Reviews for The 226th Hunger Games: Escape
Alphabetta chapter 59 . 6/1
And finally Charlotte is announced as winner! :D Congratulations to her, really. I won't say she deserves it. She does of course, but also did all the others no matter their circumstances, no one deserves to die in the games.

She's coping up with it as I expected, a lot of tributes embrace death when it's about to come for them. Even if the moment before they were trying to fight against it with all their might. Charlotte did aswell but she lived. She has better and worse moments. Sometimes she wants to change, she wants to fight was she has become, other she just lets herself be controlled by her emotions. It's completely normal to be unstable after winning the games and witnessing what she witnessed.

One of my fav moments was when she grabbed the apple and says it's tasteless after she's bitten it. It makes me so sad to see the girl that enjoyed those small pleasures has changed so much. At least Ash is there with her, and although it will never be the same again she can start over, even if sometimes is unbearable.

Also, I loved the conversation with her dad and I loved to hear how he feels about the whole situation.

And... RIOTS! Panem is going to be turned upside down... again!.

Very moving those words that you dedicated to each one of the runner up tributes. I agree about Ruth, she was unpredictable and wild, she was a girl with very strong convictions and although sometimes she didn't make sense I loved her. I think at this point we'll never find out who killed her sister... but that doesn't seem to matter to her anymore because she was able to forgive everyone and I think it's what makes her point and her forgiveness stronger. And I like it like that. Of course if you decide to reveal it in the future I'll love to know, do whatever is the best for the story. But at the moment, if Ruth decided to forgive her sister killer even without knowing what actually happened, it makes it a very good ending for her.

Adymer was an amazing character, very realistic and credible, I enjoyed every single one of his POVs it was a pleasure to know what was going on in his mind, because most of the time he was very perceptive and could notice things others didn't, he wanted to win and hesitated to do bad things in order to survive, but he was completely aware that he had to do them. His best moment, when he finally left Winnie go. :(

Cami, I was conflicted about her at first, but I liked her dominant trait and her cunning. I disliked her sadism but she had a nice development after beheading Adam. If she won, it would have been completely ok because sometimes cruel people win the games and noble people die. Sometimes people that "don't deserve it" win, and people that "deserve" it die.
Alphabetta chapter 58 . 5/26
Muffy: Traya's story was great. Is she still alive? I'd like to hear from her if so. I don't think she'd join the revolution though she sounds so self-preserving. She almost died once, she's not going to risk it again, if she's alive of course. The explanation about what they do when all of the tributes left are badly injured is interesting. I always wondered myself... what if we are in the final and there's a double KO? Maybe Traya really died in the Arena and was revived as a mutt. Mutt technology seems to have advanced a lot since Katniss days. Ruby is the proof of it. Idk something about the story seems suspicious now that you think about it.

Rouge: I enjoyed this conversation. Two career victors talking about what the games mean. Rouge is realistic and down to earth and I love her for that. When she thinks she doesn't involve her feelings in the thought and when she does she is able to tell the difference between a biased opinion and an objective one. The difference between the three tributes is clear and still, wanting to win doesn't make you morally wrong, being ready to kill if necessary doesn't make you unworthy of victory, but Cami has caused people unnecessary suffering just for the sake of entertainment. She beheaded Adam and threw his head to Charlotte's lap. And still even when they volunteered to the games they came to the realisation that it wasn't a good choice, but the circumstances make you think it is, the district mentality makes you think it's a good idea and then when you are in you realize what you put yourself through. Still, Rouge doesn't want to join and she has very good reasons. It's selfish but who can judge her?

Ethan: Alicia is so sweet... this POV was cute, Ethan cares a lot about her. I liked to see a victor in a moment of his day-to-day life after his tributes are gone, funny how they went to the Arena to kill and now they're baking cookies. Everyone risked something by collaborating in the plan, and now he's scared, still Alicia doesn't seem to think she's in danger, or maybe she knows but doesn't want to mention it, she sounds like a smart woman. I am sure she knows.
Alphabetta chapter 57 . 5/5
Memory: Until now I never noticed how intelligent Memory is. She was able to deduct a good portion of what was going on just by herself. The plan is good, and Raven seems to be buying it. She reacted quickly to the last demands from Raven, and adjusted her plan to them. And Raven, she knows what to say to cause as much impact as possible. And she killed Ophelia... she has a black heart that president Raven. She was a brave woman and died for a cause she believed in. I hope her legacy lives. She has my respect ..

Ruth: "I'm killing you because I have to, not because I want to anymore". I think that was the peak of her character development. I loved the sentence. I disagree with Cami but she probably lost it in the end, she even admits she's gone nuts. Anyway, I don't agree with her because yes, you can choose to kill or not to kill, but choosing not to kill it's practically the same as choosing death. Odds can be in your favour, and you can win without killing, but that's not likely to happen so if you choose living, you must choose killing. You HAVE to kill. Ruth saw the end of the road. The other two might as well be dead, and there she stands in front of Cami. There's nowhere else to go, nowhere to hide. And there is where Ruth saw it clearly. The relative meaning of her life, of death itself and of killing and she forgives everyone and herself. Revengeful, bitter Ruth is forgiving. Even her sister's killer. It may not give her redemption, but it gives her inner peace and that's what matters.

Cami: Good fight. It was painful to see the outcome. Ruth's word were more accurate than she first intended. She believed herself a winner. She put all her effort in a fight and it never crossed her mind that the others could still be alive. You never give something like that for granted, not until you hear the sound of cannons. She's always been very careful, but also arrogant. And this mistake is not the result of being careless, is the result of being arrogant.

Adymer: Another fave that is practically doomed after this. Cami is impressive. She's bleeding, she's battered, injured and still fights. Even when Cami won his plan was brilliant, and it could've worked if Cami wasn't a true fighter. I don't even know where did she get the strenght to keep going.

Charlotte: And yea, Cami has one more oponent to fight against. She didn't make it this time but it was only expected, as Charlotte wasn't as worn out as her. It was a close one though and I liked her death. She refused to die again and again but she did in the end. Too many flanks open. I loved when Charlotte said she felt nothing, revenge doesn't fill you up. The Charlotte that got reaped is gone. GONE. Wiped out along Adam's head, and Hawk's remains and Cami's bleeding, battered, scorched, reduced to dust skull. Great final fight. Everyone bled, everyone earned their victory and whoever did in the end (I already know but if I didn't i'd be thinking this) they bloody well earned it.
Alphabetta chapter 56 . 4/28
Lorie: I was reading this, thinking how I love Lorie's snark and her arguments with Memory... and Ophelia's lovely speech and then I was like WTFFF did Ophelia just turn on them? And all that stuff about loving them as her own children and wanting them to be safe. Well things don't always look as they seem.

Adymer: Ayla was someone I would've liked to see develop further and I thought she had a lot of potential with all her pent up rage and contempt against the Capitol. I remember she was very high in my list and she climbed up during the Capitol chapters so it was nice to see her "alive" again because I love how blunt and rude she is. And that detail about the Gamemakers pusing them together made me think that probably Raven has started to control the games more, she used to not give an ass rat but now it suits her that the games end as soon as possible. I guess Lavender would have tried to make them last longer, even if that means Capitolites get bored or the program loses audience. The regrouping visual theme was creepy. There they are, the ones who made it to the final four and the ones who didn't. YES to Adymer talking about cute guys with Charlotte and YES to Adymer talking about shoes with Cami.

Cami: She has all the right of the world to be irritated, again, this may be how Lavender buys time while the plan works. If I was Cami though I wouldn't want to dance and eat I would like everything to end as soon as possible either because I die and nothing matters anymore or they do and I live. Now before they kill each other, they have to kill Ruby first. She's already made clear that rules might change, that there might not be a Victor if she doesn't want to. She must be really pissed off after what Cami said about her ceasing to exist.

Ruth: Yaaay! Determined-Ruth is back to do awesome things! She looked like an awesome and motivating leader in this one. That is teamwork! Ruby is so stubborn, what an attention seeking mutt, and Ruth killed her with a sword, I cant even express in words how awesome that mental image looks in my head. Wild untamed Seam girl against wild untamed mutt. And she used to be her favorite.

Charlotte: This was painful. Not because they didnt' have a reason to work together because it was obvious that was going to happen sooner or later. I love Charlotte and Adymer and yea... seeing them fight each other was painful. I'd say I love Adymer more. He's been in faves from the beginning he's awesome and as the story ended I hated the idea of only a tribute standing more than ever. It happens to me every time I read HG fanfiction maybe I am a masochist because I can't stop doing it. :P
Alphabetta chapter 55 . 4/28
Hi there! I have now finished reading this fanfic, I couldn't help myself. But I'll still comment every chapter because that's what I've been doing from the beginning and I would feel incomplete every time I remembered it.

Charlotte: I already said this but she has a scary mutt as an ally and she acts like a dog trainer training a very naughty one. That is cool, I mean her gift for animals that she has from being a D10 citizen applied to a mutt. And it works! But at the same time, the bond between them two is just a "you're my ticket out of here and I need you" kind of bond, and god knows what Cami is thinking. Maybe she (is Cami female?) is just programmed to obbey her and that is it. Does she have feelings at all?

Cami: Yes I agree, that is something Valhalla would do, maybe her ghost is still in the Arena causing mischief or her brain got transplanted into a cyborg. Anyway it was a very intense fight. You can tell the games are coming to an end. Deaths are not that easy anymore so it's normal that they don't kill each other that easily, so they gotta use attrition strategies, they're both injured just not to the point that it would cause them death. Not yet at least. RIP dragon Cami. I felt sad when I read this but it wouldn't have been fair that Charlotte wins because of dragon Cami. A temporary advantage is fine, but she has to fight harder for it, prove that she deserves that victory, because that's what the rest are doing, does it make sense?

Ruth: She changes a lot from one POV to another and I like every single of her new faces, even the ones that doesn't kinda make sense because I've learned through all the story that that's how basically Ruth is. She turned on Alexei once and felt nothing, now she turns on Leith and she mourns him. I love the "monster within" theme. I am glad Ruth didn't fall for it and after the self-pity she could think of the other victors and compose herself again.

Raven: So Lavender has started to cause mischief now. Raven is a calculating person, and making her nervous can make her act recklessly. But she's not stupid and Lavender kinda understimated her. But my favourite part was when she said it was a pity she was so tense. Of course she is a predator and knows that predators can smell fear. If she ever is going to feel she's the prey she has to keep that in mind. It's funny how we've seen that in the Arena in this very chapter. Cami trying to control her fear when Charlotte ambushed her. Raven is now in the same position.
Alphabetta chapter 54 . 4/20
Brianna: I am surprised how mature Brianna is to be Cami's little sister. I mean the Cami that left District 1, not the Cami we got now and has been forced to mature in a few days. Her father is acting exactly as Cami predicted. He doesn't love her as a daughter but as his creation. His home trained Career. And while Cami was hating on her, Brianna had her own problems, she had to put up with her bullying and her father not giving a tad about anything apart from Cami. It makes sense she ended up being the way she did.

Ahmet: Awww. Adymer is truly Ahmet's son. I could see that Adymer is the way he is now because of his family. Never seen the point of view of a family that has a kid in the games but I loved it, although it's upsetting to see how having a child in the Hunger Games, a child that got reaped is affecting the family. And even more upsetting to see how Ahmet is struggling to avoid the collapse and chaos it has created.

Jill: It was another example of that, but less focused in the effects suffered from having a child in the hunger games. I sensed regret and carpe diem, valuing things only when we lost them. Charlotte had a lovely family and I could see, like in Ahmet's POV how she ended up being the way she is just by looking at her mother. I am glad people from the district whose children died in past edition stick together and give each other reassurance.

Nathan: Nelly stole the spotlight here. I loved her anger and resentment. I also think her thoughts on Ruth are very accurate, well she seems to know her well, and I hope her plan works, whatever she has in mind. I don't know if in the future we get to know what actually happened to Ruth's sister. No one seems to have more information of who did it and I wonder if that point will be clear one day. Because I don't even know if Ruth's submitter added it to the tribute form or they just wrote that she died and no one saw it. Poor girl, I hope she gets the justice she deserves.
Alphabetta chapter 53 . 4/14
Adymer: Things never worked out the way you planned them. That is so true. He has gone through all the tributes left, thinking about their weaknesses and strengths. But he's also aware that things have changed. They are not the same anymore, he doesn't know but he can feel it. I think it's his ability to be versatile what has kept him alive. Bruce Lee said water poured in a cup it becomes a cup, water poured in a bottle it becomes the bottle because water is shapeless and I think Adymer is like that. He adapts to the circumstances and adaptation helps you survive.

Memory: Ophelia is such a dedicated mentor. If Haymitch was like that maybe more kids would've survived. It's funny that I talked about water on Adymer's POV and she's here talking about fire and ice. Yes I agree with her there has to be a balance if they want to succeed. I hope nothing happens to her because I love her and she's inside this plan 100%, if Raven finds out odds are she is going to be executed or worse. I've already found out that execution is actually an act of mercy when talking about president Raven.

Hawk: Poor Hawk. I remember not being fond of him. I thought it would be one of those callous, detached, jaded tributes. I was so wrong. He's actually pretty loyal and tries hard to be detached (IE when he asked Adymer not to tell him his name) and I like that. It surprised me how quickly he changed his mind. He left Adymer alive even when his subconscious was screaming at him that it wasn't the right thing to do. And still even if I think he regret the truce they agreed the night before, he left without doing Adymer any harm. However after thinking he doesn't want to be a monster, he tries to kill Charlotte. I suppose after thinking that he realised how idealistic he was being. He had no choice. It didn't go as expected, but he also didn't know that Charlotte had a deadly weapon with her. What Adymer said about plans never working out as planned was true. At the end of the games he may have gotten away with it, but not in the final six.

Charlotte: Seeing Cami devouring Hawk was very disturbing. I thought the same as Charlotte. I thought of his family that may be watching him being eaten by a mutt. And Lottie she's gone insane but she hasn't lost her humanity, she just tries to bottle up all the feelings because otherwise is too painful. And I love the way she treats Cami. She has a gift for animals like a good D10 girl.
Alphabetta chapter 52 . 4/13
Cami: I can't believe how much Cami has changed since the reaping. I think is my favourite character-development-wise, because under all that change you can still see Cami. There seems to be a mutt war there inside that house. The mutts seem to be attacking everyone, even themselves. The blood thing is creepy. I liked how the new Cami reacted to the death of the two tributes. A few days ago she beheaded a tribute herself and threw his head to her ally and now she sounds so... mature. A lot has changed since Adam died. I like to see that he still causes an impression. That new version of Ruby is even more terrifying than the creepy girl. She's still childish but she doesn't want to play games anymore, she wants blood. And again, the end of the POV was great. The way Cami came to the conclusion that the hunger games were not games but a massacre... and in the end, she forces herself to believe that they are a game, because accepting the truth is going to make things harder for her and she knows it. Living in denial can at least desensitize her and save her.

Charlotte: Ew, gross! Lavender and her fcked up mind strike back. This new Charlotte "the good girl is dead" is going to kick ass, but I've got a bad feeling that killing this mutt is going to unchain something bigger and more creepy. I like Lavender's style, it's gross and fked up but it feels like a story within a story. And of course Charlotte is not getting any of her bullshït, she's even bossing Cami around haha one episode she says she'd like to bring her to D10 if she wins and now she calls her stupid mutt hahaha, poor Cami xD

Hawk: WTF, the games are getting creepier by the minute. I wouldn't like to be there really. Of course Adymer and Hawk would get on well, I actually think they've got a few things in common. Their conversation was funny. I always wondered if they actually slaughter the animals in the ranching district or the meat packing district. Like, if they transport them alive to D9 and kill them there or they're already dead and skinned and stuff just ready to pack. Anyway yes, not everyone work in the district industry that was very observant of Adymer. I think Hawk noticed the person without legs first because that's how Scarlett died, and he was his first kill. It may even be a copy of Scarlett. And for some reason I heard the sound of flies in my head when they entered the room and saw all that mess. Weird!

Adymer: asjhdajksdka I think from all the weapons you could kill a person with, a chainsaw is the most terrifying and creepy. I couldn't read this POV in one go, I had to stop several times of how weird it made me feel lol. Thanks god they made it. I would've been traumatized if I saw one of them being ripped into pieces by a chainsaw. The mutt is a different thing, is not even a living thing. And Hawk is honorable but not too soft. He's cool. I wouldn't like to see both of them fighting. Idk. They're both such good guys. I wonder if the GM's are going to force them to meet again just because of what he said. It would be so like them.
Alphabetta chapter 51 . 4/13
Cami: Great POV!. The changes on her that we started to see in her last POV continue here. She's always plotting or doing stuff, she's not a person that would sit down and think of stuff, normally. That is what she would be doing if it wasn't for that sprained ankle, that has showed us another side of her that was hinted earlier in the story but now is there, clear as day light. I said I pitied Brianna, but now I pity her even more, not only her sister hates her. Her father does it aswell. I imagine that grief drove him nuts and he couldn't see death the same way. He lost a wife and he doesn't seem to mind if he loses Cami. He was just using her to live through her. Cami reached her most vulnerable moment in the moment she realized. I don't know what would've happened if Valhalla would've walked in. She could've easily rip her mind to shreds. Or maybe not. Cami is strong. The realisation upset her but didn't destroy her. It made her, in fact, stronger.

Valhalla: If something is clear by now about Valhalla is that she loves a good mise-en-scène. She gives a lot of importance to detail and likes to create an impact. In the end, hurting herself to use her blood to create trails only handicapped her in the long run, but at that moment it was important for her to create a visual impact and it made the scream seem more realistic, less acted. Her plan to separate Ruth from Leith was good. If Ruth is Leith's eyes, then he's nothing without her. Good reasoning.

Leith: What can I say about Leith... I never liked him, I think I repeated that a lot in my reviews xD but now his calm and collected nature came in handy. He was nearly blind, and another tribute had him trapped. Anyone else would have freaked out. He's also very subtle, he knew Valhalla and her modus operandi and used it to his advantage. And he fought amazingly well, no wonder he is a career. He won. He deserved that victory and Ruth stabbing him was very very very unfair. But again, games are not fair and fair play only can go so far because there's only a winner and when there's 7 tributes left, everyone gets anxious because everyone wants to go home.

Ruth: She finally killed that Career and it looks like she felt nothing, no revenge fulfilled. Nothing. Things are very different when we imagine them than when we live them. I felt as if Valhalla was trying desperately to crack Ruth, but nothing she said was hurting her. It may be because the weak ones have weeded themselves out by now. I loved the conversation between the two of them, and I loved what Ruth said about why she killed the others. It was a very epic moment. Valhalla had a very gruesome death, and she'll be missed as she provided a big amount of entertainment. In the end, it was her arrogance what killed her. She was highly intelligent, cunning and had a gift for words. At first she was determined to prove a point to her family but she wasted time and resources on visuals and entertainment. She was too curious and liked to experiment with stuff and people's reactions. Now Ruth has a lot of artifacts and she is still in a good shape.
Alphabetta chapter 50 . 4/7
Adymer: Guess he's lucky that Valhalla is so whimsical and values more the chance to make a good show and experiment with the different possibilities rather than advance in the games per se. Although it seems she doesn't think Adymer is a threat, just for how condescending she sounds. Does the plan involve the chandelier? Because if that's so I am up for it! I love chandeliers.

Asita: Her last POV and it upset me more than I expected. I mean, I don't know the details but already got spoilers about the placement of the tributes. So I knew she was coming next, but anyway it has made me really really sad to see her die. I liked and admired Asita. And if I didn't know about the placement already, I would have been surprised to see her die so "soon". But it was her vs Valhalla, and sometimes evil people win. Not always the ones who deserve it the most make it. Sometimes the odds are in your favour, sometimes they aren't. Being strong helps and having survival instrincts help. It worked for her, but as we advance in the games things become more and more unpredictable. She was fine a minute ago, and now Valhalla was making the ceiling collapse on top of her. Anyway yes I am upset :( and that farewell w Hawk was even more upsetting. Finally they were trusting each other and now look. At least they won't get to kill each other. God knows what would have happened. Would Asita eventually betray him? Would Hawk? Would they fight as honorable rivals in a fair fight to the death? I also found myself remembering stuff from a first aid course I went. They explained us all about getting your limbs trapped and the 15 minutes rule and all that. And how the body reacts of the blood that has been trapped in the leg while the blood flow is interrupted. It's really dangerous and Asita was right. That last thing she did, talking about her life was another example of how smart she was. It was moving and she has my respect. *three finger salute* for Asita.

Charlotte: Very interesting. I was worried about Charlotte. She did a great couple with Adam through the story and I loved to read the pair of them interacting. Thinking about a lonely Charlotte made me wonder if her personality and spark would fade. Internal monologues are kinda not the same. But I was wrong and I am glad Charlotte doesn't need an interlocutor to keep talking. She talks to a mutt, and she talks to herself if needed, and I am sure she'd talk to an umbrella if she had one and was her only companion. She's not the same. Even herself has noticed. She's not the same but she's the same at the same time.

Ruth: Hmm it's ben hard to see Ruth so torn between her choices. I got the feeling that she feels cornered. I agree with her, she has the rest of her life to be a better person, she's in the games and it's not like she planned it. Well she did but she got reaped in the end. And I agree that she has to get rid of Leith. Yes, he can come on handy as a meat shield but it's also dangerous. Hope she finds an answer soon. On an unrelated note Escape is back in the first page of fics sorted by number of reviews and I just noticed I've got 10 chapters left. 7 chapters of games left and 7? tributes. :(
Alphabetta chapter 49 . 4/7
Cami: Nice POV of thoughts and introspection. I think I already said before I am not fond of Cami's story because mothers dying during childbirth are the most cliché way to create deep feelings of guilt or hate on a character. Anyway at first I never understoof why Cami was so rude to her little sister, now I do and I pity the poor girl. I simply thought that Cami was being childish and irreasonable, and yea blaming her sister for her mother's death is kinda childish and irreasonable since it's not the girl's fault. It was probably... not even the midwife's fault but something else that escaped to everyone's control. But, I also understand why she feels like she feels. I never expected her to "regret" even after having this moment of thoughts and introspection, so I was happy to read she didn't regret but yet something changed on her and that gave her more drive to carry on fighting. Poor Cami she must look awful now, awful but terrifying. A nice change of image just for the finale.

Adymer: Beautiful. I mean it was creepy to be chased about by worn out dolls with knives and blood coming out of their eye sockets but Adymer can make anything look nice and poetic. And! We kept to explore the mansion further. That ball room and the garden sound so pretty and beautiful. And then, Adymer's thoughts on Winnifred's death were sad and upsetting. And the part about Lucian and how he broke her and he couldn't do anything to fix her... and the sentence at the end of the POV... it gives me chills and I love Adymer I truly, truly doooo.

Ophelia: Wow, she's a really strong woman. I like that her bravery comes from the idea that Raven cannot hurt her any longer. If she lives, she lives and if she gets killed well then so be it. But still she worries about the others, like Memory (I feel like I want to hug her after she said she's so upset for Winnifred's death). Cody was cute and naïve. I guess she's right about Ruth and Leith, but I wouldn't think for a moment that Leith has control over her. She said she'd stick with him, and in the blink of an eye she can just slit her throat just as fast. That double edged sword she has is the perfect weapon for her. The perfect match.

Valhalla: Another game with Valhalla as host. These are amusing. It was actually Asita vs Valhalla, with Hawk just being there. Asita and Valhalla playing games, playing with each other. What I didn't get is why was Asita trying to piss off Valhalla. Maybe to make her think she was not in control? That she couldn't just command people to kill each other for her amusement? Does she have any other idea? I guess we'll see.
Alphabetta chapter 48 . 4/7
Valhalla: What the hell Valhalla. I think she needs plans or else she feels lost. She miscalculated with Asita. She thought she'd lose her mind and she didn't and I have noticed Valhalla turns really reckless when things don't go as expected and stops thinking clearly. I think she is trying to punish Asita for not acting like she was meant to act. Actually I think they look cool as rivals or each others nemesis. Asita's strong cause she is jaded in a way she manages to keep her humanity and every obstacle she overcomes makes her stronger. Valhalla is just callous and highly intelligent and everything is like a big experiment to her. It was funny to read her opinions on Apollo's plan that actually sounds like something she could've come up with.

Cami: She has a pair of balls, I'll give her that. I think this is the first time we see her cornered like a rat (by Charlotte herself to make things better) and it's been great to read her reaction. I liked to see that even when the odds are against her, she still has the energy to talk back and give Charlotte an attitude. Any other person would have died in that situation but she reacted really fast and survived. The baby dragon sounds so cute aw. And I like that it's Charlotte who has it, as a D10 girl she must be good with animals, even if they're mutts or aren't real.

Ruth: lovely Ruth always controlled by her own emotions, I think she's one of the most complex characters in this SYOT. She changes again and again like the moon. I am sure her star sign is Cancer haha (Yea I'm into astrology). In this POV I discovered a motherly trait on her, maybe it was there all the time, after all she always blamed herself for not being able to protect her sister. And now she's teamed up with a disabled Career and she chooses to stay with him. He is doomed without her really. And why she chose to help a Career (even when he's an ally) when some days back she cut her other ally's hand is a mistery to me. But I would be disappointed if Ruth made sense :P as I said she is mutable and can think one thing today and the complete opposite tomorrow and still explain it in a way that makes sense both in my head and hers.

Winnifred: Bye sweet one. The way she died... it was sad. But she was damaged beyond repair anyway. I just hope this wasn't showed to Winnifred's mother. Who knows? Maybe we see her again in the future. Her body is still there and now she's probably a mutt. Ruby's new sister. Hope she's not jealous.
Alphabetta chapter 47 . 4/6
Lorie: I always enjoy reading about Lorie, she's such a hoe. You've done a great job with Lavender! She doesn't give a crap about anyone, she just wants to safely kick the trackerjacker nest, and then sit down and relax watching the mess she created. No wonder she is head game maker. Can't wait to read about the plan.

Hawk: Their friendship is soo cute! But he creeped me out in the end. I think they can work well together, they even think they can get to the final together and just fight each other. I mean, I think they'd fight but I don't think Hawk could stomach it. Asita on the other hand, she already killed someone that was important to her, that definitely makes the rest a bit easier. I liked her thoughts about it. She endured it. It was hard of course, killing is never easy, but she didn't go nuts or was completely cool about it. I wouldn't like to see them fight each other. It is plausible, but it'd upset me, because now they are trusting each other more. They never did and now Asita saved him and he in a way owes her one.

Leith: His story might be coming to a dead end. It would be a miracle if he won now, blind like he is. And he's perfectly convinced that he is using and manipulating Ruth, bïtch please. Ohh and finally we meet Daddy! It's true he was creepy, and I think he was in a good mood or else he wouldn't have let them go. It's hard to tell with Leith being blind, because you have to rely on what he hears and stuff, like noticing every hue in a tone of voice, it was interesting to see a different perspective other than a non-blind person. As much as I dislike Leith I can give him that.

Adymer: Awww noo! Winnifred is worse than expected, sweet Winnifred. I think even if it looks like she's talking gibberish, she is making sense. She's talking about a metamorphosis there. She left her innocence behind, she left her mercifulness and kindness and now she's a completely different thing. And butterflies are beautiful but their lifespan is short. She also talks about a supernova, another form of transformation. What Adymer did was upsetting, but also very brave of him. You need a lot of courage to abandon an ally when they need you the most but they are a burden to you. I love him I truly do more than ever.
Alphabetta chapter 46 . 4/5
Hawk: Well I was expecting a quieter POV since last episode was full of action but I was wrong. I actually think these two work very well together. They don't trust each other but they get on well and they joke and stuff. It's funny that Hawk thinks she's a worse manipulative hoe than she actually is. It suits his cagey nature.

Asita: I thought I couldn't have a worse opinion of Apollo. He believes himself very smart, thinking he isn't being manipulated now, when the truth is that Cami manipulated him into doing that. Apollo is too much of a people pleaser to do something by himself. I don't think he has what he needs to kill Asita and Hawk. He could've done it in the blink of an eye if he wanted. He has the sword, he knows how to use it and caught them unaware. But he was too hurt and killing wasnt enough for him, he also needed revenge. Hope he notices he's not Valhalla. That set up is her style, it would work for her because that's her speciality and she has no feelings anyway. Apollo is drowning in his own feelings, they control him and not the other way around.

Apollo: Actually, that was a very cool death, none of them "regret", he didn't regret and Asita didn't back off even if she wanted, even if she didn't want to kill him, she carried on. And then when he's on the floor about to die, and she's talking... and keeps talking but her voice fades because he's dying and never gets to listen the end of the conversation. It was sad but cool. For me Apollo was a goner since the moment he got blinded (no pun intended) by his own feelings. Asita never forgot her family and he did. He can be a trained Career but Asita has survival spirit.

Memory: sdfsdafdasads oh my god, I almost screamed when I saw it was Lavender talking there. All of them there plotting an impeachment (also no pun intended) and then she walks in. I liked the plan, and I liked to see their reasonings behind saving three tributes. Memory fighting for both Winnifred and Adymer aww. She's a great mentor.

Charlotte: She lost it and I love it. We've always seen her with Adam and now it's going to be a completely different thing. I miss him so much by the way, it's been one of the deaths that has affected me the most. I also could feel how Charlotte misses him and it's just normal how she blames herself for it. She breaks my heart. Really. Also it's awesome how her mind started to plan her next move. She crumbled down and recomposed herself just as fast. Charlotte is awesome.

Happy Easter by the way.
Alphabetta chapter 45 . 2/16
Ruth: Great POV. I like creepy things in a childish way, I think it makes the whole thing even creepier. Excited about the idea of a tea party, with fancy dresses and all. Ruby can be cute when she wants, telling her she's her fave and having a crush on Leith, I don't know if saying "awww" or feel sorry for him. The fact that she signs the letter as "Ruby 3" is interesting. Does that mean there was a Ruby 1 and a Ruby 2 before her? Could she be the third attempt of an experiment carried out by that Daddy person? Anyway what I actually like the most about this POV was Ruth's little breakdown, all the information about the situation in her district, plus how she handled her sister's death. When I read her reaping, I remember I liked Ruth's personality. But I didn't like the whole revenge on her sister thing, how she directly blamed the Careers, which are miles away from D12 and the need to go to the games to kill them when they're going to end up dead anyway. Most of them at least. Now that I see all that more in depth, I still don't get it much. But I know Ruth better so I know she's not the most logic person in the world, especially when she's upset. I see a girl that tried to focus in the good things of life, even when she lived in an awful, poor and corrupted place and then, her sister died. I can see why she'd feel the need to blame it on someone, since no one ever knew how her sister died or who killed her. She needed someone to blame and she blamed the Capitol for corrupting the morals of people and the Careers for making it "ok" to kill others by volunteering. I liked that she cried in front of Leith, and she didn't try to conceal it, and she talked about her reasons to cry because in spite of that she didn't look weak, she still looked strong, and plus she managed to pull herself together again really fast. I think she needs those little "crisis" from time to time, that's how she gets the strength to carry on. Leith... I still don't have much of an opinion about him, but what he said had a great impact on Ruth and it was awesome.

Charlotte: I am relieved to see she doesn't see Adam as a burden like he thinks. She is upset and blames herself for it. And on top of that, her dress is brown. Even that tiny detail makes her feel bad, it's adorable. I was impressed by the level of detail of the tea party. Ruby really takes things seriously. And well... I am sure game makers arranged it in the most entertaining way possible. Asita near Apollo and Cami near Adymer. Valhalla against all of them... funny how most of them have reasons to want her dead lol. Glad that Ruth's her fave. I dont wanna think what would've happened if she wasnt. The first thing she did was asking her what she thought of his new Alexei doll.

Valhalla: Now that's a good twist, Winnifred was awesome! She's not a scared child anymore. Cami has nerve, even when maybe in the inside she was shitting herself. Winnifred has earned her right to be there, to have made so far in the games. For a moment I thought they caught Valhalla off guard, but that would be weird, wouldn't it? She knew she was going to be there with Apollo and Leith, and she knew they wanted her dead. I would've also thought that Apollo would attack her first but... maybe he decided to target Asita, after all she only embarrassed him in the public television. In front of all Panem. Not attached to him at all so yeah well done Valhalla.

Cami: Sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't. I hated her on this chapter. I thought she evolved by being in there, but she just keeps getting more and more sadistic and cruel. Was it necessary to hit Adam's head into his ally's lap? She says it was but I agree with Apollo there. I guess that is just her way of thinking. She's deluded enough to think she can win the competition, and that her bigger threat are the Game Makers, and not the tributes or the mutations. Bye Adam. :( I'll miss him but he was crippled. He wouldn't have gone much further anyway. He was a beam of sunshine in the middle of all that chaos. He'll be missed.
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