Reviews for All Through The Night
Akumaide chapter 1 . 3/7/2012
Hmhmhm. I liked it. The style, what with the short moments and quick scene-changes, gave me mixed feelings. It gave the fic a special feel to it, that I liked very much, and also your writing style in general felt very comfortable to read. On the other hand, the fact that not each scene could be given very much text, sone thongs were confusing, and a bit too unclear. I'm not saying unclear is prohibited, just that some details felt TOO obscure. Also there was a typo which made me quite confused. You wrote creting, and I'm not sure if you meant cretin or cretins, and that made quite a difference in the context you used it.

Otherwise, I really liked the story, plot and writing both. I would have liked readin git in a long multichapter story :)
TooLazyToMakeAnAccount chapter 1 . 1/27/2012
By Gods, I can't believe this didn't get any reviews at all.

I really liked it. Although incest isn't my cup of tea, you somehow made it work. So, kudos to you :)