Reviews for To Destroy
Lillywhite1 chapter 52 . 7/21
I really would appreciate to read more. Thank you for writing this wonderfull story!
Lillywhite1 chapter 32 . 7/20
I would have voted for you! But i just found your story, and have a lot to catch up on reading to do. I really hope, that you will finish the story... I like it very much.
cappcat chapter 52 . 7/15
Oh My Fucking God. How could you? Nearly 5k reviews and you're ' not feeling it '
Just wrap the thing up already. It's ridiculous to leave people hanging. You wrote 52 chapters and then just abandon it?
I hope you dont expect your reviewers to purchase your published works. Would you have even written them had you not started with ff?
I am so angry. This was great and the writing is very good and i WANT the rest. Shame on you.
Edwardspassion chapter 52 . 7/3
Love your story! Funny,great characterization, wonderful flow. Please keep writing! Ignore the negative comments and remember many of us appreciate in silence.
sharkjumper chapter 52 . 6/13
YJ22 chapter 52 . 6/9
I'm glad Bella isn't going to let gossip effect her friendship with Edward. Looking forward to the update!
bella0609 chapter 52 . 6/8
bella0609 chapter 51 . 6/8
One more chapter left... Sad
bella0609 chapter 50 . 6/8
Loved the chapter :) Esme is great!
bella0609 chapter 49 . 6/8
Obviously, Esme doesn't get along with her mother in law - hehe!
bella0609 chapter 48 . 6/7
Something tells me Edward and Jasper wouldn't steer her wrong... the pie is a good idea!
bella0609 chapter 47 . 6/7
I love it how they called Esme's visit, an ambush!
bella0609 chapter 46 . 6/7
Too cute :) Love their banter!
bella0609 chapter 45 . 6/7
Don't summarize...! I'll be patient as long as you finish. A story needs to be a story, right?
Nicoconsd chapter 52 . 5/30
I have really loved this story! brings back so many fun memories of my first office job. Rally looking forward to more :)
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