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Twilightgirl chapter 2 . 11/3/2011
Wow, Vivian got in? Cool! I'm really interested to see how you portray her character. I can't wait to see who next joins Team UK! RULE BRITAINNIA!
MommaWeAllGoToHell chapter 1 . 11/2/2011
I am from Australia but I made the profile in America.

Name: Adrian Makeo

Age: (16

Team representing: Australia

Personality: Just like Paul but he respects his Pokemon he is not very social but he and Diamond both play soccer, basketball, and he watches Diamonds volleyball, dance, and gymnastic things.


His Dad ditched him for a woman who was 25 year old. Him and his mom are very close but he gets bullied.


Black hair, 6 ft 4, amazing blue eyes, always wears black.

Hometown: (In the Pokemon world, okay?)

Hearthrome City


Alana Makeo (mother)

Brianna Makeo ( Older Sister)

Jonathon Nicholas ( Step father)


Salamance: Has a rivalry with Diamond's Dragonite. Hyper beam, Dragon Rush, Flamethrowar, Wing Attack.

Typhlosian: Fire Blast, Blast Burn, Quick Attack, Shadow Claw.

Gyrados: Hydro Pump, Dragon Breath, Crunch, and Giga Imoact.

Torterra: FrenzY PLANT, LEAF Storm, Earthquake, Hyper Beam

Gallade: Focus Blast, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Night Slash

Umbreon: Dark Pulse, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Psychic.

Friends: Diamond ( gonna be girlfriend), Probably going to become close to three more.
Hop.Step.Jump.Up chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
Name: Luna Allen

Age: 14

Team representing:Canada

Personality: Quite Normal. She loves cute things and pink. She is quiet and giggly. Usually she glomps her pokemons.

History: When she was younger she saw a jigglypuff and fell in love with it. She named it Harmony. Then when she came back to the field one day she saw a man capture her jigglypuff and she was heartbroken. Now she wants to become a trainer to capture cute pokemon that remind her of her old friend XD

Appearance: Curly platinum blonde hair that reaches her shoulder blades. Her eyes are light blue. She is pale. She usually wears a pink dress with a black jacket and black leggings with pink tennis shoes and some rainbow bracelets.

Hometown: Pallet Town

Family: A baby brother, named Duncan (2 years old) Mom, named Isabella and Dad, is Geoff


Vulpix: Female


Attacks:Ember, Roar, Confuse Ray,Quick Attack



Attacks:Safeguard, Hyper Beam, Attract, Flash



Attacks: Cute Charm, Limber, Dizzy Punch, Endure



Attacks:Confusion, Gust, PoisonPowder, Supersonic



Attacks:Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Rollout, Rapid Spin, Fury Swipes



Attacks:Hustle, Serene Grace, Sunny Day, Rain Dance

Friends: She has 2 best friends named Amy and Ella

~PM if you accept her or come over some problems~
Kala Dadenkar chapter 1 . 10/25/2011
Hiya I'm from Australia

Name: Kiki Anderson

Age: 15

Personality: Kiki is one of those people who you don't realize how great she is until you become friends with her.

Hstory: Along with Diamond she was in the spotlight beacause of her family so she stayed quiet so that she could never say the wrong thing.

Hometown: Veilstone City

Family: A famous top coordinator and Breeder and has a very mean sister.

Pokemon: Glaceon: Blizzard, Ice Beam, Ice Shard, DIg, Shadow Ball, Secret Power, and Iron Tail

Flareon: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Quick Attack, Fire Fang, Iron tail, Sunny Day, and Overheat

Shiny Vaporeon(most powerful): Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam, Water Gun,Aqua Ring, Water Pulse, Aqua Tail, Quick Atack, Bubble Beam, and Surf.

Espeon: Psychic, Psybeam, Psywave, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power(fighting), Extreme Speed, Morning Sun, Nasty Plot and Psych Up, and Zap Cannon

Leafeon: Solar Beam, Magical Leaf, Seed Bomp, Iron Tail, Energy Ball, Leaf Blade, X-scissor, Aerial Ace.

Jolteon: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Attract, and Protect.

Friends: Diamond Moon despite how she's girl considering she used to coodinate, there best friends.

( I actually know sarah94306
Timberstar chapter 2 . 10/24/2011
Hi! This will be fun. I only hope you use my character. I will be truthful now, I live in the US of A.

Name: Talon Berlitz

Age: 15

Team representing: Now, I know I am in America, but can Talon be in Team Australia? You don't have an OC for Australia yet.

Personality: Quiet when he first meets someone, he comes out of his shell when he gets used to them. He is kind and doesn't mind losing. He has a mind for strategies, but will often space out and daydream during a battle. His favorite things to do are: reading, taking care of his pokemon, and relaxing outside. The only things that get him angry are: cheaters, bullies, and people who hurt pokemon.

History: After his father died, Talon started staying outside and in the forest more. His mother, who is a scientist, let him do this because she couldn't watch him. Talon, unknowingly to himself, actually traveled long ways while he explored. He made friends with some of the pokemon he met and learned alot from them.

When Talon began his pokemon journey, a couple of the pokemon he befriended went with him. He saved a pokemon egg from some poachers at some point in his journey. He didn't stay in the Unova Region long. He traveled to the other Regions and captured some pokemon from those regions.

Appearance: Natural white hair that goes down to his shoulders, he puts it in a pony tail. Dark tan skin from being outside. Warm grey eyes. He is 6 feet tall.

Hometown: Does the White Forest in the Unova Region count?

Family: His father, Robert, died when Talon was 6. His mother, Katie. No siblings.

Pokemon: (Name(Pokemon)Gender-Moves)

Shadow(Shiny Charizard)Male- Fly, Heat wave, Dragon Rush, Flamethrower.

Shadow was the pokemon Talon saved as an egg. Imagine Talon's surprize when the egg hatched into a shiny Charmander.

Lola(Seismitoad)Female- Surf, Hyper Voice, Dig, Scald.

One of the pokemon that first joined Talon.

Cam(Scolipede)Male- Toxic, Venoshock, Rock Slide, Steamroller.

Cam is one of the pokemon that first joined Talon.

Sparky(Luxray)Male- Discharge, Ice Fang, Swift, Hidden Power(grass).

Talon caught Sparky as a Shinx. Sparky like to try to hug others.

Tina(Tyranitar)Female- Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, Dark Pulse.

Talon caught Tina as a Larvitar. Tina is a mothering pokemon.

Bell(Shiny Metagross)Genderless- Meteor Mash, Strength, Psychic, Bulldoze.

Talon rescued Bell from poachers who were going to sell Bell becase of 'her' shiny status.

Friends: His pokemon and team mates.

So there is my character. I hope you use him for the Australian team, even though I am in the USA. Good luck with the story.
The Helpless Romantic chapter 2 . 10/24/2011
TEAM AMERICA IS FILLED! And I was the first one? 0_o That just made mah week! Let the recruiting continue! Oh and to everyone on team USA...CANT WAIT TO MEET YA!

Crazy today, the Helpless Romantic
AeroTundra chapter 2 . 10/24/2011
Otay...I uh...didn't read this until after I submitted...heh...oops...

Oh well

AeroTundra chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
Yayz! We needs more of these OC stories...

Name: Fahn Riles

Age: 14

Team: TEAM JAPAN! XD Kidding...America...v.v

Personality: At first she's shy, a little self-conscious around new people. She's clumbsy and hardly wants to move but as she gets used to them she'll become more outgoing and independent. If she's really comfortable, she'll say just about everything on her mind and may get a little annoying. If she's scared she'll literally crawl under a table or roll into a tight ball. She likes music and will lightly tap her foot to the beat when self-conscious, but will stand up and dance when comfortable.

History: One day she just left home and started walking. At first she just told herself she'd just walk to the next town. When she made it there she didn't want to go home yet so she kept going and promised herself she'd stop at the next town from there. Then some stranger from the town gave her a free cracked Eevee egg("I may have dropped it..." he says.) and she got excited. Se decides that she wants to hatch the egg so she continues and makes a journey. Her "mom"(quotes explained later) is still expecting her home for some reason.

Appearance: Short black hair, In a boy's kind of hair style. Really straight so it has a sort of spikey look. Light purple edges. Light blue eyes. About 5'0''. Likes to wear hoodies and skirts with black or gray leggings and boots.

Hometown: Nacrene City

Family: Just her "mom" Royun, who's really a guy and married to another guy, whose her dad, named Takure. She's an only siblings.

Pokemon(I'm not good at the move-set so if they can't learn it you can fix it): Litwick


-Confuse ray, lick, ember

Jolteon(evolved from the eevee)


-bite, thunderbolt, volt tackle, quick attack

This jolteon's special...He's mostly blind. I guess it's cause his original owner dropped him... He can see shadows sometimes but mostly he relies on scent and hearing.



-yawn, sweet kiss, teeter dance, slam



-flame wheel, flamethrower, tackle



-slash, secret power, rage, protect.

He's hotheaded and I like to tease him about it X3



-Ice beam, confuse ray, aurora beam

Friends: A blonde short guy named Calyx. He's mostly quiet...until you call him short XD

Aya, a taller girl with light brown extremely curly hair. (You know, the big curls you see in animes) She's girly.

Well...*stretches* I hope your story flourishes and my character gets a spot. Can't wait to read~
Twilightgirl chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
Name: Vivian Brown

Age: 15

Team representing: Team United Kingdom

Personality: Although Vivian is pretty shy around new people, she's very relaxed and happy-go-lucky once she gets to know you. However, Vivian can become very panicky and tearful if she thinks that she's upset anyone; A cup of tea normally calms her down very quickly. She has a habit of sleeping in weird places. She is also very patriotic. Tea is Vivian's fuel and will try and make it anywhere and everywhere she goes.(And her tea NEVER comes in a teabag).

History: Vivian grew up in Hearthome City with both her parents and her older sister, Catherine. Coming from a family that religously entered the Pokemon Contests, it was hoped that Vivian would follow her sister into the family tradition. However, Vivian hadn't shown any interest in beauty contests, disliking how the pokemon lost points on silly little details. She prefered the excitement of the pokemon matches.

Vivian also disliked her sister, Catherine, as she would always boast and mock Vivian after doing well in a contest. As soon as she received her first pokemon(A Piplup she named Garuda), She left home to become a Pokemon Trainer.

Appearance: Vivian has shoulder length dark brown hair that she puts in a low ponytail. She has two cowlicks for her fringe, one bigger than the other, both being dark purple in colour. Her eyes are honey coloured.

She wears a light green, short sleeved, 'V' neck t-shirt and wears a navy blue jacket over it. On the left shoulder, it has a white heart shaped iron on patch. On the right, there is a Union Jack flag patch. Her trousers are grey coloured jeans and wears brown ankle high boots with low heels. Vivian also wears a small gold heart pendent for good luck.

Hometown: Hearthome City


Her Mother and Father - She gets along with her parents and loves them dearly.

Older sister(Catherine)- The sisters do not get along at all.


"Nue" Kadabra(Female)

Drain Punch/Confusion/Psybeam/Psycho Cut

"Garuda" Empoleon (Male)

Drill Peck/Grass Knot/Surf/Metal Claw

"Spitfire" Staraptor (Female)

Steel Wing/Wing Attack/Defog/Close Combat

"Ringo" Gible (Female)

Sand Attack/Dragon Rage/Sandstorm/Takedown

"Ivan" Pikachu (Male)

Thunderbolt/Thunder/Thunder Wave/Sweet Kiss

"Lyrica" Chatot (Female)

Sing/Fly/Chatter/Hyper Voice

Friends: Her pokemon, Mrs Potts (the shopkeeper who sells tea to Vivian)and Mint Paiges, Vivian's first and best friend.
Demonic Wolf Spirit chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
Name:Smoke Braginski



Hometown:Accumula Town

Appearance: A guy with black hair tied up in a pony tail under his black coy boy hat and silver eyes, wears black jeans and a black shirt and blac cowboy boots. Has a deep southern drawl.

Personality: A loner who's cold and calculating in battle.

Family: His two siblings, Gray, and X.

History:He and his siblings were raised by Prof. Juniper after their parents died.

Pokemon:Umbreon moves: Dark pulse Shadow ball dig iron tail. Arcanine moves: Extremespeed Thunder fang solarbeam flamethrower. Absol moves:flamethrower ice beam night slash psyco moves:night slash snarl fake out and crunch. Houndoom moves:flamethrower flame charge dark pulse shadow ball. and Zoroark moves: shadow ball slash snarl dark pulse.

Freinds:His pokemon.
DarkDestroyerEx2 chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
Name:Hunter Jackson


Team Representing:Canada

Personality: Friendly,Nice, Outgoing,Clumsy (Usually shocks himself)

History: Growing up. He always wanted to be a trainer but his family discouraged him so He wants to prove them wrong~He wants to be a pokemon trainer for Elecric Pokemon,

Appearance:Short Honey Blonde hair and it is spiky and reaches the middle of his neck

Hometown:Saffron City, Kanto region

Family:Older Twin Sisters they are Anna and Bella. Mom is Jackie


Ampharos-Male-Thunder Punch- Charge-

Raichu-Male-Thunderbolt-Thunder Wave-Wild Charge

Zebstrika-Female-Shock Wave- Volt Switch- Thunder Wave

Jolteon-Male-Thunder Wave- Thunder- Wild Charge

Tranquill-Female-Air Cutter- Leer-Quick Attack

Luxray-Male-Thunder Fang-Dischrage-Shock Wave

Friends:He can be friends with anybody he is really friendly!
MintCookieMonsterr chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
FWName: Deanna Cooper


Representing: Usa (Everybody is probably already representing -_-)

Personality: Hyper and cheerful. Friendly and loud.

History: She really had no friends growing up because of her personality so then she met her Azurill. Which she became friends with. She really didn't care if people judged her anymore and helped her Azurill evolve into a Azumarill.

Appearance: She has light brown straight hair that reaches her shoulders but if you get it wet it turns curly. Her eyes are pale green. She has light tanned skin.

Hometown:Saffron City, Kanto region

Family: A older brother named Dj. Mom named Margaret and Dad named Dean


Azumarill: Male- Water Jet-Waterfall-Icepunch

Servine: Female-Vine whip-Leaf tornado-Leaf Blade

Seaking: Male-fury attack-Flail- Water pulse

Beautifly: Female-Big Buzz-Whirlwind- Morning Sun

Glaceon:Male-Ice Shard-Ice Fang- Blizzard

Butterfree:Male-Tailwind- Rage Powder-Silver wind

Friends:Her Pokemon~

Haha Hope you like them
ChasingStarr chapter 2 . 10/23/2011
Here's an Oc and if you have any issues please do P.M~! And good luck in your writing by the way~!

Name: Jasmine Raine Summers

Age: 16

Team representing: United States

Personality: Jasmine is quite the quiet girl often shown to speak softly and calmly. She is slightly found to be quite the shy type of person seeing how she gets quite nervous around large groups of people and when meeting new friends. When she is around people she does know she is sweet and polite and doesn’t enjoy offending people. The only downside about Jasmine is that she shows no grace whatsoever often found to be tripping over things a lot. She also has a bad case of the scatterbrain often forgetting what she was suppose to do after she gets distracted. Not only that but because of that trait she is often found to be late for most things.

History: Jasmine seemed to grown up in Celedon City the famous town where the grass gym leader Erika resides in. When she was a kid she seemed to look up to Erika a lot and wanted to become a pokémon trainer that only specialized in grass pokémon just like Erika. And it became quite successful and hard seeing how grass pokémon are quite difficult to train at times but she grew to love her job.

Appearance: Jasmine reaches to Five Feet and Six inches, and has quite a skinny body frame. For a girl she has shoulder length dark brown hair and bright ocean blue eyes. She is quite tan and not only that when she is out in the sun for awhile she appears to have light brown freckles decorating her cheeks, forehead, and nose. She commonly is found wearing light colored clothing, much like her short light green sun dress that reaches just barley past her knees while she wears light brown flip flops. Sometimes she’ll just wear common light green tank-top and white leggings with matching flip-flops or tennis shoes.

Hometown: Celedon City, Kanto Region

Family: She has a mother (Colette) and father (Drew) who she equally loves even though they are overly protective of their klutz of a daughter. The only reason why Jasmine got to go on the journey was because she simply ran away and called them an hour later telling them she was going on a journey if they liked it or not. Eventually they gave up in bringing their daughter back home and often root for their baby girl when she is in battles.


-Joesphine-Female-Torterra: Earthquake, Rock Climb, Solar Beam, Leaf Storm

-Bella-Female-Bellossom: Gastro Acid, Grass Whistle, Petal Dance, Leaf Blade

-Arthur-Male-Galvantula: Thunder, Energy Ball, Bug Buzz, Hidden Power

-Twig-Male-Scyther: Fury Cutter, Night Slash, Steel Wing, and Air Cutter

-Carinna-Female-Beautifly: Morning Sun, Silver Wind, Psychic, and Aerial Ace

-Chives-Male-Tangela: Power Whip, Bind, Shock Wave, Ancient Power

(I can give you their personalities of each pokémon but that is if you want me to :3)

Friends: Jasmine may be shy at first but she can easily make friends with others. Her cheerful nature often helps her along the only downside of having Jasmine as a friend you will have to remind her constantly of matches or important things to do or she’ll completely forget it. Oh and watch out she trips. A lot.
MasterFreezeman chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
Ooh, OC submission story. Can't pass this up, lol

Name: Terra Ashford

Age: 16

Team representing: USA

Personality: Kind and friendly, but generally doesn't trust people right away. Earning her trust tends to be difficult.

History: Born and raised in Olivine City. At age 9, she was kidnapped by Team Galactic, who had a few agents searching for new recruits and people with potential all over the world. She was imprisoned at Galactic HQ for four years until an assault on the HQ by the Gym Leaders and two boys allowed her to escape. The Gym Leaders helped the escapees flee to Hoenn, the only region where Team Galactic had never thought to check. For the next few years, Terra went into hiding in Littleroot Town. She was eventually given a Pokemon by Professor Birch for her assistance at the lab. With her new Pokemon, she traveled the Hoenn region, catching Pokemon and seeing the sights. The trainers she battled were impressed with her abilities and recommended that she take the Pokemon League challenge, but she continually refused to do so because it would bring too much attention to her and may alert Team Galactic to her location. Despite not challenging gyms, her name became well-known in the Hoenn region. Another year had passed since she started traveling Hoenn, and her big brother, Roy, was participating in a tournament at the Indigo Plateau, so she decided the time was right to come out of hiding. In the time between she came out of hiding and now, she has earned the gym badges of the Johto, Hoenn, and Kanto regions. She placed fifth in the Hoenn League, placed fourth in the Indigo League, and won the Silver Conference.

Appearance: Stands at 5'6". Has vibrant green hair that reaches her mid back. Her eyes are deep blue. She wears a small silver bracelet on her right hand.

Clothing: Red sleeveless shirt that reaches just past her waist, denim jeans, red and white sneakers.

Hometown: Olivine City, Johto

Family: Mother (Kate), Brother (Roy).


-Sceptile (male)

Ability: Overgrow

Nature: Hasty

Moves: Detect, Leaf Blade, Focus Blast, ThunderPunch

-Milotic (female)

Ability: Marvel Scale

Nature: Modest

Moves: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Hidden Power (Grass), Mirror Coat

-Absol (male)

Ability: Pressure

Nature: Brave

Moves: Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Superpower, Swords Dance


Ability: Clear Body

Nature: Hardy

Moves: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Psychic, Agility

-Ninetales (female)

Ability: Flash Fire

Nature: Mild

Moves: Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Extrasensory, SolarBeam


Ability: Levitate

Nature: Naive

Moves: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Fly.

Friends: Terra doesn't make friends very easily. It's difficult to earn her trust, but if she well and truly trusts you, then she considers you a friend.

And that should do it. PM me if you need any additional information.
XxLoveMakesTheWorldGoRoundxX chapter 1 . 10/23/2011

Name: Diamond Moon ( don't laugh real name)

Age: 13

Hometown: Hearthrome City

Personality: Extremley Sweet and Athletic, very calm in battle.'

History: Have done both contests and battle winning the sinnoh grand festival,

Apperance: 5'11, long wavy brown hair covering my right eye, hazel eyes.\

Family: Champion Dad, and Pokestylist Mom.

Pokemon: Shiny Female Milotic, Hydro Pump, Surf, Water Pulse,Ice Beam, Mirror Coat, Recover, A

Aqua Tail, Safegaurd, Dragon Pulse.

Shiny Female Espeon: Extreme Speed, Psychic, Zap Cannon, Psywave, Psybeam, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, Iron Tail, Power Gem, Nasty Plot, and Morning Sun.

ShinyGirl Leafeon: Solar Beam, Petal Dance, Leaf Stor, Magical Leaaf, Energy Ball, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, and Extreme Speed.

Siny Girl Dragonair: Iron Tail, Dragon Breath, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, Twister, Thunderbolt, Fly, Blizzard, Flamethrower;

Shiny girl Glaceon: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Iron Tail, Dig and Shadow Ball

Shiny Boy Arcanine: Fire Blast, Flamethrower , Fire Fang, Solar Beam, Extreme Speed, Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw, Overheat, and Flame Wheel.

Shiny girl Togekiss: Sky attack, Extreme Speed, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Water Pulse.

Team: 1. USA (Live right now)

2. England ( Lived for five years)

3. Australia ( Lived for six years.)

Thanks For reading.
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