Reviews for Truths and Dares
crazyone256 chapter 9 . 11/4/2011
Karenkook chapter 8 . 11/4/2011
Karenkook: Before we start, I'll tell you who I've chosen my OC to kiss... Rose will kiss Skipper, Lea will kiss Private, and Sal will kiss... Um... Er...

Sal: Don't have one for me, do you? _

Karenkook: Got it! He will kiss Princess Bubblegum.

Rose, Sal, and Lea: Fine.

Rose: Who will you kiss then?

Karenkook: No one. I CAN'T BE HOLD DOWN! :3333

Sal: *whispering to Fey* She'll kiss Rico.

Lea: Onto the dares before she figures out what you said!

Private - Watch Paranormal 3

Skipper - Here's a tape of the natural wonders of your body. I haven't seen it, so I don't know what's in it, but you will soon.

Kowalski - Marry Jessie for the chapter.

Rico - Here's cake for you. Now blow up whatever you want! XD

Everyone else - Dance party!
crazyone256 chapter 8 . 11/4/2011
Co-*Blush* :3

Erik-*Smriks at Idea*

Co-*Looks at Erik* What are you thinking?



Erik-*Pushes them into closet*

*A hour later*

Erik-You can come out.

Co-*Bushing like mad*

Everyone-I give you all cookies for now. I need to...

Erik-*Pushes Co and Kaito back into Closet* One more hour. They silences was nice.*

TheWazzupPeople chapter 8 . 11/4/2011
(ignore the other review... I sent it by accident!)


Wp- joy -.-

Alex- *smiles*

Marlene- oh not her...

Alex- I'm gonna let you pick who I *shudder* kiss...

Wp- but I'm pretty sure you'll know it should be _

Alex- *glares at wp*


Alex- act like skipper

Skipper- act like Alex...

And fight with each other!

Kowlaski- pick one girl who you like the most in this story and go on a mini vacation with her...

Skipper- slap julien 100 times... Then hug a hippie xDD

Private- stand there and look cute _
TheWazzupPeople chapter 7 . 11/4/2011
NOOOOOOO! don't bring me out
TheBlueWolf888 chapter 7 . 11/4/2011
I've been in my lab for a few days and now I have someone here who wants to join the TaD party!

Monster Raptor (grinning slyly): Hello, everybody.

Kowalski: What? But how? This can not be possible! I am the Monster Raptor! Science -

Me: Science helped me create him! While you were the Monster Raptor some chapters ago, I plucked out a feather of yours, experimented on it, restored its molecular structure, did some cloning and tada! Instant Monster Raptor! Don't worry, he's a good guy now. If you give him fresh meat every once in a while. He still has his sadistic side though. And he tends to be the dark and mysterious kind.

Monster Raptor: He created me, therefore I shall be loyal to him for the rest of my life!

Me: That's my good, slightly sadistic OC! (feeds Monster Raptor with a piece of meat) Okay, time for the dares.

Skipper - I decided to give you a break. I have a mission for you. Assist me in beating up every hipppie in Denmark. And they won't remember a thing 'cause I have Kowalski's amnesia spray!

Kowalski - Battle with the Monster Raptor! If you win, I'll give ya a plasma laser gun-thingy and you can have a date with Doris the dolphin. You lose, you go to the dentist and have a slap fight with Doris the dolphin.

Private - Here's a bowl of barbecue-flavored popcorn with extra hot sauce. Watch the movie PIRANHA! (It blemished my mind pretty badly when I saw it)

Rico - Go on a date with my OC Flyff from Team Alpha. She's a swallow that's navy blue on top and white on her underside and has cerulean blue eyes. Oh yeah, she likes to zip around, do somersaults while flying and extreme action!

Julien - Yep, I still hate you. I want you to collect boogers from 10 foosas and eat them! And you won't die because you were born to be tortured by yours truly! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Maurice - Come with me to a PoM toy factory and we'll destroy every Julien toy we see!

Mort - You get the feet of the Julien toys Maurice and I shall destroy. And kick the real Julien's butt really hard while wearing this steel-tipped shoe on your foot. (Don't worry, it's light enough for you to walk around in)

Marlene - Go to a fun fair with Skipper. And here's a pill I created so that you won't go feral.

Fey - Go on a date with the Monster Raptor! (He's the suave kind)

Those who I haven't mentioned - You are invited to a all-expense-paid trip to Venice, Italy with yours truly. Let's eat pizza and pasta!
GoldenWheel chapter 2 . 11/1/2011
Heh, more dares...BTW... Please Update soon!

Candy: O-o

Gold: What?

Candy: Oh, nothing... zoned out xD

Gold: Okie Dokie then...

Skipper- eat- wait! no, Swallow a spider WHOLE! It's gotta be a Tarantula

Private- Eat moldy ice cream 2 years expired! If you must, vomit on Julien...

Julien- I hate you... let Candy beat you up...

Mort and Rico- Eat "Snail Po" (It's on Spongebob, he tasted it, and *shivers* ewww, just, it's terrible)

Kowalski- Who do you like better, and if you had to, date?: Jessie, Fey, Candy, Marlene, or Cc?

Blowhole- Hug Candy like it's the last time you'll see her... For a whole Chapter xD

Candy: I told her to say that :)

Gold: Yeah, have fun... :\

Candy- Beat Skipper up! xD

Candy: Like i said before... Don't expect to win! xD

Gold: Well, that is obvious... You're a black belt in Karate, A top Agent, and a warrior... Skipper only trains a little every morning...doing idk what...

Candy: Skipper has no chance xD

Gold: O-o


Candy: COME AT ME BRO!*evil grin*

~Candy Signing out
musicluver99.8 chapter 7 . 11/1/2011
ml99.8 is cowering in a corner

Bob: ml99.8?

Jakie: hellooooo?

ml99.8: scarrrrrrryyyy

Bob: are you still mad about that?

ml99.8: well durr

Bob: ml99.8 is currently failing two classes and has what five days before she's done?

ml99.8: can't... phail...

Bob: alrighty I know how to get your mind off of that TORTURE THESE PEOPLE!

ml99.8: mind too occupied to torture

Bob: com'on its easy just dare skipper to sing the pony vs pony song

ml99.8: okay Skipper sing the pony vs pony main theme song with Private... AGH TOO MUCH STRESS TO THINK OF BAD THINGS! SKIPPER YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT YOUZ ARE A FISHY! Julien eat cake, Kowalski do my science homework, Fey now that your finished being jinxed you get to... erm... EAT SKITTLES TASTE THE RAINBOW!

Bob: really? this has to be bad not enough evil thoughts soo AHA BRILLIANT IDEA! heyyyyy Skkkiiiiipppppppyyyy

ml99.8: you wouldn't dare...

Bob: you know I would. anyways although ml99.8 is a triple agent she doesn't have a boss yet

ml99.8 tackles Bob

Karenkook chapter 7 . 10/31/2011
Karenkook: *facepalms* I can't believe I forgot!

Lea: Forgot what?

Karenkook: Sal can be here now!

Rose: Oh yeah...

Karenkook: Sal!

*a black an white ring-tailed lemur appears. He has a white lightning shaped birthmark on his chest*

Sal: Finally! I've been waiting for you guys to remember me. :(

Rose, Lea, and Karenkook: Sorry.

Lea: You can do the dares for us.

Sal: Hmmm.. I'll do one. Kowalski, you really need some fun. So... You shall help me prank my "king". *They leave to lemur habitat*

Karenkook: I shall do the rest.

Rico - Say buttons every ten minutes

Skipper - Watch the Lunacorn series with Private

Private - Here's some cake

Marlene - Paint Julien green

Maurice - drink rotten milk

Mort - The penguins will help you get rid of your feet obsession, again.

*Sal and Kowalski walk back in*

Sal: Sup peoples. :)

Rose: What did you guys do?

Sal: You'll see... _ Hey, Julien, there's a smoothie for you back in your habitat.

*Julien leaves and then we hear a girlish scream, followed by an explosion*

Lea: What did you do?

Sal: That is for me and Kowalski to know, and for you to never find out.
Xeroxas chapter 7 . 10/31/2011
Skipper and joey- That was fun... Exausting, but fun. Since I AM 2-0... Both of you, stand still...(pulls out a sheet of paper) PAPERCUT FATALITY!

Private- I swear, this is the last time but, Here's a lunacorn and a sack full of rocks. Just do it, child. Do it.

Captain Cynthia chapter 7 . 10/31/2011
CC: well you've made Jessie happy...

Jess: *squeals* I get to marry kowlaski!

CC: yes, but only for a chapter...

Jess: aw...

CC: anyway, here are some dares:

Skipper: we all know how much you like needles. *checks calendar* well it's time you had your injection!

Jessie: read nursery rhymes to Kowalski in a babyish voice!

Kowalski: act like a baby while Jessie does this

Private: soon you will explode from movie Nightmare on Elm Street, then stare at a picture of Voldemort for 5 hours...

Rico: watch the movie "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" IT'S INCREDIBLY STUPID!

Thats all folks!
GoldenWheel chapter 7 . 10/31/2011
Luv it!

I also luv giving the people torture!

Skipper, Private, Kowalski, Rico- Act like cheerleaders for Candy! xDD


Gold: D:

Candy- Heh, to lower your anger, sing Wretches and Kings (chorus only) by: Linkin Park... LONG LIVE LINKIN PARK! :3

Skipper- hang sausages on your neck, and stand among a pack of hungry cheetahs

Blowhole- Try to impress Candy

Julien- Sing JB's famous song, Baby to Fey! xD

Fey- Shoot rubber bands at Skipper until he finally looses it...

Marlene- Do the tango with Rico

Rico- set a cookie on fire and swallow it as its on fire...

Private- no, i don't need a heart... well not for you... Eat 3 rattle snakes, and 7 cobras

Candy's Children- shave Julien and throw him in a giant bucket of slime

Blowhole(again)- Any time someone says something with the letters "a" and "e" in the same sentence, romancingly kiss Candy

Jessie and Anastasia- let Kowalski experiment on you! muahahaha!

Candy: Why doesn't anyone else dare me?

Gold: I dunno...

Candy: Well people, don't be afraid to dare me! ;D i don't bite...first time around, that is...xD jk!

~Candy signing out
Process bubblegum chapter 7 . 10/31/2011
PB: Hey the princess of bubblegum is back! I dare Kowalski to marry Anastasia.I dare Private to fly over the empire state building. I want to see the painting Anastasia made

Anastasia: It was fun to make!

PB: I dare all the Kowalski fangirls to take turns doing whatever they want to Kowalski in a small room. Kowalski must comply to everything.(the room has a camera but don't tell the girls)

Anastaia: I actually feel bad for Kowalski. Don't worry I won't do anything that will scar you. ;)

PB: Have fun fangirls! ;) I dare everyone to kiss someone of their choice.

Anastasia: Come here babe *Kisses Kowalski passionately*

PB: Umm...that's it I guess.
crazyone256 chapter 7 . 10/31/2011
Co: ...Do you hear organ music?

Gir: ...*Giggles* Big Head*

Co: Erik, he still in his old state!

*They all go down to a basement and we Erik playing the organ.*

Co: ...Erik?

Erik: *Stop's playing* You know my secret...

Co: RUN! DX *Runs away*

Erik: You will not hid for long. *Dissapears*

Co: *Panting* Why did you rated this T? That also mean's close death experience, death, blood and violence.

Kaito-*Snuggles up to* Help me. :(

Private- I dare you to eat all these lolly pops. *Hands out a bag with a 150 lolly pops*

Fey- I give you Cookies, Cake, and Pie.

Erik: *Ties to take Co*

Co: HECK NO! *Hits him on the head*

Erik: (X)_X Un-conchies

Co: Erik?

Erik: *Comes around* What happen?

Co: Your not going to kill me?

Erik: Why would I do that?


Erik: What do you mean?

Co: I will tell you later.

Kaito- *Kisses on check* Later.

Co: Bye guy's! Next time I will bring chicken!
TheBlueWolf888 chapter 6 . 10/30/2011
Zis is to be awesome! Sadism strikes again! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Can my OCs Team Alpha and Team Omega be there, just for this chapter? (They're in my story The Boy In The Battlefield)

Kowalski - So yeah me and my gf got along since you are our favorite penguin! Therefore, I shall send in ten trucks of candy for you and you will not get fat! And after that, go on an all out war with your Team Alpha against Team Omega! Winners get more candy! Losers will wear tutus for the rest of the chapter!

Skipper - Did you know in my story that Kowalski is only sixteen years old (human years)? Anyway, go to Denmark and be King Skippy the Hippie! Then for the rest of this chapter, preach about peace and how violence doesn't solve anything.

Private - Be an anti-hippie then wage war against King Skippy the Hippie! Winner will have his most wanted desire granted by yours truly. Loser will be tortured by his greatest fears. By yours truy! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rico - Go skydiving while detonating a thousand bombs in midair! Major KABOOM!

Julien - I hate you and your butt! Get your bum bitten by a rabid foosa and bathe it in mud. And you shall not die because the world enjoys your pain! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Maurice - Take the rest of the chapter off in Hawaii and leave Julien alone to do his own commands.

Mort - Here's a plane ticket to FeetLand! Have fun!

OCs who love Kowalski - Fight over this Kowalski plushie, gladiator-style!

Other OCs - Join Maurice in Hawaii then hold a dance party there for everyone! I wanna be the DJ!

I will be there for this chapter only. I want to see the brawl of Team Alpha vs. Team Omega. And it shall be raining candy! Oh yeah, ladies, Kowalski is attractive in my story so for you, he shall look like it for the rest of the chapter.
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