Reviews for Life Altering Decisions, After a Bad Day
Edhla chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with the original work :)

That said, this is a lovely little ficlet, particularly your desriptions. Langa is very well realised, which you can take from me because I don't have any other frame of reference for her :) There are some great little unique phrases you've got here, like "pow-pow-pow."

Minor punctuation issue: the last line of the third-to-last paragraph is a question, so should have a question mark after the closed speech marks. :)

The last paragraph is, I think, my favourite. Poor woman. You've summed up nicely not-in-the-bloody-mood-for-this, particularly the remorse over being "so rotten" earlier. I like this protagonist very much. She's refreshingly human. Well done :)