Reviews for Light and Dark: The Drabbles
L.J-1983 chapter 5 . 2/20/2012
D'awww. Well this one was a surprise. A newly pregnant Kirsty looking back to her own mother and her advice, and looking forward to meeting her own baby in months down the line, and the motherly kind of love. Aww. Mind you, when the frog prince scenario was mentioned by young Kirsty, I couldn't help but think about a certain pinheaded frog who happened to be her own prince in disguise in the future. ;) And of course, her mad love to him that ultimately became the death of her. This was excellent. A little glimpse, albeit briefly, into the early stages of her pregnancy. I'd love to see more, maybe a little glimpse into Pinhead and Kirsty's love affair. I love a good doomed romance. ;) Anyways, great job hun. Loved it. Take care, Laura xxxx
L.J-1983 chapter 4 . 1/18/2012
Ah, this was wonderful. There's me thinking its all gonna be about Trevor's control over Kirsty, and it's actually all about Pinhead controlling Tiffany to get her to see Trevor for what he is. Wow, theres a twist. Well done! I loved this. Poor Kirsty though, it makes me wanna cry. We all know what happens to her in the main fic, but in a way I was glad she sort of found happiness with Pinhead - however brief. Can't wait for more, hun. Take care now. Laura xx
L.J-1983 chapter 3 . 11/12/2011
Wow, hun. I'm sorry I am late in reviewing these two last drabbles. They were so beautifully written. Feline's story there was so heartbreaking, and Steve's hatred in this drabble of Trevor is justified. Can't blame him. I like that fact you've made it that Trevor was emotionally abusive of Kirsty. That makes it all that more tragic. I guess that he was abusive in some ways or another, since Kirsty was driven to murder him. But yes, well done on both drabbles. Both were wonderful and superb. Can't wait for more from you. Take care, Laura xx
L.J-1983 chapter 1 . 10/20/2011
Aww this was cute. Poor Aurora. Dreaming about her real mother I believe. Poor love. Can't wait for more, this is great. Glad I could help you with finding more drabbles to write. Best of luck! I think I'm gonna cry with all this sweet and excellent writing of yours. Be back later! I'm back off to bed. Adding to faves in the meanwhile. Much love, your biggest fan, Laura xxxx