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gohjetwei chapter 19 . 9/18
Oh hey Arcy... Sorry I haven't checked up for awhile. Ahhhh another sweet update XD. Didn't read it yet, but I'll sure to give you a review after I'm done.
ultimateCCC chapter 19 . 9/18
Good night grunts!
Sigma-del-Prisium chapter 18 . 9/17
Well... The Aqua pokemon grunt army vs the champion pokemons with mega-evolutions... It's a fair fight. :D

Glad to see you update and haven't lost your writing quality.

Woohoo to the next chapter!
Lover of Pokemon chapter 19 . 9/17
I did like the way you wrote it. This was a very good chapter in my opinion.
tanithlipsky chapter 19 . 9/17
Cyrus559 chapter 19 . 9/17
I don't know about any other authors here that can describe a pokemon battle as brilliant as you, and you really outdid yourself this time
The two battles at both the bottom and the top of the building was just as thrilling as it was fun, the pokemon fought great and it seems that Team Aqua will have to fight hard if they are going to achieve anything here. But as usual, it was the tiny moment of pure fun and humor that got me, like the point where Skarmory realized that Ash actually understood what he was saying, Ash comment about "You are not going to do what you came here to do!" (I hope I can borrow that single line from you), his complainant about being twelve and not eight and of course Pikachu's many antics.

Regarding the Mega Evolution you mentioned, I think you did great and I can agree with the grunt who wasn't sure what he odds But it still remains to be seen if the sheer number of opponents will be too much for even the Mega Evolution or not... and I wonder if not the Team Aqua members on the roof will wake up with a thundering headache after this kind of firework XD

It was a clever move from Ash & co and wait to take down the grunts a few at a time instead of charging right inside at once by the way.
And as always, I am looking forward to your next update : )
Gentle Blossom chapter 19 . 9/17
This was such an awesome chapter! So much action and I loved it! And the fact that it has Steven Stone and his Pokémon is even better. I can’t wait to read about their battle; I’m sure it will be just as action-packed and amazing as Ash’s. And you do have a knack for writing action scenes really well. You did great with so many opponents. I wasn’t the least bit confused with whom was attacking whom. Kudos! Also, I like the way you described mega evolution; it seems pretty realistic to me. I can’t wait until Ash gets to use mega evolution, which I understand might not be for quite awhile but that’s okay. I can be pacient lol. Anyway, Team Aqua doesn’t know whom the heck they are messing with and they will regret ever doing so... well, thanks so much for updating. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and can’t wait for the next chapter. Btw, I think I will be PM’ing you for Pokémon go. ;)
philly cheese dude chapter 19 . 9/16
Oh wow! This was epic! And it’s just Ash’s part of the fight. Steven is about to wreck everything now. That is gonna be a seriously chaotic fight. Any chance of Ash helping him? Probably not due to him having to stay to wait for Shelly and Matt. I can’t wait for the next chapter! I’m already feeling like Hoenn is gonna be a long story due to just barely Ash getting his first badge. Unless he won one from Norman already. Where’s Brock man? Lol he got lost in everything
Dracofighter chapter 19 . 9/16
Brilliant chapter, given the amount of pokemon it was really well handled. so the battle is going well for now, but how long will that last for, hope to see the answer soon, great work
fresh prince1 chapter 19 . 9/16
nice chapter and the battles came out good.
thor94 chapter 19 . 9/16
really impressive chapter.
First big clash with team aqua.
Also steven is fuck'in powerful here.
Hope you plan giving ash mega-evolution, and like with steven have him perform a five simultaneous mega-evolution: like mega-evolve latios, charizard, sceptile, pidgeot, and another badass potential mega in future chapters at the same moment.
ShadowLDrago chapter 19 . 9/16
I've never been much for Pokemon Go. I get what it was doing, and is currently doing, I guess but, it's not my thing. I did 100% Sun and Ultra Sun's PokeDexes. Time consuming, but since I've never been able to do it before, it was SATISFYING AS HELL.

28 Water Pokemon, up against Steven Stone's team. That's either 28 to 1, which aren't great odds, or 28 to 6. Which, makes the odds for Team Aqua terrible.

Right, 28 to 5. Wait, I know that Aron. That becomes that Lairon he uses against Maxie and his Admin in Emerald and becomes a mighty Aggron! God I love Aggron. Tanky as shit.

Or just another Aron. He already has Aggron, and a shiny Metagross. And Steelix, Mawile and Skarmory.

Makes me wonder, what creates Shiny Pokemon? What quirk of nature makes them happen? Is it just a genetic "error" like albinism or heterochromia?

So, presumably all of them can Mega Evolve. Save Skarmory who can't.

I love how snarky Pikachu is always depicted as.

200 Pokemon eh? Against, 5? Eh, might be a little tough if one more trainer shows up. Maybe. Archie alone would definitely make things tougher.

Sustaining ONE Mega Evolution is pretty hard, so several at once? That's probably much harder. The sheer mental strain alone is probably very difficult. There's probably a reason WHY you're only allowed one Mega Evolution per battle.

Mega Evolution is STUPID good. Look at Mewtwo, both of his evolutions are to die for. Both make him go from "Amazing" to "Oh holy fuck, this is awesome".

He'd only use one Mega per battle if the Aquas were playing by the rules. They're not, so what reason does HE have to play by the rules.

Steel-types are stupid tanky. Which you would know if you studied the type chart and didn't stick to a single type.

Oh, it's cute how you have no idea how outmatched you are.

I know being mistaken for younger is annoying now, but you'll get to enjoy it (probably) eventually.

Skarmory showing why a Champion's Pokemon is not to be trifled with.

Hey, numerical order just makes it longer to best these guys.

Skarmory's kinda terrifying when you think about it. It's a bird, made of metal, with SWORD WINGS. If one felt like it, it could probably turn a human into basically filet. Granted, I doubt most would since it'd probably cause more problems than it'd solve. Better for the wild ones to just go for a traditional Pokemon battle, save the trouble of having to deal with potentially revenge interested Pokemon who are much less inclined to NOT use lethal force. I ramble a lot.

Gotta admire Skarmory's pragmatism. There's no sense in pointlessly holding back and potentially making things worse.

I love Pikachu's energy in this. He usually has a very dry wit in these sorts of stories but, I love seeing his energy, he's enjoying this. He enjoys the challenge. It's fitting for a (presumably) fairly young Electric type. Then again, we don't know how old Pikachu is or how old Pikachu live in general, but considering his speed and energy, probably in the prime of his life.

Electricity can be NASTY. But in response to your comments about fairness, you tried to gang up on them, did you honestly expect Ash to take that in stride and NOT retaliate?

See, the thing with Skarmory is, his typing grants him a LOT of resistances and a couple immunities. Immunity to Poison is just the top of the list. Plus, you know, physical defense through the roof, to be expected of a Steel type. That helps.

Man, Sky Attack is SWEET.

Oh wow, a grunt has a Walrein? That took TIME. And another has a Crobat, very nice, very nice. Kudos to him, must not have been easy, but it was no doubt worth it. (Crobats are STUPID fast.)

Yeah, lessons number 1 about underestimating Psychic types: Don't. It never ends well.

I like the idea of Mega Evolution being something that you need to actively focus on, it's not something you can do willy nilly, so doing it on mutiple Mons at once? Even if you have a very strong bond with them, that's no easy feat. Which, is to be expected of Steven Goddamn Stone, Ex Champion of Hoenn.
Impstar chapter 19 . 9/16
This was a pretty cool chapter. I liked the Mega Evolution, and your fight scenes are good as well.

Still, I'd urge against having two chapters of pure fight scenes; it begins to get fatiguing for the reader. There's only so much swooping and countering and attacking you can really put together before it begins to blend together.
PhenioxMaster chapter 19 . 9/16
Wow this is such a great Traveler Updates and now A FUCKING MIRACLE
Aren serathy chapter 19 . 9/16
Well this has been a great September for me.
As for the chapter I feel the large scale battles kind of make the smaller things loose impact.
Aside from the twins pulling an Obi-wan kenobi styled “hello there” at the end, along with Stevens team being the top of the totem pole and knowing it, that’s hilarious.

Parting gift that I forgot to give during the gym battle chapters.
“Nosepass? Oh nose!” (K.I.L.L.M.E)
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