Reviews for To Destroy
Kindofevil chapter 52 . 9/30
Woohoo! Feels like they are turning the corner. Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see what happens next.
NPattz chapter 52 . 9/30
Thank you.
bdubs chapter 52 . 9/30
Yay! I'm always so excited to see this update :) thanks for sticking with the story even though you've got other priorities. Congrats on your book!
Taylor9901 chapter 52 . 9/30
I love it
FilipaGouveia chapter 52 . 9/30
loved the last part of jaspers and bella's conversation.

NeeNee246 chapter 52 . 9/30
I have missed this so much! I love that Bella didn't hide and that she is standing up for her friendship with Mr. Cullen-Edward! ;) This is really great and I can't wait for more! :)
Congrats on the new release! :D
Mom23xx chapter 52 . 9/30
Congratulations! Thanks for the update.
debslmac chapter 52 . 9/30
m0t0b33 chapter 52 . 9/30
yaaayy update :D
eliza41 chapter 52 . 9/30
Stay strong bella.
flyrbrd chapter 52 . 9/30
LaPumuckl chapter 52 . 9/30
I'm sorry you need to excuse once again why you were updating "late" again, sometimes people tend to forget it's not a right to read stories for free here, but a privilege:(
Of course I'd love to get scheduled updates from you as well, because I love this story. But I'm able to read and understand an A/N on the first try, and you did explain why this isn't on a schedule anymore... congratulations to your new published story by the way;)

Back to this one...
poor Bella, having to over hear that gossip, on a bathroom break nonetheless, must be frustrating. I'm glad she didn't hide from it though and even more she won't stop seeing Edward because of it
FinnMac chapter 52 . 9/30
Bella needs to grow a thicker skin. Thanks for the update.
Zitta1992 chapter 52 . 9/30
Thanks for the update!
cullenmeadow chapter 52 . 9/30
Perhaps if everyone's going to be gossiping they should be more than friends LOL! Thanks for update :)
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