Reviews for To The Slayers' House We Go
Harold Lloyd chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
It's a fun short story. In case you ever decide to redo it in a multi-chapter form, here's a few more wolves:

Ezekiel (Zeke) Midas Wolf - the original Big Bad Wolf from Disney cartoons.

Larry Talbot - the original Wolf Man.

Rudy Dewclaw - teenager from Kevin and Kell. The Dewclaws are descended from the Big Bad Wolf.

Snarl - Robotic Wolf Transformer. (You said transformers so I included one.)

David Kessler - an American Werewolf.

Peter Stubbe - teenager from Peter is the Wolf. He's also a runt. Even in wolfman form he only stands about 5' 3". Seriously NSFW.

Lucian - leader of the Lycans in Underworld.

Peter James Maclupus III - Captain of the titular ship in the webcomic "Apollo 9".

Spike Wolf - from the webcomic Sabrina Online. Married to Carli, they sometimes roleplay Little Red Riding Hood, at which point things become very NSFW.

And in case you want female wolves:

Jean Goodwin - Peter is the Wolf. Peter's best female friend.

Sarah Hazen - Peter is the Wolf. Peter's girlfriend. If she's in wolf form when summoned... well, NSFW doesn't begin to cover it.