Reviews for In the Woods
TheGreenPanther chapter 41 . 3/9
Glad to see you back. Funny enough I was thinking about this story in the last week. Not even sure what prompted it. :0)
Guest chapter 41 . 3/7
Oh my gosh! An update! I'm so happy ! Thank you:)
Lore562 chapter 41 . 3/8
Omg so glad you Rr back and that bella isnt dead
sherylb chapter 41 . 3/8
OMG! I want to kill Banner!
LuckyBlueMoon13 chapter 41 . 3/8
Oh my god!? You're back and this chapter! EEEEEEK! Lol to say I was excited to see there was an up date from you would be an understatement lol I loved how you had written this one. What had happened to them and seeing that Edward remembered Bella and he worry over her was so sweet. Thank you for this! I hope you're okay and that life will calm for you if that's why you have been away. You were sincerely missed hon! So welcome back!
MK543 chapter 41 . 3/8
Thank you for returning. Love this tale. Great writing.
Paaameeelaaa chapter 41 . 3/7
Thank you so much!
It was amazing!
See ya
KaliKir chapter 41 . 3/7
Glad it's back. Thank you.
ketelhutjen chapter 41 . 3/7
Thank you for continuing the story!
Olivia Twisted chapter 41 . 3/7
Love the new chapter! I had to go back and read it all as a refresher but everything was great the second time around and I was glad this update reminded me of this awesome story.
jwatch chapter 41 . 3/7
Great story - can't wait for more!
tranquilturtle chapter 41 . 3/7
If you could have seen the look on my face when I checked my email and there was an update for the story. I prayed that it wasn't authors note telling us that you had abandoned it. I'm so happy that you kept up with it and I really enjoyed this chapter. I adore the story and can't wait to read more. Thank you thank you!
- Turtle
AMP2004 chapter 41 . 3/7
Thank you for continuing your story! It was just this weekend that I was scanning my list of unfinished ficus and hoped for more. Thanks for sensing my need ;) I'm so happy things are looking up for E&B. I'm curious about their blood mixing though...
qnbee711 chapter 41 . 3/7
still! That's awesome that he recognized her, even as the wolf. She should track down Banner at the next full moon and let Edward have at him!

I'm glad Jasper didn't kill Alice.
Luvtwismut chapter 41 . 3/7
That sneaky bastard! Glad he's in custody and Bella is safe from her man-wolf!
Thanks for the update! Missed these guys!
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