Reviews for Misstep in the Right Direction
ZeroKaze chapter 15 . 11/21
This is really interesting fic. Definitely going to follow and favorite! :)

One thing, though: Iruka's barrier technique could have better name, like 鉄布封鎖, Teppu Fūsa(Iron Cloth Blockade). Ya need help with Japanese names, just PM me. :D
Parks98 chapter 3 . 11/18
Ok I need little berserker naruto right now to kick some ninja ass!
adamrpg chapter 15 . 9/29
I got through your fanfiction (all 15 chapters) tonight. I've been used to the more dramatic, dark stories that had twists, surprises, and the protagonists could never seem to catch a break.

In your story, though, you really are making it seem like they're invincible, like they have all the time in the world. And I'm finding myself really okay with it. A part of me is still expecting you to pull the rug out from under my feet, and things to all fall apart (anything from a Hyuga insurrection destroying Konoha to many of their peers they have dying), because after such a slow, peaceful, lovey-dovey story (which I'm enjoying!), it would be such a cruel thing to do.

However, I do have a couple of concerns: I don't think a single D-rank mission could cover rent for months, nor a C-rank to pay for private cooking school (of course, maybe the wedding couple Iruka escorted were really wealthy!). Considering a D-rank is more like 4-8 hours of work for a team, I'd figure it may pay for a few days of rent, but I think you'd need to have a steady stream of them! Then again, I forgot, Naruto still has the stipend.
Second concern isn't really a concern, it's me being impatient to see Naruto and Hinata be more lovey dovey and kissey and whatnot! Hahaha!

Thanks so much. Following your story, definitely.
Naruhinaforever chapter 7 . 9/24
This episode is awesome. I smiled a lot while reading where Ayame,Iruka,Teuchi and old man Hokage gave Naruto and Hinata gifts. It was nice. It's cool. I'd encourage you to keep writing stories as beautifully as this. Congrats on a job well done
Naruhinaforever chapter 5 . 9/23
I have a question. How old are they in this chapter. For academy kids, they seem overly romantic. Have they started dating yet? I think I'd understand their love more if they did date just like kushina and minato
Guest chapter 1 . 9/21
yukicrewger2 chapter 14 . 9/18
thinking on it, wouldn't Naruto have the "Spark" the Pilgrim was thinking about? after all his chakra carries the soul of Asura, the grandson of the rabbit goddess herself after all.

I hope these aren't the same pilgrims who work with the Otsutsuki clan guy who kidnapped Hinata at the "Naruto: The Last" movie
snrodreick chapter 1 . 9/2
please update soon
Siatuvai1002 chapter 15 . 8/27
Can u plz write more
EdwinMoq chapter 15 . 8/14
I like how this fic is progressing. But I'm curious when will Naruto learn the Kage Bunshin. Come on, this is his trademark jutsu! And I hope having Guy as sensei will not prevent him from signing the road summoning contract and learning Senjutsu. I wouldn't want Guy to try and give him his turtle contract. Keep up the good job.
wolfmoon21 chapter 15 . 8/10
This was a great story. I love the way you wrote this out and love the idea of it. I look forward to more chapters in the future. I cant wait till you get farther along either this I great.
Ms.DiamondPassion chapter 1 . 8/6
Really cute first chapter. HxN
Guest chapter 15 . 8/3
Man i will hate if dis awesome fic is not continued ...
SlyFox9 chapter 14 . 6/16
Good work
reina chapter 15 . 6/9
I love this story. I have it bookmarked and I constantly read it. Everything It feels like I'm reading it for the first time. I really hope you update it soon.
Thank you
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