fiercer than any he's seen on her before. In that moment, she reminds him of an injured lion—hurt, but with a fierce underlying pride and determination that can go unmatched. In an undertone, she mutters, "I love the rain. Is that a problem?"- i love how you wrote that part c:

With the utmost of certainty, looks into depthless eyes and says, "I love you."- lsdhflkjhsdakjshlkjhsjdklfhjk.

He tries not to think about the double meaning in that.- . omgomgomg o.o sdlfkjashfkh

Turning around, she kicks one of the photographers at the bottom of his leg and scowls. "Don't shoot me from that angle." The photographer nods, looking dazed, and Beck grabs her hand. He smiles at the photographers. "I'm sorry for… her."- lol xD

She tastes of rebellion and forbidden apple.- :c

He's always been such a fool.- dlkajhjkshfkljshf o.o

PART II: ANDRÉ HARRIS- the song though/3 PERFECT for the 'chapter' :D

He notices the slight twinkle in her eyes and grins.- weird how i was lisenting to "you belong with me" xD im the one who makes you laugh when you know your about to cry

"I love you," whispers, emotion threatening to burst through the edges of powerful words.- :')

"It's really not as bad as it looks. I tripped and hit my eye on a... on a fire hydrant."- i totally dont believe that. but you never told us what really happened? :/

For a moment, his vision is overwhelmed with Jade—her face, her eyes, and her beautiful hair.- i envy him o.o

He starts to hum to himself again, the same song as before.- uhh ohhhh .

And by times he means most of the time.- i do too 0.o XD

All he can see is her face, her sharp features, the way she glares at him as if she would very well like him dead on the floor. It's complete and utter bliss until she turns to kiss Beck Oliver.- D:

When he finally dozes off to sleep, he sees sparkles, lollipop fields, and the very face of purity, Victoria Vega. The scene changes, and he's with her, holding their dark-skinned but still beautiful child. She's cooing to it like the amazing mother she would be, yet instead of a good, peaceful daydream, it feels so much like a- 8.8

He wants someone like Jade West—or, even better, the original.- i dont blame him;)

"What's gotten into you? You're actually drinking your cocoa like a respectable member of society and not a wild beast who has just been let out of his cage!"- "like a repectable member of society" -dead- XD

He sets down the mug of coffee and stares her in the eyes.- i thought he was having cocoa XD

But it was probably just a hallucination.- -_-

People say it wasn't meant to be this way, yeah. You and me, we were supposed to be. But then he came and everything fell right apart, because two's company, but three's a crowd, and I just want to be your one and only.- IS THAT FROM A SONG OR DID YOU RIGHT IT UP OR WHAT IS THIS BECAUSE OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

PART III: JADE WEST- idk how to describe this jhgdfkjhgsajfgksj.

Without bothering to explain more, she presses the end button.- ouuuuch.

I am technically allowed to kiss whoever I want, regardless of whether you approve or not." - wellll that iss truee... :l

the words probably been waiting to hear fall from lips.- :'c

but Cat, do you think I'm a bad person?"- her answer though :') hfjkdashkjhs im should think that way 0.o XD dghfaskdjgfhas :"D

She knots her hands in his hair with a ferocity that she doesn't remember having ever before.- lkahdfajkf i got butterflies :D

"All right. I'll be there in twenty. Don't die of anticipation."- i might XD

Then the song changes from the dark, angst-filled ballad to the far too familiar beginning notes of - :"D

She can either run after Beck, or stay with André.- jkasdh jasdhfljkashlfjkashl jsakdhfjk

"Let's get the heck out of here."- :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


see;)? thats how i review:D LOL.

sooo overr all... THIS STORY WAS FABEW-LUSS!:D

i absolutly loved it c:

btw, im [manyhear-fewlisten.]*TUMBLAR*.*com;)

orr iHeartDanwarp on twitter :3
sshaw101 chapter 1 . 4/13/2012
I've been going through all your Victorious stories and plan to read most of them over the next few days or so. I really liked it alot. I still ship Bade very much, but Jandre is probably the ship I feel most comfortable seeing happening. Great job and you'll probably be seeing lots of me in like the next week or so.
UnknownPen chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
Jandre - I'm a believer. I commend you forpresenting Jade with a real conflict, not just breaking up with Beck for no fathomable reason and then jumping into Andre's arms. I honestly had no idea how it would end & that's the mark of a good story.
MLEetc chapter 1 . 10/27/2011
Ok, ok, I'm reviewing. :) sheesh. This is eppicc! I love the ending, and though it was slightly anticlimactic, the writing was so good throughout that I don't think I mind. Bravo!
seemslikeaporno chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
this is an absolutely stunning piece. everything flows very well, and your writing style is very easy to follow and lovely to read. your characterizations are spot-on, particularly jade's, and the emotions in this story are real and heartbreaking and beautiful. i'm glad she chose andre in the end; i think it makes the most sense, given the situation, although i wasn't sure how i felt about how she blew beck off; i figured it might have been much more dramatic, but, honestly, the simplistic way may have worked better for this, considering i find beck and jade's relationship laughably simple.

the only sort of obligatory criticism i might have to give you is the way andre said "girl" after everything. i don't know why that bothered me, but it did, haha. it was pretty easily overlooked, of course, but, i don't know, it didn't feel entirely right. and while i did enjoy the tidbit with tori, i didn't find it entirely necessary for her to say "i love you", because i felt that you had implied it enough by her actions. basically, i found that line a little pointless, because it was kind of just making what was implied more concrete, which is nice, but i kind of like the subtlety of your descriptions saying those words for you, instead of having to spell it out.

all in all, this was a wonderful read, and i will definitely look out for more stories you've written and may write in the future. lovely work!
imlaughingnow chapter 1 . 10/21/2011
Crap. I loved this. It was because they BOTH loved Jade and she returned BOTH of their feelings. It wasn't rushed or forced and that, that was just lovely.

I mean, who does BECK OLIVER think he is? Leaving Jade alone for an entire year then popping back up and expecting things to be the same? NO BITCH. NO. And I looooved how Jade said Andre liked her hair grown. Haha. In yo face Beck.

Although, I really do adore Bade. Beck's just as selfish as Jade is. HOW COULD HE NOT SEE HE BROKE HER HEART? WHAT BLASPHEMY IS THIS? OPEN YOUR EYES BECK.



Andre's so nice. The sugar to Jade's coffee, that boy. While she's perfect with Beck, Andre is who she REALLY needs. He knows how to tame her. Andre's the only one who'll be able to handle her love. Beck falters but Andre, he never will. ;)

But, you know...



ImJustDefyingGravityx3 chapter 1 . 10/20/2011
I seriously thought about not reviewing to see if I'd get a message. But I'm not that mean...

I love this (: Jandre is the best shipping EVER and it's totally IC and awesome :D plus you used some of my favorite songs. It's literally the BEST Jandre fic I've ever read (:
HamishWH chapter 1 . 10/20/2011
I loved this story, but (as my username just maybe tells) I'm more of a Bade-shipper, so I kinda wished to have a Bade-ish ending :( Whatever, its awesome anyways :))
Specificitydarling chapter 1 . 10/19/2011
This is amazinggg! I really do adore it. I have to admit I'm not usually the biggest fan of Bade break-ups, but you wrote this so well. And you totally sold me on the possibility of Jandre way more than "Jade Gets Crushed" did. You're a really talented writer :)
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