Reviews for The Sunglasses
ShanghaiLily chapter 1 . 7/22/2012
This was so creative! I really love when I come across unique J/H stories that are just unexpected. The entire things reminded me of the old 70's Twilight Zone and 80's Tales From the Crypt stories. LOVE!

Agree with everything nanny said already about the curling sideburns and the eye color and the el camino/cruiser changing back and forth. Super creepy.

I had to re-read the ending a few times to figure out exactly what happened, but there was a lot going on and you managed to do it all on one shot. Wow. I'd love to see you tackle some other classic creepy TZ stories. Great job.
twentysevenseconds chapter 1 . 10/31/2011
Ooh, so spooky! Glad I read on Halloween :)

I really liked in the beginning, where you showed how much Hyde's absence affected each member of the gang. Reminded me of the "It's A Wonderful Life" episode. I'm coming from a very limited background - I know nil about the Twilight Zone - but I thought the suspense mounted wonderfully throughout. Very cool to use Hyde's sunglasses as the representation of his "essence". And culminating in that freaky, freaky... Eric and Donna trapped inside Hyde and Jackie? Whoa. I don't even... just so SPOOKY!

I liked this, Carol. Keep writing!
nannygirl chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
Oh my, this fic was soo awesome Carol! I can’t believe I waited so long to read it—darn real life! However I do have to admit I do kinda like that I waited to long to actually read it because it’s the night before Halloween and make the story even creepier than it already is, and that’s saying a lot!

Wonderful beginning—loved the narration, I could hear it just like it would be heard on The Twilight Zone!—great quick summary letting the reader know what had happened with Hyde and how it was effecting his family, found it sad to read but it made loads of sense for Jackie and Eric to be the ones who missed and were suffering the most. Oo and I LOVED the scene when Eric was cleaning out Hyde’s room. Such fantastically fabulous details about all the different products and items that Eric found, my favorite of course being of the sunglasses. When Eric put on the glasses at first I was a little confused and wondering who he was calling but when his thoughts were revealed I gasped right out loud and then I giggled at the comment about the gum stripped shirts lol. Poor Jackie though when she got the call, he pain, confusion, and anger she must have felt when she answered that call.

Oh and poor Kitty! She seemed even more shocked than I was lol. You did a great job of writing her reaction and I really loved how quick Kitty is able to realize what’s going on. Interesting how he thought the cruiser was the camino. Liked too that Kitty decided to call Jackie and let her know what’s going on.

Terrific scene over at Jackie’s house. Really liked that Jackie was ready to listen and try to help Eric out, knowing that he was taking Hyde’s death just as hard as she. And the kiss, loved how it’s Eric but in really is Hyde and Jackie has that feeling that it is Hyde, that the kiss is so much like the one they shared on Veteran’s Day. Oo! When Jackie knocked off the sunglasses and Eric became Eric again…I just LOVED that! Fantastically written just as the bit when Hyde takes over once again. And that line right before ‘Where they belonged’ Ayi.

The scene with Jackie and Kitty in the kitchen discussing what was going was really good. Like how Jackie is ready to do what she has to in order to save the memory of the ‘real’ Hyde and Kitty needing to bake a pie was something I could very much picture.

Oh gosh that scene in the basement with Eric/Hyde and Jackie…had me sitting at the edge of my seat but at te same time wanting to cower away a bit from the computer screen. That stuff got pretty scary there! With Hyde blaming Jackie for his death and all the yelling he did about how Eric was the one to save his life, something tells me this isn’t the exact same Hyde who died in the car accident maybe there’s something that messed with his head or something when he died. Hmm…either way that scene wa really intense and the way he just tells Kitty about Eric being dead, you would’ve thought that he would’ve done it in a more considerate way. I really felt bad for both Kitty and Jackie at the end of the scene. Oh and before I forget, LOVED this line : “Jackie's eyes did a double take as Eric's hair started to curl up and sideburns became less Jedi and more wicked” Awesomely creepy!

Really liked how Donna was working on a page in the year book for Hyde. Thought it was sweet and her thought about the way people think of you once your gone or dying is much more different from the way the used to see you. Good job on that. Uh-o back to the creepiness when Hyde/Eric comes into the room and tells Donna that he’s there to ‘claim’ her. Claim, did not set off any happy feelings lol And then Jackie coming into the school was a great idea, love how she’s come to warn Donna but really really loved that she is able to realize that this is not Steven: "So you'll have a place for your soul? Here's the catch, Steven? That soul would NOT want Donna! ERIC is probably scared! LET HIM GO!" Great, chilling stuff! And of course his reaction to seeing Jackie there helps support her theory.

Another great scene with Donna and Jackie talking about the situation. More of the puzzle pieces coming together, I really liked how Jackie is the one that’s figuring a lot of this stuff out and comparing the glasses to Dorothy’s ruby slipper—Genius! And really thought it was so sweet of Jackie when she talked about how she wanted Steven to rest peacefully, even if that meant him not being able to be with her.

I think that scene with Hyde and Donna in the office really showed how this wasn’t the real Hyde. Him calling Jackie names and wanting Donna so much…but at the same time has those dashes of Hyde with the slight cockiness (I know) and the consideration (inviting Donna over for dinner) Really liked that bit with the flashing blue green eyes…more chills! EEK! The part with the Cruiser turning into the El Camino, holy moly!

Also really liked getting some insight about how Red was seeing things. Good job there.

Awesomely done scene with Jackie going upstairs to confront Hyde/Eric, action packed and so very suspenseful; really liked how you wrote that scene! All those things that were said to Jackie were so hurtful but I could see why Eric would think those things and think it was Jackie’s fault that Hyde was in that accident. Really liked that once again Jackie points out that Hyde would not choose Donna *GASP!* That part with Hyde/ Eric falling to his knees in pain and then Jackie doding the same a little later and her words, “"S—te—even….stop….please…let …." She started to cough as she felt her chest constricting. "I - only-ww-w-ant t-t-o b-be w-w-it-h t-th-e r-r-r-eal y-you." Oh gosh that was so scary! I didn’t know what te heck was gonna happen next!

Liked how before the big scene we got a glimpse of what was going on downstairs and then Donna going upstairs because she could feel something telling her to go. And then that narrative! You’re doing a really splendid job on those! Chiliing words that at the same time really make you think.

And then that big scene upstairs…WOW! Just Wow! Now Donna’s morphed into Jackie and then Hyde’s words to Kitty abouthow he was the son that they preferred and how it was all kind of Biblical in a way…found that part really creepy. Really great line here: This figure of a man in front of him was not Hyde and he WASN'T Eric, either…. he wasn't a mix of the best of them…. he was a mix of the worst of them. Both of his sons were dead and it hurt more than any kind of shrapnel lodged in his bones” Line I couldn’t agree more with. Like how Jackie wants to make the year book page for her friends as a thank you sort of and then again with the eye colors changing…the image of that really does give me chills.

Some really great add ins with the obituary and the year book page. Very nicely written.

The last scene of the story was really terrific. You did a really great job at tying everything up. Glad things went back to normal and it’s very nice that both Hyde and Jackie realize what a great sacrifice it was that Donna and Eric made for them. Loved each part of the closing narrative in that final section, was wonderfully done really.

Then that last line about the prints, coming all the way from the beginning. Awesome. Very Awesome.

Carol, this was such a fabulous fic. Was hooked right from the beginning and up until the end and was written so well I could picture the whole thing and can’t even begin to tell you how many times I got the chills. All that was missing was a bowl of popcorn…now of course I know for the next time I re-read it. Again this was such an creatively, creepy, amazingly awesome story! And this is the first of TTZ series? I CAN’T wait for more! Great job on this one! Keep up the terrific work!
MistyMountainHop chapter 1 . 10/25/2011
when his stoned-out boss Leo put an ad in the paper for a midnight madness special, where all things were marked for free.

LOL Oh, boy. *All* things were free, Leo?

Eric who just aimlessly lurked around the aisles of Pricemart burdened by a push broom

Nice, characterizing image.

He took the lean green bottle of Brut aftershave and tossed it in the trash. Who'd want used cologne? Women might want used perfume, but guys? Nah. Same with the can of Barbasol Shave Cream with its red and white barbers pole design around the metal can. Who'd want that? Who'd have use for that?

Good use of specific detail.

Hyde always took solace in his shades, designed to keep the sun out and the emotions in.

I really like that characterization of his shades "to keep the emotions in".

These were the ones that had a slight blue tint on the lenses instead of the amber.

I like this detail, too.

he took the cologne and shaving cream out of the wastebasket. How did they get here? Who threw them away?

Someone's been possessed! *eek*

He didn't wear gum striped t-shirts.


"Hey, doll…It's me. I'll pick you up in fifteen minutes."

Oh, I love the premise of this story. D

From the time he walked out of the basement and came into the kitchen, Eric was wearing Steven's clothes right down to his boots.

Neat! I can imagine it. Really interesting.

"Yes. I thought it should be tidy?" Kitty nervously laughed as she balled up the pieces of paper towels.

Ooh, Kitty's scared. I like her reaction.

"I promise to keep it clean." He kissed her on the cheek

I also like that you have Hyde!Eric kissing Kitty on the cheek. That's in-character for Hyde.

"Okay, Steven…. come home for dinner?"

Wow, Kitty caught on really quick. I have to give it to her - I'm impressed.

Kitty got up and ran to the phone. She had to warn Jackie.

So cool she would do that.

brushing her hair in Marcia Brady increments


She walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek, but he brought her to him, with a confidence that was not Eric Forman

Oh, gosh! Poor Jackie! Awkward-scary.

in the process knocked the sunglasses off Eric's face.

*cue dramatic music* Awesome.

He put them back on.

Where they belonged.

*more dramatic music* I'm really enjoying this. D

When she accidentally knocked them off the man in front of her was Eric Forman, when he put them back on he was Steven Hyde.

Smart girl.

"If you'd like a snack before we leave, the maid picked up those peaches that you like."

Nice detail. Sad to think Hyde liked peaches and won't ever eat them again. (

It was not unnoticed by her that, that was the first time she had left the house to go someplace other than school since her boyfriend's funeral.

Ah. Interesting...

She needed to bake a pie... She needed to bake a pie…She needed to bake a pie!

Aww, poor Kitty.

"Do you want to make out?"

Oh, goodness. *lol* I wonder if Hyde's spirit is being influenced by Eric's personality at all.

"Accident," he did an about face and pushed her off him.



Dude, Hyde!Eric's gona whacko!

"ERIC FORMAN! HE'S MINE! AND YOU KNOW THAT, JACKIE! He put his life on the line for me, while you can only think of me as that lifeless corpse in the coffin. HE GAVE ME A BRAND NEW LIFE!"

Now that's frightening. Oh, dead!zombie!Hyde, your mind got all demented thanks to your death.

Eric's hair started to curl up and sideburns became less Jedi and more wicked.

Ooh, freaky.

A life that sees Jackie Burkhart for the man-killing soul that she is.

Oh, man!

hat SPIRIT in Eric is NOT you…. NOT in a million years is it you. I don't care if the voice sticks, that's still NOT you.

Glad Jackie recognizes that.

It amazed her how much of everything was glossed over when you were six feet under. The teachers and administration that hated him, that had self-fulfilling prophecies over his future were the first ones jump up and announce for the whole world to hear what a "good kid" he was from Coach Ferguson to Principal Pridewell. Slutty cliquey girls like Kat Peterson were the first of the student set to say, "What a sweet guy he was."

That *is* an interesting (and true-to-life) observation.

What was with the curly hair and full-out sideburns?

Eric's physical transformation is fascinating.

"Donna, Forman told me that I'm free to claim you…."

ACK! "Claim" - scary!

"Don't you see? Steven saying I caused that accident? They were Eric's thoughts. Donna, those very thoughts that were eating him up for the whole year, because he was too afraid to confront me on his real feelings and carried that rage on the inside.

Ohhh. That makes sense. D

"You're very sexy."

"I know…"

LOL Hyde's cockiness.

His eyes flashed from blue to green from green to blue like the broken traffic light on Sherman

Nice simile!

"Why would a king be content to live out the rest of his days as a prince?"

Creepy (I keep writing comments that - but it's true. And that's a good thing, considering this is a *Twilight Zone* story). D

Jackie started to hyperventilate and wound up on her knees as well...

"S—te—even….stop….please…let …." She started to cough as she felt her chest constricting. "I - only-ww-w-ant t-t-o b-be w-w-it-h t-th-e r-r-r-eal y-you."

Aww, poor Jackie! ( *even more dramatic music*

Kelso said casually once that he didn't even use his [soul]

LOL Nice reference.

"I'm Jackie now so it'll make sense for all you…."

LOL again. Oh, gosh. Red and Kitty must be beside themselves with terror.

Mr. Forman to get off the telephone. She had many phone calls to make. HER STEVEN WAS BACK! It was all that she ever wanted.

Okay, so whatever force is responsible for the Steven-Eric and Jackie-Donna exchange, it's making Kitty looney, too.

RETRACTION OF OBITUARY IN THE POINT PLACE CHRONICLE: Steven J. Hyde is alive and well and living with his foster family, Red and Kitty Forman. The Point Place Chronicle regrets the error.

Love that. Creep-a-licious.

"Good. She stopped fighting inside of me."

That image... I can see it... yikes.

One eye flashed to green and then to blue – and then back to green — he wasn't really Steven Hyde, just as she really wasn't Jackie Burkhart…they knew this.

And so did they.

So wonderfully freaky!

They were just the prints.

Gah! Love how you tied all this together with the beginning quotation from Hyde.

Carol, I'm so glad you wrote, finished, and put this story out! I was very entertained by it, intrigued until the last word. I wanted to know what would happen, and you handled all the different weirdo elements smoothly, This story is a perfect read for Halloween and a fun addition to the That '70s Show fanfic collection!
Eliza Ghost chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
Oh my god. That was trippy. You must have been on some really good film when you wrote that. Yeah, kidding.

That was just too good for a sane person to write though...and the end is one of the best lines I've read in a long time about being prints. Just...gah, that was brilliant!

Loved it!

-Eliza :)
Jeremy Shane chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
Good Story
twiniitowers chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
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