Reviews for Pokemon: Sky High Battles
Keaton Hogan chapter 1 . 5/9/2013
This is the same guy with the croconaw. I was thinking even though i am a trainer I could mostly be a rival to mat or mason. I was also thinking that maybe in the hoenn league in the second or third round keaton could battle K.R. Of course K.R would win considering he is rhe main character, but i still think it would be cool. I was also thinking I could give my crocanaw back to my dad a some point so i could catck something like a swampert or marshtomp. Of coarse these are just suggestions and you dont have to do them but i think they would work out nice.
keaton chapter 8 . 5/9/2013
i think maybe you should give wakeland a pokemon like sharpedo i think it matches his character
Keaton chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
age:12 Height: 5ft on the dot Weight: 82.4 lb Hometown: Divorsed Parents so two houses Goldenrod and Blackthorn Apearence: A yellow hoodie cargo shorts, brown eyes, short brownish red hair, black two strap backpack personality: sort of quiet at first but when you get to no him (me) he shows his sence of humor and competitiveness. Goal: to challenge every pokemon league and finally defeat his AWESOME TRAINER of a dad in a batle Backstory: started journy in johto at age of 10. won the johto league. at age 11 challenged the kanto league and placed in the top 8 comes from a very competitive family weather it was contests or battles we were determined to win. 2 badges in the hoenn league so far. Pokemon: (only bringing one pokemon from johto or kanto) crokonaw (partner), electrike, torkoal, nuzleaf, and some more as my journy goes on and meet K.R. more. Evolve every one my the Hoenn league please.
Shinywolf chapter 9 . 11/16/2012
Liking the story so far! Here is my OC (if you still need some):

Name: Giselle

Age: 17

Height: 1,7 m (5,5 ft.)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs.)

Hometown: Lilycove City

Appearance: Long blond hair and light azure eyes. She usually wears an orange T-shirt with depicted a white Charizard’s silhouette, long blue jeans and black and red shoes.

Personality (No Mary-Sue BS): She is a quite calm and rational person. She loves to try new things, help people in trouble and paint sceneries. Her battling style mostly revolves around using accurate and unavoidable attacks. She has a peculiar talent in unlocking the hidden powers of Pokémon and teaching them moves that they wouldn't be able to learn otherwise. She currently can teach only the unavoidable attacks (like Faint Attack or Magical Leaf), but she's working hard to try to teach them other attacks.

Goal (Such as Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder): Her main goal is to be an expert Move Tutor, but in the meantime she’s gathering Badges to participate in the Hoenn League.

Backstory (PLEASE try to be original): Giselle is daughter of a couple of famous Coordinators. She has an older brother, Charles (20 years old), who had already travelled around the world to improve his own techniques and that has even participated at the Hoenn League. However he lost to Sidney and as such decided to train a bit more before trying the League again. Giselle is always in competition with him and challenges him every time they meet, but she loses most of the times against him since she’s the less experienced of the duo. However, she’s determined to beat her brother at the League.

Pokemon (Preferably in Basic to Middle form, please provide details and whether or not you want to evolve.):

Vinci (male Smeargle, Adamant nature) Giselle’s main Pokémon, who tends to walk by her side. She met him during a trip in the Battle Frontier Island, in the Artisan Cave. He’s a quite curious Pokémon that loves to draw and provides the paint for his Trainer. If some fellow Pokémon or human is in danger, he rushes toward it to help. He always keeps a “free” Sketch in case he witnesses some interesting move to copy. His moves are Sketch, Swift, Aerial Ace and Shadow Punch. His Ability is Technician. He usually wears a Focus Band around his tail.

Shooter (male Remoraid, Quirky nature, he evolves) Giselle met him in a pond in the secret area of the Safari Zone. She wanted to catch a Gligar, but the Pokémon easily dodged the throw and the ball hit the little fish, while it was trying to hunt a stray Ledyba. Since that was her last Safari Ball, she was forced to exit the Safari Zone without a Gligar (but with a bunch of other Pokémon, like Houndour, Mareep, Shuckle and Pineco). He is a quite peculiar Pokémon, who tends to swim in quite erratic ways. However, he must not be underestimated, since all his attacks manage to hit the mark. When he fights on land he usually has an Air Balloon. If his Trainer doesn’t have one, he fights only in Double Battles, where Vinci can hold him as a gun, and uses the Scope Lens as his item. His moves are BubbleBeam, Aurora Beam, Psybeam and Signal Beam. His Ability is Sniper.

Ti-Lung (female Vibrava, Jolly nature, she evolves late) Giselle caught her during a brief trip in Route 111. She met her near the Desert Ruins, where it was being attacked by a Cacturne and had her wing and front paws seriously injured. Giselle easily defeated it with Vinci, thanks to his recently learned Aerial Ace, which allowed him to bypass Cacturne’s Sand Veil. After the battle, Giselle treated the wounded Vibrava and she joined the team. She’s quite shy around strangers and if something scares her, she hides underground. Her moves are Faint Attack, Dragonbreath, Dig and SolarBeam. Her Ability is Levitate. She usually wears an Expert Belt.

Gardienne (female Kirlia, Bold nature, she evolves) Obtained as an Egg at the Day Care in Route 117. The owner of the Egg refused to take it when he retired his Pokémon and the owner of the Day Care offered the round item to Giselle, who gladly accepted. It hatched a couple of days later, warmed by the hot body of a Slugma caught in the Fiery Path. She has a relationship with her Trainer mixed between a “mother-child” love and her instinctive nature to protect her Trainer. Her moves are Double Team, Confusion, Magical Leaf and Shadow Ball. Her Ability is Trace. She loves to wear a pair of Wise Glasses.

Galvani (Magnemite, Timid nature, evolves in Magneton in Hoenn, evolves again in Sinnoh) Giselle found it while riding on her recently obtained Mach Bike in Route 110, when she spotted two Team Aqua grunts vandalizing a sign. She immediately reacted to the vandalism by sending Shooter to fight them. It was a quite uneven match, since it was a 2 vs. 1 battle, but the Magnemite came to the Remoraid’s aid and both defeated the grunts. When they fled, Giselle thanked the Electric-type and asked if it wanted to join her. The floating magnet accepted without a second thought. Its moves are: Metal Sound, Charge Beam, Shock Wave and Magnet Bomb. Its Ability is Sturdy. It usually holds a Magnet.

The sixth slot is swapped between her reserves Pokémon. Among them:

Houndour (male, Serious. Evolves.) Smog, Ember, Faint Attack, Snarl. Ability: Flash Fire. Item: Razor Fang.

Mareep (female, Docile. Evolves once.) Thunder Wave, Cotton Guard, Shock Wave, Power Gem.
Ability: Static. Item: Quick Claw.

Shuckle (female, Bold) Power Trick, Shell Smash, Bulldoze, Stone Edge. Ability: Sturdy. Item: Sitrus Berry.

Pineco (male, Brave. Evolves.) Iron Defense, Spikes, Gyro Ball, Struggle Bug. Ability: Sturdy.

Pikachu (male, Naughty. Doesn’t evolve.) Quick Attack, Shock Wave, Brick Break, Volt Tackle. Ability: Lightningrod. Item: Light Ball.

Natu (male, Lonely. Evolves.) Confuse Ray, Faint Attack, Aerial Ace, Psyshock. Ability: Synchronize. Item: Focus Sash.

Dusclops (male, Impish. Doesn’t evolve.) Rock Smash, Shadow Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch. Ability: Pressure. Item: Leftovers.

Carvanha (male, Lonely. Evolves.) Aqua Jet, Assurance, Ice Fang, Agility. Ability: Rough Skin. Item: Rocky Helmet.

Roselia (female, Naïve. Doesn’t evolve.) Toxic, Magical Leaf, Venoshock, Petal Dance. Ability: Natural Cure. Item: Shell Bell.

Sandshrew (male, Careful. Evolves.) Defense Curl, Rollout, Swift, Aerial Ace. Ability: Sand Veil. Item: BrightPowder.

Slugma (female, Modest. Evolves.) Yawn, Flame Burst, Rock Slide, Earth Power. Ability: Flame Body. Item: Charcoal.

Wishlist: Treecko, Meditite, Absol, Riolu, Froslass.
Iostorm chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
I like how the fic's going so far. Here's an OC (if you still need any OCs):
Name: Tyler (or Ty, depending on the situation)
Age: 38
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 170 lbs
Hometown: Fuschia City
Appearance: Has light brown hair and dark blue eyes. Wears khaki shorts, sandals, and a blue t-shirt.
Personality: Bumbling and goofy, he is rather out-of-touch with the new generation, having been engrossed in his work for years before setting off on his journey. Because of his age, he hasn't been quite able to pick up on many of the nuances and strategies involved in pokemon battles. However, he has a skill for improvising unorthodox strategies on the fly that he picked up after many defeats due to his inability to pick up on many strategic elements of pokemon battling. Tyler can also pick up on Pokemon's moods and temperaments from years of working in the Safari Zone, and knows how to approach and handle most wild Pokemon (especially those from Kanto, his home region).
Goal: Pokemon Trainer (wants to get all of the badges in Hoenn and challenge the Hoenn Elite Four).
Backstory: He is the youngest son of the Kanto Safari Zone Warden. He has worked at the Safari Zone for most of his life. He has two older brothers: one is an experienced trainer who made it to the Top 4 in the Indigo Conference and the Top 8 in the Ever Grande Conference; and the other is a Rocket Executive (or high-ranking Rocket member, if you prefer). Tyler went to Johto when he heard that Team Rocket was there; however, by the time he had reached Goldenrod City, Team Rocket had fled. Deciding to train his pokemon for battle if he ever found his brother again, he battled and defeated the gym leaders Falkner and Morty in Johto, earning two badges. Before he could challenge the other gyms, however, he heard a rumor that his brother could be in Hoenn, scouting out a new location for Team Rocket to rebuild and expand. He promptly went to Hoenn and has been searching for his brother ever since, seeking to convince him to give up his life of crime and return home, even if he has to use force. Also, he seeks to get all 8 Hoenn gym badges and challenge the Hoenn Elite Four just like his other brother did.

Chinchou (Evolve)- "Fin".
Scyther (Evolve)- No nickname, was Warden Baoba's pokemon; given to him before he left Fuschia City as a gift.
Haunter (Evolve)- "Ghoul".
Koffing (Evolve)- "Baoba" (named after his father)[male].
Kangaskahn - His first pokemon, befriended in the Safari Zone years before he went off on his journey; Kangaskahn wanted to come with him.- "Sheila".
Dratini (Evolve)- "Serena"[female].
In PC (if necessary): Mr. Mime, Sealeo (Evolve), Slowpoke (Evolve Into Slowbro), Slugma (Evolve).
1TroublesomeGuy chapter 9 . 8/16/2012
The chapter is really coming along. And i know how difficult aron can be to train, took me fricking ages.

The battle at the end of the chapter seemed a little less gripping rhan normal (or that could be how tired i am), but including the aggron certainly added a good portion of drama.
A Person chapter 8 . 8/6/2012
Aww! Poor Poochenya! I wonder what would have happened if K.R. had given it a chance?

Anyway, can't wait for the next update! Good luck :)
1TroublesomeGuy chapter 8 . 8/6/2012
Whoa... Didn't expect that he'd abandon poochyena so soon, you really did put a lot of suspense and drama into the story. I think I will try your way of writing, get a few chapters ahead before submitting.
Koten123 chapter 8 . 8/6/2012
Well I just read the last two chapters and they were good. Although there were sometimes where you forgot a letter on a word but its not that big of a deal. The battle with Wakeland was good and the outcome of what he did was surprising
Cloak5 chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
Name. Nick Dravis




Hometown- Blackthorn City

Appearance- tall, short blonde hair, blue eyes, moderately built. Black jeans, red and white T-shirt, and a belt for pokeballs

Personality- He loves to laugh and make jokes, but gets serious when he needs to be. Although most of the time he has a relaxed attitude, he can get very competitive. He has confidence in his Pokemon because they hate losing as much as he does.


Backstory- Nick originally planned to be a scientist and had no intention becoming a trainer. One day he was on the subway in Blathorn and, out of boredom, began to have a conversation with one of the trainers seated next to him. The trainer turned out to be none other than Clair, the city's gym leader. Nick became fascinated with the strategy involved in training and battles and Clair convinced him to start his journey. He took his pet cyndiquil and 2 other Jhoto Pokemon with him to Hoenn to take the gym challenge there. His strategy of having only three Pokemon allowed his Pokemon to quickly become powerful and he managed to sail through the lower gyms with little effort.

Pokemon- Kingler: Surf ,metal claw, mud shot, guillotine
Typhlosion: flame wheel, flamethrower, swift, Lava plume
Scizor: Slash, night slash, x-scissor, razor wind
I know you didn't want full evolutions but the idea of the strategy is to have fewer but stronger Pokemon so they would have been able to level faster. Devolve them if it conflicts with your plan.
jrizza88 chapter 8 . 8/5/2012
omgggg KR did NOT release him! so hard headed of him! lol

I already can't wait for the next chapter! :)
jrizza88 chapter 7 . 8/3/2012
Great Chapter! I think it is great that this episode had a great ending, just to avoid having repetition of having suspense/action at the end of each chapter. I do think that K.R. can be careless of other people he doesn't know sometimes, which is fine. I'm interested in seeing who these secret people are!
1TroublesomeGuy chapter 7 . 8/3/2012
Some mispelling, but still a godd chapter to read as you got the right pace for it. Wasn't much on masons character but that might be in the next chapter.
A Person chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
Hello! May I submit an OC?

Name: Roselle Monroe

Age- 14

Height: About 5"4.

Weight: About 100 lbs.

Hometown: Jubilife City (Sinnoh)

Appearance: Pale skin. Dark brown hair, with a few different shades of brown mixed in. Dark brown, almost black eyes. Narrow feet, and skinny arms and legs. Rounded face.

She wears a red shirt, and blue shorts. She also has a yellow belt around her waist that holds her Pokeballs and Pokedex. She wears a green bandanna, and white sneakers.

Personality: Roselle is polite and quiet to those who she first meets. She doesnt like people who brag. However, she is actually quite easy to talk to. Those who manage to befriend her will find her to be friendly, outgoing, and quite talkative. She is very loyal to her friends, and very close to her Pokemon, especially her Torterra. ( See Pokemon) She actually does have a temper, but it takes a lot for her to become riled up. She does, however, become annoyed easily. Roselle is somewhat clumsy, tripping over things when she isnt looking. Although she claims not to be embarrassed by this, in reality she is embarrassed easily. She is prone to daydreaming at times.

Thinks that Contests are interesting, but loves battling. Will not catch a Pokemon that doesnt want to be caught. Likes having Pokemon out of their Pokeballs at times.

Goal: Roselles main goal, at first, was to become a Pokemon master. However, as she traveled, earning the eight Gym Badges, she realized that travling the Pokemon world seemed more appealing to her. She decided to opt out of facing the Elite Four, and traveled to Hoenn, bringing only two Pokemon from Sinnoh with her. She now aims to travel each region, and perhaps one day defeat every Gym Leader in each region.

Backstory: Born in Jubilife City. She grew up around Pokemon, and was extremely interested in training them. As she was walking home from school one day, she saw two trainers battling. This inspired her to become a Trainer herself. She started studying Pokemon, throwing herself at every book on Pokemon she could. She spent nights trying to memorize type advantages from the book she rented. When she turned 12, her parents decided that she was old enough to start her Pokemon journey. Roselle choose her starter, a Turtwig, and started off.

Pokemon: (NOTE: I know you said you wanted Basic or Middle evolutions. The reason Roselle has Final forms is because she came to Hoenn after traveling the entire Sinnoh region. Only two of the Pokemon in her party are fully evolved [Toreterra and Staraptor] However, if you dont like this, you dont have to use her. You can change them to their middle forms, if you like. The only reason they would even be in their final forms is because Roselles had them the longest XD She actually wont use them in battle unless shes facing a powerful oppenent. Or if someone makes her mad :P ]

Torterra- Male. Quiet, gentle nature. Protective of smaller Pokemon. Moves: Hyper Beam, Leaf Storm, Rock Climb, Frenzy Plant.

Starptor- Female. Quiet and wary. Loyal to those whom she trusts. Moves: Brave Bird, Defog, Fly, Aerial Ace.

Mareep- Female. Playful and kind. Moves- ThunderShock, Cotton Spore, Tackle, and Thunder Wave.

Corpfish- Male. Has a showoffish attitude. Eager to fight. Moves- BubbleBeam, ViceGrip, Leer, Protect.

Phanpy- Female. Bouncy and friendly, but has a fiery temper. NOTE: Refuses to evolve. Moves: Rollout, Take Down, Slam, Endure.

Togetic- , but a bit timid. Determined to try as hard as he can to win if he has to, however. Moves: Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Magical Leaf, Encore.

Thats it. Thank you! :) Also, just curious, can Roselle be a traveling partner? If not, thats perfectly fine :)

Remember, if her Pokemon seem too strong, you can always change their moves a bit. Good luck and keep writing!
Southern Jaguar94 chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
Name-Bruce Goddard



Weight-145 lbs

Hometown-Lavaridge Town

Appearance-Hazel eyes, medium built , short black hair, Caucasian. Wears black shorts dark blue t-shirt with a black jacket over it. Wears eye glasses and carrys a red pack over his shoulder

Personality-He is very social, outgoing and confident to a fault individual but also extremely lazy. He likes to assess his oppenents before battling them to try to guess strategies this often leads to him underestimating his oppenents but despite this he is easy to get along with. He enjoys watching coordinators and how they can use their pokemons moves to perform amazing showmanship. He has a strong disdain for people who abuse their pokemon and will do anything to prevent people from doing so.

Goal -Trainer

Backstory- He grew up up in Lavaridge town but instead of starting his journey at 10 he lived at home for an extra 3 years cause he didnt feel like traveling and he also flunked his trainer school cause he didnt like to do the work. He eventually passed due to pressure by his parents and recieved his first pokemon from his father.

Pokemon-Numel(EVO):His first pokemon knows Ember, Smokescreen,Magnitude, Flamethrower, Tackle
Lotad(EVO): First caught pokemon extremely laid back. Knows Water gun, Absorb, Mega Drain
Shuppet(EVO)Found in an abandoned house on his travels. Knows Night Shade, Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack Will-O-Wisp
Makuhita(EVO)-Knows Arm Thrust, Vital Throw, Endure, Focus Energy, Belly drum
Tropius-Knows Air Slash, Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Wing attack, Solarbeam
Baltoy(EVO) Knows Psychic, Psybeam, Rock Tomb, Harden, Rapid Spin.

By your story looks real good and I enjoyed the first 2 chapters. I look foward to your next update and if you need to change anything with my character if you decide to use him feel free.
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