Reviews for The 226th Hunger Games: Escape
Alphabetta chapter 45 . 2/16
Ruth: Great POV. I like creepy things in a childish way, I think it makes the whole thing even creepier. Excited about the idea of a tea party, with fancy dresses and all. Ruby can be cute when she wants, telling her she's her fave and having a crush on Leith, I don't know if saying "awww" or feel sorry for him. The fact that she signs the letter as "Ruby 3" is interesting. Does that mean there was a Ruby 1 and a Ruby 2 before her? Could she be the third attempt of an experiment carried out by that Daddy person? Anyway what I actually like the most about this POV was Ruth's little breakdown, all the information about the situation in her district, plus how she handled her sister's death. When I read her reaping, I remember I liked Ruth's personality. But I didn't like the whole revenge on her sister thing, how she directly blamed the Careers, which are miles away from D12 and the need to go to the games to kill them when they're going to end up dead anyway. Most of them at least. Now that I see all that more in depth, I still don't get it much. But I know Ruth better so I know she's not the most logic person in the world, especially when she's upset. I see a girl that tried to focus in the good things of life, even when she lived in an awful, poor and corrupted place and then, her sister died. I can see why she'd feel the need to blame it on someone, since no one ever knew how her sister died or who killed her. She needed someone to blame and she blamed the Capitol for corrupting the morals of people and the Careers for making it "ok" to kill others by volunteering. I liked that she cried in front of Leith, and she didn't try to conceal it, and she talked about her reasons to cry because in spite of that she didn't look weak, she still looked strong, and plus she managed to pull herself together again really fast. I think she needs those little "crisis" from time to time, that's how she gets the strength to carry on. Leith... I still don't have much of an opinion about him, but what he said had a great impact on Ruth and it was awesome.

Charlotte: I am relieved to see she doesn't see Adam as a burden like he thinks. She is upset and blames herself for it. And on top of that, her dress is brown. Even that tiny detail makes her feel bad, it's adorable. I was impressed by the level of detail of the tea party. Ruby really takes things seriously. And well... I am sure game makers arranged it in the most entertaining way possible. Asita near Apollo and Cami near Adymer. Valhalla against all of them... funny how most of them have reasons to want her dead lol. Glad that Ruth's her fave. I dont wanna think what would've happened if she wasnt. The first thing she did was asking her what she thought of his new Alexei doll.

Valhalla: Now that's a good twist, Winnifred was awesome! She's not a scared child anymore. Cami has nerve, even when maybe in the inside she was shitting herself. Winnifred has earned her right to be there, to have made so far in the games. For a moment I thought they caught Valhalla off guard, but that would be weird, wouldn't it? She knew she was going to be there with Apollo and Leith, and she knew they wanted her dead. I would've also thought that Apollo would attack her first but... maybe he decided to target Asita, after all she only embarrassed him in the public television. In front of all Panem. Not attached to him at all so yeah well done Valhalla.

Cami: Sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't. I hated her on this chapter. I thought she evolved by being in there, but she just keeps getting more and more sadistic and cruel. Was it necessary to hit Adam's head into his ally's lap? She says it was but I agree with Apollo there. I guess that is just her way of thinking. She's deluded enough to think she can win the competition, and that her bigger threat are the Game Makers, and not the tributes or the mutations. Bye Adam. :( I'll miss him but he was crippled. He wouldn't have gone much further anyway. He was a beam of sunshine in the middle of all that chaos. He'll be missed.
Alphabetta chapter 44 . 1/25
Hawk: I don't ship them but they make a good team. Asita's "oops" are hilarious, he just cannot help himself, he's guarded and secretive but at the same time he says what he thinks, and I like that mix. It disappointed me when he tried to flee with her stuff, he is acting like she is going to ditch him at any minute, and well... I got the theory that she got attached to him. I don't see Asita betraying him, but he could do, not because he's a betrayer I think he's got some honour, but he could do it out of fear that she does it firstand it upsets me. Their relationship is bittersweet, but I like that she cares about him like that. Hawk is right, she is motherly, being a whore is just the way she used to get money for her family.

Apollo: Now I would be proper scared if I was him. Cami is extremely intelligent and cunning. She may even be a genius, they say that people like that sometimes acted childish and stuff, and she... well she knows how to make herself underestimated and then she bites when no one expects it. That place is amazing, and she understood with only a glimpse the nature of the mutt that was in front of her, used it to her advantage and nearly had Apollo killed. The only bad thing? Her massive ego for sure.

Adam: aww noooo... are these two going to have a moment of peace? Even those don't seem to last long. I feel so attached to them two, she keeps his pervert part at bay and if you forget about it he is funny and clever, she's pretty straightforward and good natured, you can tell she is a girl from the countryside. The fact that something changed in that relationship forever upsets me... they were very attached to each other, they even consider themselves to be friends. That friendship will come to an end sooner or later, and now Adam is not dead, but he's badly injured. He'll probably depend on her forever. His chances of winning are now very slim, but how does Charlie feel about that?I don't think she'll ditch him like that, I believe in her.

Valhalla: it suits her better to be alone, she is a lone wolf, however being with the careers was entertaining because of the level of drama it generated. I doubt she is made to be in a group, she works better on her own. I miss Thomas though. I agree, he would have loved to be in there. I liked the conversation with miss dolly and how she was dismembering her little by little. And it's good to see her back to her own self. She still has that ego of hers but at least it's not bigger than a Jupiter moon. Can't wait to see her in action, hopefully she'll make Apollo join jordana very soon.
Alphabetta chapter 43 . 1/24
Lavender: I liked to know a bit better the rest of the game makers, specially that young lad that cannot stand alcohol. They know how to have fun for sure. About lavender, I think she is one of my favourite head game makers I've read. She had a hard life, and fools herself thinking that watching others suffering the same thing is going to heal her but it doesn't. She's hard and vulnerable at the same time, but she's extremely careful abd good at hiding her weak spot.

Adymer: Beautiful. After all that action I love to read something like this, cute and heartbreaking at the same time. I think l love that guy more than ever, he didn't want to get attached to Winifred but in the end he did. He truly cares about her, and knowing her, it's normal that she is feeling like that after her first kill. Even when it was someone like Lucian. The shower scene has become one of my fav scenes so far.

Cami: lol, she is brilliant, I like all those phrases that come out of her mouth, what you see is what you get. She doesn't conceal herself, she warns you before hand, and I like her way of thinking and her opinion on what Valhalla did. I am honestly done with Apollo, he was a pain in the ass but Camilla managed it really well. Without the Asita-Jordana drama and with the revenge thing he's just annoying.

Leith: is this guy constantly getting friendzoned? Lol. Never thought I'd see Ruth with a career, she has this need to repay her debts, so it makes sense to see her there. Here she comes again, and with Alexei transformed into a mutt! Sfgfdsfffg the way Ruth explained that tag game was hilarious. Leith still neutral for me, or maybe it was because Ruth was amazing here.

Outstanding chapter. I loved every single pov.
Alphabetta chapter 42 . 1/23
Hi Europa, I just thought it was time to leave you a review on escape since I still have to finish it and I'm not nearly close to finish as I planned. I'm not at home which means I'll have to write from my phone. Never left a long review from my phone before so I don't know how the outcome is going to be.

Ethan: so that is lavender's plans. No doubt they will be very entertaining games for people in the capitol, sadly it's the victors who end up suffering the most. Since they have to carry on after failing to protect their tribute, watching how they kill and are killed. I feel so sorry for them. :(

Charlotte: wooo I was waiting to see what happened when everyone collided. It was a real chaos, Ethan was right. I love Ruth's potty mouth and her principles show up once again. I loved when Charlie excused herself and the way Cami ifs trying to form a temporary alliance to defeat Lucy. Things are not doing well for some of them, like jordana and Asita may be acting again to appear weaker than she is.

Ruth: She is stubborn but it's good to know she has a limit. It is the best to work for the common good. Ace was self preserving and always put herself in front of everyone else, whether that person did something for her in the past or not. That made me dislike her a lot. It's true there is only a winner but while you are in an alliance you should stay loyal. She betrayed ally after ally in that arena and although it's always sad to see someone dying, I am relieved to see it was her and not one of my faves. Ruth's way of thinking surprised me once again, she has done bad things there to some people, even to her own allies, she lets her own feelings to take control of her actions yet when it comes to ace she is protective. May be because she was only thirteen... anyway Leith s intervention was interesting, let's see the impact it has on her.

ucian: woww what an intense pov! I nearly thought he actually killed Lucy. He played well, he knows how to do it. The fact that he always targets cute girls is funny actually. And in the end what killed him was his lack of ability to keep his mouth closed. He knew she hated him for killing Jacquie abd still he chose to tease her. I admit I hated him at first, I just have no love for psychopaths, normally I find them cliche and uninteresting, but the way you portrayed him was really entertaining and I find myself a bit upset to see him go. Bye bye Lucian.

Jordana: aw no :( She was one of my earliest faves, I think so far is one of the characters that has evolved and matured the most. She started like a ruthless career, she got a crush, got jealous of asita and her morals were constantly being questioned. I will truly miss her but she was suffering. What she did was beautiful, knowing herself without chances and sacrificing herself for the others. Lying to Apollo was the best she could do, he would have stayed with her if he knew, that guy puts others in front of himself, specially girls. He would have died for jordana I am sure of that.

Hawk: finally to end the chapter, we got hawk. He was in my list of neutrals for a long time, he's the kid e of guy that likes to go unnoticed, however his relationship with asita amuses me, because they are both cunning and twisted, but they still opened up to each other, like from equal to equal. So they are in the surface now, and it's the moment to split up. I liked the way they did it. No betrayals and stuff. Just a good bye and that is it.

And now you mention it, I want to see Leith developing. He's always been shadowed by Oceana, he was just meh and forgettable, the king of ice. But I am curious to know more about his development. Maybe I end up liking him?
Katrace chapter 7 . 1/21
Damn, you're good at throwing plot twists.
Annabeth-TheTributeThatLived chapter 1 . 1/2
This is in no way legit, but I just wanted to say that I loved this story and I *really* wanted to get you to 1300 reviews :)
Alphabetta chapter 41 . 12/8/2014
Hi Europa I am not dead just took a break from fics to focus on other things. I wonder if you have seen Mockingjay. It was awesome.

Ace: Ooooh she has feelings! What a surprise! I have to say I felt bad for her, and I am glad at least she is feeling guilty, she was awful to Lyric and she threw a knife at him. Yuck Lucy... I guess Lucy still counts as a tribute until someone eliminates heR? The conversation with Ruth was funny and I agree with her, Ace surprised me too. Ruth is a bit unpredictable. Lucy looks strong but Ruth could defeat her, I believe in her.

Leith: As apathetic and cynical as always. It was good to know his reasons to train and volunteer. I like reading his thoughts about everything related to the Arena or the games, and the story about fishing with his dad was cute. Still not my fave. He won't go far with that "whatever happens to me" spirit. I'd prefer that someone that really wants to live wins the games.

Winnifred: Lovely POV because of many reasons. She's really smart and it showed up. She is injured but she fought very well and reacted fast to everything that happened, that's why they are still both alive. I am as surprised as Adymer is... and now it's time for him to take care of her. I like they're starting to click as an alliance, maybe now she doesnt have to worry about Jacquie cause she's dead she can focus on her survival and Adymer's. I noticed the switch and I liked how it happened, and how Adymer pointed it out.

Hawk: He was lucky Cami had a bit of common sense. I can picture Lucian just killing people and running out of time down there. I'd freak out if I heard what Lucian wanted to cut me open like a fish. Let's hope he is more lucky with this alliance, the poor thing. I like the way she approached him, both have more in common than they think and they need each other. This Arena is really dangerous and going on your own is risky.

Memory: Good summary of what each alliance is doing. I enjoy this POVs from the control room. All seem to be doing ok except Apollo and Jordana. Leith is stuck too but he has plenty of time yet. And Cami and Lucian... they could be screwed aswell... Lucy is scary. Felix is cute to Memory, I like him. :3
Alphabetta chapter 40 . 11/16/2014
Alexei: Aw :( I loved Alexei so much, his pride, his thoughts on the capitol, the pressure on him for being who he is... he was a great tribute and he had an awesome, gruesome painful death. Is it me or each death is worse than the last? At least, he was the first tribute to emerge to the surface. I was always curious about what we would find in there. The idea of finding a city never crossed my mind, I imagined it like an open field full of grass and sunlight and horses (idk why I thought about horses maybe cause I was thinking of freedom... but that is very Capitolite aswell... making the tributes think they are coming to an end, that ther are about to escape when after the underground floor there's only more traps and fucked up things. You've got the mindset of a twisted gamemaker :D). Ok that house was creepy, and I suspect those are based in real persons that could ever exist in the Capitol at some point, those mutations are as cute as they are creepy and idk why I thought of Lyra Sveltana, maybe they are relatives xD I love creepy dolls so this was my favourite mutation so far, this and the doll of the bloody footprints. She's evil and childish and even when she killed one of my fav tributes I cannot hate her. At least Alexei had a cool death, rest in pieces and sorry again for the bad pun, this is the second time I apologize its not even funny anymore. And he'd be 19th if I am not wrong.

Adymer: Yes! He's so relatable, I absolutely agree with him on what he said about Jacquie, it made me laugh because it reminded me a parody of Harry Potter's 3rd movie when Ron's dad makes Harry promise he won't go after Sirius and he replied "Why would I want to go after someone that wants to kill me?" and he replied "I don't know, you made it in the other two movies". Yeh, Jacquie's head would still be over her shoulders if she just ignored Lucian. And Winnifred should stop mourning her, that is not going to make her any good! She is a clever girl but she is frustrating me. OMG Asita stole the POV, her plan was brilliant and it even fooled Adymer and Winnifred who are smart ones. I think the problem lies in that they understimated her. Asita was serious when she said she'd stop depending on others. I wouldn't have minded to see her win.

Raven: Well she's a demanding one. I think she was in a mood and lied about the games being bored. I don't think they are, Alexei just died and Asita just tricked Adymer and Winnifred. Raven really should mind her business and let Lavender do what she feels its right, she is the expert after all. It's her games and not Raven's. I guess it's part of being in control, just like what she did with Rouge. :(
Lyric: Aw nooo, not him. :( There was something on him that I loved. And the way he died it was just terrible. Well, I guess on the good side, Lucy is out of the way aswell. Stupid Ace only attacking when she feels backed up by Ruth. I hope Ruth puts her out of her misery once and for all. Lucy transforming must have been Lavender's doing after what Raven said. It makes me sad that everything happened this way. I never liked Lucy and she killed Lyric. At least it wasn't Ace who did it. I cannot check the placement of Alexei, Lyric and Lucy since I am writing this offline. But yea I am sad. Two of my faves dead in the same chapter. He'd be 18th.

Apollo: Jordana surprised me, but after reading her reasons I understand her. She can finally be at peace and it really makes sense that she feels like that. I also understand why it is annoying Apollo so much. He cares about others, specially cares about girls and not being able to help Jordana and seeing that she already accepted her fate must be affecting him a lot. Jordana is so right in that if he wins everyone else will be dead and it's not wise to go around looking for trouble. I don't like tributes that seek revenge like Jacquie did because what's the point? I see that Lucy is not in the sky which means that she is still counting as tribute even if she transformed into a mutt. Hopefully someone will put her down soon enough. Please. That advert was awful, but in the Capitol they always make things like that. In Katniss edition they just revoked the two victors thing just when they both were alone so it doesn't surprise me that they made special rules for this Arena, and then they break their own rules just like that. Apollo is too naive and again Jordana is right, life is not fair.

20 chapters to go! I am a bit sad, I don't want to finish this fic but I want to know!
Alphabetta chapter 39 . 11/10/2014
I am sorry, I havent had internet for like two weeks, in fact I still don't have internet but I got a 24h voucher that cost me very expensive, but I just couldn't stay without internet any longer. I think I am going to download some chapters and comment them online so I can post the reviews when my internet actually comes back if it comes back one day at all. Our internet provider has lied 3 times about when it's going to be fixed and yaddah yaddah, I think they are taking the piss out of us but nothing can be done about it. Anyway back to the fic.

Valhalla: Winnifred broke :( And I like Valhalla coming into realisation that killing is not that easy as she thought, she discovered it with Thomas and now with Winnifred. It doesn't look good for her plan, but I guess she's more human than herself expected. She has used that "it does if you have a brain" technique a couple of times and it seems to work. Hinting that she may be useful for them in the future has stopped a couple of tributes from killing her, she knows how desperate people is to get some help and uses that on her favor. I don't agree with her on that she controls who she doesn't kill, I think it's just an illusion that herself made up to conceal her own weakness and live in denial, but at the same time, I like that about her and I think that trait suits her nature very well.

Cami: I wondered as soon as I read the title "Wonderland" what would it have to do with the chapter, but I would've never seen that coming. That was gross and awesome ew, both of them get the best of the others. And Lucian looks mental but he is lucid as a sunny day and not only that, he is able to notice stuff and he's noticed stuff about Cami that she didn't even know, or whant to know about herself. I liked the way he asked her to punish him just to prove his point that she likes blood and chastising. Yes, she already fell into the hole, and there's no way back. Cami's mum sounds great, telling her daughter Alice's tale just before bedtime, it's strange and cute. I like to think she was a bit like her, a bit twisted and open minded but at the same time loving and caring, and I imagine that her death had a big impact on how the actual Cami is now, how screwed up she became. Idk, maybe I am overthinking it again. xD

Rouge: That escalated quickly. I thought they would just snog for a while and that is it, they're really having sex there lol, never seen sex in the Arena. And juzguin it for the way Rouge described it, it sounds like really rough, dirty and hard sex. I guess the Capitolites are now covering the innocent eyes of their children (cause yeah killing and beheading someone is ok but not sex, thats dirty ew). Lorie deserved all that but she's amusing to read. She was totally conscious that she was touching a soft spot there, and she souldn't have mentioned the child. I hope nothing bad happens to her. I mean she did it but Lorie is also the one to blame.

PS I noticed a few chapters back that I've been spelling Admyer's name wrong all this time, and not only that I have been pronuncing it wrong too. Too late now, he's Adymer for me now and I don't think I'd ever get used to call him Admyer even if I tried. :(
Alphabetta chapter 38 . 10/20/2014
Lavender: Wooo President Raven is happy! This needs a celebration :D Well she has reasons to be happy. I liked to know the reaction of the Capitol about what Valhalla did. It's weird that everyone hates her now! Well I imagine she's generalizing, there must be some machiavellian hunger games fans that love her XD Really, it was cool that she ended the love triangle like that, they were not going to be together for much longer anyway. This is probably my fav Lavender POV so far. It's not just because of her story, but because how jealous she is about her past, and how she wants to lock young Imogen away inside that cabinet. How her biggest secret is something so simple like watching that picture from time to time.

Jacquie: I never supported Jacquie looking for revenge. I nearly screamed when he called her name, it was so creepy and cool! Poor Cami, thinking herself out of the radar when Jacquie was there. Well it seems the ultimate fight is about to start! D: Let's see how it goes.

Lucian: What I have liked from the fight is how desperate Lucian was to kill her. He didn't want to play cat and mouse anymore, or play with her or make a murder masterpiece of her. Yes, he killed her, but she almost kills him and he got help from Cami, and in the end... it was anticlimatic for him, he didn't even feel complete because Jacquie was finally dead, but he has lots of doubts, and the only thing he can think of is that he's dying and that his parents hate him. He won but it was bitter. I liked it.

Ace: Lol. I like the way they work. Ruth is a bit crazy and I can understand why she thinks Ace is unbearable, she's really annoying and she cannot bond with her because she'll take everything off her.

Jordana: I'm happy she's recovering! Apollo is so nice not wanting to leave her side. Apollo is a really nice guy, he must be feeling guilty as shit and couldn't cope with the idea that Jordana was going to die because of his choice. I understand him but I don't think Jordana stands a chance now, so it would be like keeping her alive for a bit longer, also Apollo doesn't stand a chance anyway, he's too sensible to other's suffering. I really don't want him to kill Asita now, I mean who can blame her for what she did? She acted reckless yes, but Apollo disposed of her when Valhalla made him choose. What I liked is to see Leith on his own. He's the most boring tribute atm, and he's been maintaining a low profile, but now he'll have to stand out, he'll just have to cause he's alone. I want to see how that is going to affect the character.

Adam: LOVE THIS ALLIANCEEEEEE. *_* I shouldn't be fangirling that much, it's going to be hard when POV's start being less nice, but I can't help it. I think Adam is my favourite from the guys. I loved how you described that floor, it sounds beautiful, and I love nature, Charlotte seems so happy, and they talk about death in such a non-taboo way... it was a great conversation and I think it's normal they switch to that mindset once the tribute count goes behind certain number, cause that increase the chances of the next one being you. I like Charlotte's way of thinking, I seriously do, and how Adam is worried about how his death will affect others, and Charlotte refusing to think about that cause it's a bit like "what's the point if you cant do anything once you're dead?", still I think it's unavoidable, I would be thinking the same thing.
Alphabetta chapter 37 . 10/14/2014
Apollo: WOW what a twist. Valhalla knows how to manage her resources in the best and most entertaining way. Although you can see a streak of her narcissism. It could have been the perfect thing to kill someone and not to look like a suspect. Like, you inject it to someone and that person is all right until a day later when they die. But of course, she wanted to teach Apollo a lesson. She brought Jordana's fear to a different level, where she "betrayed" Asita now when things started to work between them. That was low. I understand why she said it but it was a low blow anyway. And for the way she talks, it looks like she knew Apollo was gonna choose Asita over her, and that changed his mind. I feel really bad for Asita, I support her 100% and I don't like how Apollo is treating them, he sounds so whiny, she is right about that, that happened before she met him, and in fact Asita's plan was to use him but she fell in love with him and that was genuine, that's where she changed. Anyway, I wouldn't have expected less from Valhalla when she injected the poison in the girl Apollo chose, and left Asita to live with the consequences of listening how she gets ditched and dies.

Asita: And now the alliance is crumbling down D: I was so happy that Asita found love in the end and she had to suffer anyway because of Valhalla's revenge. Maybe she's true after all that she's everyone's punching bag. She did a lot to save Thomas, and still Valhalla didn't think once about that and still used her to hurt Apollo. I hate Apollo now it's official, he's a whiny self-pitying loser. I don't buy her "rather die than let her have it". I don't understand why she's giving that so much importance. Even if the Apollo drama didn't happen, she would've had to part with him sooner or later. Even if Apollo taught her how to love and all that, it's not like Jordana is gonna have him for much longer. When the games end there's going to be only one person there, and if Jordana wins that means Apollo died. So no, their love story was not going to end well anyway. Moving on, Asita is clever and has guessed Cami's plan. But yes, Cami is all right, all of them want to win so she cannot hold that against her. It wasn't fair but games aren't fair. I love this new Asita btw, the one that doesn't hide behind a man. I know who wins the games but I wouldn't have minded if she won, she's a fighter. :D

Winnifred: Another alliance I like not like Charlie and Adam but their dynamics is amusing and the fact that they know they're not attached to each other makes it better. Luckily they are from D5 which means they know about power and how it works. Winnifred is really clever, so is Adymer, they go great together, but I think I like Adymer more. She's a bit bossy xD I could feel in the end she's growing fond of him and that annoys her.

Lucy: She's so immature and childish, but I enjoy her telepathic conversations with Lavender. Lyric is wounded, it's not that he's a weakling, hes certainly not as strong as others, but he has survived some fights and needs a break and needs healing just like Lavender says. Lucy doesn't have a choice really. I wonder if she'll choose to be erased in the future just because she's sick of being a puppet.
Alphabetta chapter 36 . 10/10/2014
Hey! I didn't escape. I've been focusing on other stuff but I've been thinking of reading another chapter of Escape for a few days now, and here I am. I asume you couldn't find the enough spare time since you didn't update Bloodline, so that means you are very busy in college! I hope you are doing well in College. Take your time! I forgot about Scar and Stark placement, which would be 21st and 20th respectively. And 20 more to go!

Valhalla: She's being very unfair to Asita, she has already pointed that out but Asita has been taking care of Thomas since he got injured and still she treats her really bad calling her a slut n stuff. :( I think I like Asita more, she's not confrontational and is helpful. She's changed a lot since she slept with Lyric's mentor in the train just to get the sponsors xD Valhalla has changed too, Thomas changed something on her and now he's gone. I loved Thomas and his death upsets me terribly. I disagree that it's a waste to give him water if he's dying, they should've given him the water so it can ease his pain. It seems that Apollo is in trouble now, I pity him. Cami's plan is working.

Lavender: Nice recap of what everyone is doing! And EW at the Stark thing. The way she talks about him ugh, hopefully the cameras don't focus on his body, that is going to be burned anyway. I am interested in Lyric! He turned out to be tougher than he seemed, and he's smart, he may be quite affected by the games at this point. Ugh, I pity Hawk, I really pity him. Lucy just die, I wish Lavender had a say on her fate. Sending mutts to Charlotte and Adam was just nasty! They've fought more mutts than anyone else in that Arena!

Charlotte: Aw, my fav alliance :D they fought the Queen really well! I didn't know what was a slender sword, but after a quick search I found out! I thought it'd be something like a rapier, it reminds me of Beatrix's sword in FFIX a bit. I would've liked to known more about the Queen. Maybe I read the 225 after this. Yes, I am reading backwards xD Congrats to them on finding the special item! It looks weird for a special item and apparently useless, but we'll see what it turns out to be, maybe it activates in the right moment. Again, I love their interactions. And I laughed when Charlotte said she wants to squeeze his bum.

Ruth: She's a bit crazy and scares me a little bit, but she's unpredictable and that makes her POVs enjoyable. Sometimes I love her, sometimes I want to strangle her just like Ace was trying. Idk what's gonna happen to them, not fond of Ace, they may turn on each other sooner than later, they're both too cunning.

Lyric: Aw, now that's another new alliance that I found cute regardless my hatred towards Lucy. So he plays the piano aswell! I like it and now his name makes sense. I liked his thoughts on his family, and how he thinks his grandfather will be proud of him. He has showed fighting spirit despite being a rich boy, he's naïve but at the same times he knows what's going on. He knows he's the weakest link and the chain is growing shorter. And Thomas 19th is dead. Poor Lyric. :(
Alphabetta chapter 35 . 9/23/2014
Hawk: EW, so that's how Ace pays her own district partner for saving her. Disgusting. Hawk is too noble, he's going to learn that the hard way. He's a good fighter though, I liked his thoughts about doors opening on their own, and I liked the fight, the way he used his knowledge on previous games to defeat the mutt. Hope he finds Ace soon. :D

Scarlett: That was a lot of action in the same POV! And nooo, Scarlett died... I liked him. His strategy was good though, and as I said, he could've won if he got reaped at 17 or 18. He could've fought Trista instead of running if he just was older. The careers seem to be screwed aswell, and I feel bad for them but they had to find some trouble too. Those were a lot of mutts, the witch looks awesome and terrifying. Trista looked creepy and I cannot believe they've revived or cloned her to send her to the games again. xD So it was Hawk who brought the lift down thinking it was Ace, aw. :( Scarlett could've lived a bit longer. Rest in pieces Scarlett... sorry for the bad pun I always wanted to say it.

Jordana: She was brilliant in this chapter, the monkeys were easy, they outnumbered her, but Jordana is awesome and of course she was going to win. The dragon though... it's too much of an opponent, but like all the rest it had a weak spot and Apollo found it. I am starting to feel so sorry for Thomas. I hope no one decides he is a burden and tries to get rid of him... but the truth is that he is a burden right now, if there's another attack I don't think he can survive it. :( Asita was brave, more than Cami who is the leader and supposed to look after the others. I am glad Asita and Jordana recognised each other's value, even when they are not going to be best friends, but at least they don't want to kill each other anymore just for the sake of it. They have understood as long as they are allies they have to collaborate with each other for everyone's good. I loved that scene of Jordana charging against the mutt. She's awesome!

Stark: He fought well but he got abandoned... those were a lot of mutts, more than the alliance could endure. At least he managed to nearly kill the witch and who knows? Maybe she dies from the injuries. I was not fond of him or his story, but liked his relationship with his brother, it was cute. And I hope the little kid was not looking. Yea, sleep tight Stark. He never bonded with the other tributes so I want to know how this will affect them.
Alphabetta chapter 34 . 9/21/2014
Sorry in my last review I meant Alexei's hand not hands.

Ophelia: They're doing a great job, and nice, now Peach is helping them. I want to know what they've got in mind.

Jacquie: I don't support revenge so I don't support what Jacquie is doing. Doesn't she understand what Adymer and Freddie have put themselves through just to rescue her? I understand she's angry, and I understand she wants them to pay, specially Lucian after what he did to her father and her but the way she left on her own was reckless. Lucian is backed up by the whole Career pack what is she going to do against them? Anyway, after making up her mind, I liked that she didn't want Adymer and Freddie to get involved in her own business... but anyway that is not the correct way to pay them back for rescuing her from being Lucian's pet. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE... now the D5 pair trust each other, and that is gooood.

Ace: Aw, the second time that Lyric tries to kill someone, and the second time he creates an alliance out of it... and he ends up on the floor bleeding. I loathe Ace, so I am not happy about the aftermath, and I love Lyric but he's trying too hard to sound menacing and he isnt. My poor Lyric. At least he's trying. ;-; And she's already thinking about stabbing Hawk on the back, after he saved her. Go jump in a well, Ace.

Adam: My fav alliance! They're cute together and get on so well... I haven't read that story and I don't know about the witch, but it sounds really scary. I imagine her like Malefica, but younger and with long black hair and no horns. Red lips and white face. I am glad they finally could relax a bit! They deserve it :)
Alphabetta chapter 33 . 9/18/2014
Adymer: Did I already say that I love him? He's sweet but not sticky sickly sweet. I think it's only natural he wants to protect his district partner. I also think that Winnifred is being too paranoid, although it's justified after what happened to her. Adymer is right, if she doesn't trust him, then there's no point on being allies. Adymer is also really smart, he guessed the whole thing about Jacquie, he also has very good memory. I like both but I like him waaay moreee.

Alexei: Oh my f***ing god. Ruth is insane, she was serious about killing Alexei. She comes to me as a very disturbed person. Maybe her sister's murder drove her nuts. It was awful to read the bit where Alexei gets his right hand cut off. It's gonna be hard to fix that. At least he has the map. I wonder what is Ruth going to do, trying to find him I guess, but with the map in Alexei's hands it's going to be difficult.

Apollo: Hahaha, I love Cami xD Nice to see the guys in underwear, that is a pretty nice view :D I'll agree with Valhalla there, it's weird for a girl to be nearly naked in the national television, even in the HG. It's already weird enough that they make you answer the call of nature there in front of everyone. Apollo and Asita are cute together but not too sugarcoated, just the way I like it. :) I don't think she's manipulating him anymore, I think their friendship or whatever they have is genuine. Adymer's plan was bold, and I am surprised how well it worked. Jacquie was impressive here, I was worried that she would die there, chained like a dog. And now Thomas is wounded :( I know Apollo wanted to help but he shouldnt have done that if he knows his aim is not good. And maybe Valhalla is not a psychopath after all, maybe she only has pent up rage against humanity, and she planned to channel it killing people in the games.
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