Reviews for If At First
3DPhantom chapter 1 . 9/8/2016
This makes me so furious (in a good way). I mean, God-damn it! It never occurred to me that others should feel bad for blaming me for doing things I can't help but do! I mean, I've got problems! Serious ones! What problems do those judgmental people have? Is thew wittle stomach feewing a wittle queasy towday? Is thew job too hawd fow them? Poor babies! I mean, GOD, how many times have I seriously hurt myself, and unlike Kid purposefully distracted myself with physical pain, in the name of "bettering myself"?! Jeez, but I know on the inside that even though I'd like to just scream "fuck you!" At everyone who judges me, I know I'll be right back to trying to change myself by the end of the week. It's like a new year's resolution; you struggle for it, but in the end, it's never fulfilled. Damn it all. .

Great story though. Loved it!
Sand-wolf579 chapter 1 . 7/6/2016
You wrote Kid in a way that I can relate to very much. He behaves and thinks differently than other people, which can be difficult for others to understand, which just causes him to be frustrated with himself. I'm so glad that he has Liz and Patty around. They understand him. Maybe not perfectly, and certainly not all the time, but they do understand him better than anybody else does. I really love the dynamic between the three of them, and while I will tolerate a romantic relationship, I do prefer the none romance types of stories, which you wrote very well. Well done.
DoctorAsh42 chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
Wow, that was amazing! At the risk of sounding like a mushy cliche machine, this story really got me right in the heart. I even nearly (not quite, but nearly) had a tear in my eye. It wasn't an all out tear-fest drama of course, it had some humorous moments as well and the more sentimental moments weren't overly dramatic. But that's what made this one-shot so great. You addressed the more serious side of Kid's OCD but you did it with care and sensitivity, while at the same time you managed to add some lighter moments in order to prevent the story from being bogged down. Speaking of which, I liked the topics kid was trying to distract himself, most of which actually started me thinking about them. I wonder whether those guillotines are really just for show?

The idea of Kid trying to simply sit and meditate without giving in to his urges is a concept that is both simple and unbearably difficult. It gives us a brilliant insight into Kid's mind as we go on a journey through his emotions: determination, embarrasment, sorrow, regret and disappointment. I honestly felt anxious as Kid sat, trying to hold out for another half an hour, desperately trying to prove something to himself as well as his friends. The motivation for his actions adds an extra emotional punch to the story, he's trying to better himsef for the benefit of his friends. I think that's something that we can all relate too.

But of course the best part of the story for me was the exploration of Liz's emotions, as well as their mutual display of remorse and forgiveness of one another. That's what friendship is about after all: We don't expect each other to be perfect, rather we accpet and love our friends in spite of or even because of their shortcommings and oddities. That's why I'm glad you didn't include any pairings or hints of romantic interest in this story. Sometimes people forget that friendship can create a very strong bond between people and that we can be motivated by these relationships of platonic love just as much as by those of romantic love. Kid may be a boy and Liz may be a girl, but it's their firendship that was the motivating factor behind kids actions which is something very special indeed.

Congratulations on a beautiful little story that was both simple AND complex.
happyhusky chapter 1 . 10/31/2011
i liked it! cute cute :3
kat chapter 1 . 10/28/2011
aawww so cute

i love it xD

yeah ! do more of this that was really sweet :3
Technician123 chapter 1 . 10/28/2011
Another well written story by Fantomodrako.

I enjoyed it immensely.

You have a great understanding of storytelling.

Keep up the great work.

Heading step by step towards that original bestseller.