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Solphage chapter 52 . 1/9/2021
Excellent story, the digimon feel like digimon and I'm still teary from chapter 51; read it in like two days
Guest chapter 51 . 4/27/2015
it was a very nice story but only that you shouldn't have had separated the digimon from the children.
Iris RainbowWolf chapter 27 . 4/28/2014
normally i wont reveiw till the end of the story but i gotta say that im loving it so far. :) honestly i found your artwork first and later learned that you wrote digi-fanfiction, lol. i read on your profile on here that you would give help to those who needed it with fics and (i know that this may seem strange) but i was wondering if you could possibly draw out my digimon? i mean you dont have to and all, but i was jw. i suck at drawing and it would really help me bring the story im working on to life. again im loving this story so far and im looking forward to more :) )0(Iris RainbowWolf)0(
RazenX chapter 52 . 10/15/2013
Well here we are. I just checked the date of my first review and it was almost two years ago, way back on chapter 15. Now we're at the end. I'll give some thoughts on the final chapter, then the fic in general.

The final battle, with all of its various stages like an RPG final boss, was written to be intense and full of emotion. While the "main characters getting their second wind" in every digimon series, I didn't think of it as cliche, especially since with the amount of times they got back up and kept fighting it combined that idea with a heaping dose of determinator. It was worth the wait to see the final blow being struck.

As for after the fight, the way the aftermath was handled was great (RazenX review drinking game: take a drink every time I say great or well-written in one of my reviews). Era being reduced to nothing but a bleeding, broken man confronted by his sins was nicely poetic. The whole digital world congratulating them helped produce the image of a journey's end, with all those they helped thanking them for their efforts.

The real crowning achievement for these final chapters, at least in my opinion, was the goodbye scenes in the final chapter. Each one was individual and unique for the characters, and each one showed perfectly the relationship and personalities of those involved. Digimon endings tend to be bittersweet, but each of these good-byes was its own unique flavor of bitter-sweet. The sheer emotion put into these scenes was evident, and I can't help but feel it was because you were also saying good-bye to the gang after two years with them.

The final thing that really struck me was how subdued the ending scenes in the human world were. It was quiet and a group experience, rather than a bunch of personal reunions with the family. This really worked simply due to the fact that the human world hadn't been a large part of the story. The series was always grounded in the Digital World and these characters, rather than on Earth and their families. With this being true, not showing much except the fountain, which was the only real significant place on Earth, worked in the ending's favor.

All in all, a great conclusion to this story/season. Now for some overall thoughts.

Your fan-season seemed to draw most heavily from Adventure, in terms of characters and plot, and Frontier, in that the human world wasn't featured much. This blend made sense since those seasons were pretty similar to begin with. I had seen plenty of "7/8 kids fall into the Digital World/ Adventure rip-off with different characters plot" and I was worried that when I first found your story that was going to be the case. However, you kept it unique by having an over-arching story line and villain, rather than barely connected arcs and your digital world was vividly described to the point were it seemed like its own character. Another thing is that Re:Gen was a bit more mature in certain aspects than Adventure or Frontier were.

Speaking of the plot, as I said it was pretty similar to Adventure, with 7 kids stuck in the digital world, going around getting power-ups related to character development moments. Normally I find fics with plots like that dull since I'm seen it many times and it just ends up being like Adventure but with the names changed. Re:Gen had plenty of twists and great villains (particularly Era) which set it apart from the pack and made the plot more unique. While it wasn't the most gripping I've seen, it was still a fun ride.

What really is the strength's strongest point, however, was the characters. I find it funny how in my first review I said the main fault of the story was characterization, but now I'm saying 30-odd chapters later that it was the strongest point. You clearly took my words to heart from that first review, since by the end each human and Digimon was unique and fleshed out in their own ways. The characters' growth and relationships were ultimately the driving force for Re:Gen, to the point were at the end I was less concerned with the plot (I being for the most part a guy who would rather a story have a stronger plot than stronger characters) and more concerned with how the gang would end up. This is the best example of how you've grown as a writer since the fic began.

When I first took a chance on this fic, I was beginning to drift from fanfiction since many of my favorite stories had ended and the newer ones all seemed bland. I can honestly glad I took that chance, since Re:Genesis was one of the main reasons I'm still on the site today. I was always looking for and getting excited over a new chapter. This was my first experience with FDDs, but if the rest are half as good as this was I have so much to look forward to.

I could go on heaping praises on you and the fic, but I think I'll end the review here with this: In my eyes, Re:Genesis is the seventh canon season of Digimon, every bit as good as the canon shows. Thank you so much for the ride and keeping me in this fandom. I can also say that I am so excited to see what you do with Re:Connect, since you said that it is more like tamers (in my eyes the best season) and more mature, two things that always have my interest. I've been following updates on your deviantart and know that if its in your hands it will be amazing.

Well that's all for now. Enjoy your two months vacation from Digimon. I'll miss this story, but I'm sure we'll re:connect soon. For the final time, great chapters, amazing story, and good luck on Re:Con-X

(P.S. The reviewer would like to apologize for the terrible pun in the second to last sentence.)
Guest chapter 52 . 10/12/2013
I don't have full access to a computer or smart phone so i can't give this amazing story a proper review but you can look forward to a lengthy one in about 8 hours when i get off from work.
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 52 . 10/8/2013

HAPPEH FACE! I don't know why I didn't expect an epilogue, but I didn't, so this made me truly ecstatic.

I'll be there December for re:CONNECT :3
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 50 . 9/22/2013
...I know my last few reviews have basically all sounded pretty random and weird, but this time I don't want to totally freak. I just wanted to say that I can't believe this story is coming to an end. For so long I've been a fan, and it really hurts when I think about how its almost over. This story is creative, inspiring, and most of all, just fun. Your writing style is amazing and consistent, it leaves people wanting more. This idea that you've created and made, it isn't just an idea anymore. It's a spectacular work, and I don't think I could have done a better job myself. I'm going to miss reading this.

Thank you so much for the read, Deekamon. Keep writing and don't give up. :) I'll be waiting patiently for your next - rather, last - update. Let me know when your next work is out!

Your fan,
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 49 . 9/15/2013

I was screaming this out of excitement, not out of fear, just in case you didn't notice.

This chapter was amazing! It's sort of that last boost all of the heroes get in the series, and I absolutely loved it! It was nostalgic, heart-warming, and just gosh-darn sweet.

I can't wait to find out what happens! Keep writing, I need to know what Era is DOING. I don't WANT to know, I NEED to know.

Hahaha, yeeeeeeah... but really. Write. Go. Fly to your workspace. Write until dawn. Now.

your fan,
RazenX chapter 48 . 7/29/2013
Damn, I always fall so behind on reviewing these chapters. Alright lets try speed reviews of the last seven chapters so I can catch up. I'll do the reviews in two parts: Chapters 42-44 and Chapters 44-47.

First off, let me say I love the decision for the barren lands. The way you described them made them come off as creepy and at least for me, oddly beautiful in a dark way. The characters were in top form during these chapters, especially when a partner pair (like Simon and Egakumon) were off alone and talking. We got great insight into how they were feeling and how this journey has changed them. I also enjoyed the scenes of the group all coming together.

Now for the big brawl with Javermon, I think it took the cake for best action scene so far. The strategy the gang employed, the brutal nature of Javermon and the fighting that took place, and how you had so much going on but kept it focused. Tying Luke's backstory into his evolution was a great choice, and I love how it tied in so perfectly. Also small thing, but I did enjoy how the narration didn't lampshade his "we're a family" thing being cliche. While I do enjoy the lampshade hanging you do in other parts, I appreciated how you kept it out of a serious moment.

For the next set of chapters it was pretty standard endgame material, but that didn't make it boring. Finally meeting Era and getting their asses kicked was expected, but it worked because of how creepy you made the fetus, eldritch abomination, digimon...thing. Definitely fit the eldritch abomination idea to a t, and after I saw the pictures of it on your deviantart, I can't help but wonder if it was based on the angels from NGE, more specifically Lilith and Adam. Now while getting their asses kicked and getting back up happens in every digimon story, it works with their characters.

Similar to the barren lands, the description of the area around Yggdrasil was top-notch. I loved the scene of every Digimon they've encountered coming back to help them out and stand by the kids. During the fights that followed Era and his creation continued to get creepy and continue to swat the kids around, which still works. Now for the most recent chapter, going back to the city for their final vision quest was a great way to bring everything full circle and set up the final battle.

All in all, fantastic work on these climax chapters for the story. I eager wait for the final 3 chapters-X
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 48 . 7/25/2013
GAH! Ah naw, Era gonna do some damage. But neverfear! For the Vituous Warriors are here!

Only three more... I'm staring at my computer in anticipation.

your fan,
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 47 . 7/15/2013
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Whatinthefreakingholymotherofallthatispuddingandgo odnesss?!
Did- Wha, Genesimon- eh, EH? OhmygoshomyshoshohmyGOSH. I can't even think - NO! Simon, get up, do something! NOOOOOO!

...In other words, I was entertained. But honestly, I can't believe it! I'm freaking out on my end over here, so congrats. You've given me Grade-A anxiety.

I seriously can't wait for the next update! Update soon! Doooooooo it. Do the roar. (Uh, sorry, that came out of my head and now it's on my screen.)

you fan whodoesn'twanttowaitbecauseshelovesthisstorysomuch andshehasnolife,

PS - only four chapters left? Dang. It feels like just yesterday they were still looking for Lucas. I bet it's going to be an epic ending!
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 46 . 7/6/2013
:( This made me cry. And I'm not talking "tears in the eyes" or "sad with no tears", I've literally got tears on my face. I love Deekamon so much, and I just felt for him. And then they were all hugging, and I don't know. I got caught up in it.

But I love how you brought Mikemon and Loromon and all of the other Digimon back :) It's cool when they all just come back to help fight. Nostalgic, I guess.

AND BUM BUM BUM. Oh noes, Era's going to go mess with Yggdrasil with his fetus!
...what in the bleep did I just say?
Anywho, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! It's going to be EPIC.

your number-one fan,
Lonwolf626 chapter 46 . 7/3/2013
The action is ramping up towards the finale and I love the vibe I'm getting from your story. I don't normally comment on them just because it would get redundant but I feel as though I should speak my peace a little.

This has been the best Digimon story I've read. The idea is very close to the canon stories but has enough twists and turns to really make it stick out as an original piece. I love how you've used different elements from all the different seasons. The underdog story of Adventure, with the chaos and breakdown of the world from Frontier also the transitioning from area to area as per Xros Wars.

You've done an excellent job in the pacing and story telling thus far and I do wholeheartedly wish to see this masterpiece of fanfiction continue. I know you won't disappoint anyone reading with the finale of your story Deekamon.
Dramon Creator chapter 44 . 4/24/2013
Wooho! New chapter!
Dramon Creator chapter 42 . 2/22/2013
Awesome chapter Deeks, rock on

D.C. out.
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