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The Helpless Romantic chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
Ok, I wasnt sure if I put the OC stuff here or send it to ya PM, but either way, here is my OC stuff:

Name: Oz Farique (Far-eh-kue)

Age: 16

Team: United States of America (yes thats wehre I'm from)

Personality: He never takes anything seriously, not in a funny jokster kind of way, but like a always smiling and laughing manicaly kind of way. Still, he is an enjoyable person to be around, and is friendly. He is always speaking in rhyme and riddle, much to the annoyance of others.

History: Oz never went on an official "Pokemon Journey", rather he just traveled the world and met a lot of "funny" Pokemon and people who like him and who he made happy. His Salbeye is his dearest friend and just as crazy as him.

Appearence: Spiky white hair, underneath a white fedora with a black band. A long white dress shirt, with a black vest ontop. Light purple pants and black shoes.

Home town: Ecruteak City

Family: A twin sister who is the exact opposite of him a.k.a. very serious all the time, named Even, you can use her or not, I wouldnt care

Pokemon: Sableye(Sableye-male)-Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Zen Headbutt, Power Gem.

Ceshire(Banette-male)-Faint Attack, Will-o-wisp, Shadow Claw, Spite

Nevermore(Murkrow-male)-Ominous Wind, Mean Look, Fly, Perish Song

Snow(Froslass-female)-Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Attract, Ice Beam

Friends: I was kinda hoping that no matter how the battles turn out, Oz could become very good friends with Shay and Chris, or at least one of them.

And thats it for Oz Farique
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