Reviews for Blithe Ignorance
mgaa chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
for me it's just perfect for otogi still sucks though that they couldn't live together happily...thank you for's one of my favorite series
cally777 chapter 1 . 5/28/2012
Well I'm just happy to have finally found an Otogi Zoshi fic, as I watched the Heian anime series and loved it. Hikaru is such a wonderful heroine.

That said, this kind of meditational fic isn't really my thing, but its written in a simple intense style, which holds up quite well. However I agree with the other reviewer that perhaps there's too much recounting of the plot when what is needed is more of Mansairaku's feelings.

I suppose how you interpret those is very debatable considering he's (literally) playing a part for much of the time. But the actor perhaps needs to feel the emotions of the character he portrays. I find the way you show them here to be quite convincing, that if cares about anyone its Hikaru. Also the view it gives of her feelings: her determination, her empathy, her willingness to sacrifice herself and her love rings true.

I would like though if someone would write a fic which uses her companions in a new tale or side-plot, maybe around the time they recover the magatama of water and are all together. I would maybe write one myself if I thought many would read it.
Lady Rurouni chapter 1 . 10/28/2011
I didn't read the manga, only watched the anime, which was infuriating in how little it approaches the issue of conflictual romance between Hikaru and Mansairaku.

On the other hand, there is an idea that Mansairaku has been so numbed by his years of immortality earthly issues such as romance is no longer relevant to him.

Therefore, I don't think I can or will say much on your depiction of Mansairaku, who seems to harbour romantic thoughts of Hikaru even through his immortal time, OOC as you claim your characterisation of the man may be.

What I can safely comment on is your writing skill.

Your piece of writing is pretty coherent. I can see the flow of ideas.

Your attempt at characterisation might have a stronger effect if you adopt a less expository approach - simply retelling the chain of events. Penetrating straight into the psyche of the character would make a stronger impression, especially since you're using the first person.

For instance, you wrote:

'Just when I thought that her brother, Raikou had pursued the path I made to obtain the magatama, I didn't expect that the Raikou that was on the quest was none other than his younger sister, Hikaru. Her petite body slyly concealed by his brother clothes, her moves were almost masculine. Imposing herself as her brother, Hikaru dismissed most of her feminine attributes.'

I would rather have:

'She shocked me - her sly concealment of her petite body beneath her brother's clothes, her moves almost masculine. It was she on the path I made to obtain the magatama, not her brother Raikou.'
midnightblue08 chapter 1 . 10/26/2011
waaahh this is not lame! i love it hope u could infuse a lot more romance next time you write a story about hikaru and mansairaku