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IgorTheMad chapter 60 . 4/3
Alright, so it's 3:00 in the the AM, and I've spent the last few hours reading your entire story. I must say, bravo my good man; very well done. You have earned yourself a dedicated reader and reviewer. I look forward to reading your next update.

The Review God shall receive his reviews.
Guest chapter 60 . 3/12
Please please please update!
George1997x chapter 60 . 3/4
I'm glad your back :) and I enjoyed that chapter keep writing :) your story entertains so many people I really enjoy this story :)
stormscorpion chapter 60 . 3/1
I just like to I love this story and sh*ts going to hit the fan in the next chapter. :D
amerdism chapter 1 . 2/26
hope to see more soon
Explorator chapter 60 . 2/16
In my hunt for technology I can across a data slate that held this story in it, and thinking it was technology that could further worship the machine I opened it up. When the neural processors of my brain analyzed what I was looking at the only response was, 'what am I looking at?' And then you referenced the machine gods bane, why, just why. And I thought serving on a rogue trader vessel with a rogue trader who is the conductor of the crazy train, a heretical pilot, a xenophile nobel, a snarky Eldar, a 16 year old child Eldar female, and an Ork was confusing. If I want a good laugh I will keep this on a tab bit other than that, where am I what am I doing here? At least it was not as bad as what my first responses thought, now if you excuse me I need to fix my utility mechadendrite for the data harmed the machine sprit in it.
lukauros2 chapter 60 . 2/6
Great story!May the Emperor bless you with a hundred more chapters and 2000 more reviews.
Ezra chapter 60 . 1/28
Putting a Malal follower beside Xelus would be pretty interesting... Or even a Grey Knight!
Silvamorte chapter 60 . 1/21
Now I remember what I've been missing, please post more!
Zero612 chapter 60 . 1/19
I found out about this story just yesterday. I've been reading for..6 hours now?

Yep, about 6 hours I've spent reading this fic from start to finish. In that time I've contracted diabetes about 5 times, laughed nearly 120 times, and have decided this is getting followed right NAO!
Ubermarine chapter 1 . 1/18
lol you somehow made warhammer40k funny
some random dude chapter 3 . 1/15
just pointing this out tau aren't yellow their armor is
some random dude chapter 1 . 1/15
this is very funny especialy if you know that orks are alway and i mean aways fighting even iff they don't have other races to fight they fight the other ork tribes
FBSnightstalker chapter 60 . 1/7
GAH was waiting to leave a review on the latest chapter but agh feeling a little prickle near the bottom of my eye with Talis line "Your my present"
Saxonk chapter 60 . 1/5
Took a while but another great chapter by the way your Wrighting skills have defiantly improved from Chapter one.
This is probably my favourite fanfic so keep
Up with the good work!
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