Reviews for Questions
Michlon chapter 1 . 10/29/2011
Ohoho,is this the guy you told me about? Woot! Get in there,girl!

We've discussed this before,GO FIRE SIGNS!WHOOT! Best Zodiac signs ever! No wonder Arabella and Damien -romantic eyes- are so dope.

I'm glad Arabella was asked about her parents.I have been thoroughly confused with who was Dad and who was

Lol,Craig getting into bestiality with his 's so crazy with the things she comes out 's excusable because she's so cute.

Awww,of course Damien and her Dad are going to kill the guy that takes her 's the little lady of the only one there...well, the only one in the household that was technically born one...

"Well in the distant future.." HAHA! If you said that to anyone you'd receive nothing but odd looks and possibly an appointment with a therapist.I agree with ,the South Park:Hell references were a nice touch.

Isolation...I could agree is the most bluntest way to tell a person they aren't alone gives someone time for their mind to wander and think up thoughts of how 'useless' they might bless anyone in that position.

No way,brown eyes are my class,there are only 2 people with brown the rest and blue and green.I'm one of those common green eyed people ...Oh how I would love Arabella's brown peepers.

Fuck,I got only sort of tagging I'm going to accept is if you and me are in my backyard and we're running after each other and tapping each other yelling "TAG!"... rejecting this tag is even harder since wants to see an interview with Ivan...fml.I hate being the killjoy and prude in events. It'd be difficult for me to write an interview on my iPod the plus side,Lewis was tagged and I like his odd characters.

There is one question I wish was on this survey,and that is; What do you do when you reach the scorpion in the middle of your lollipop?
queen of trash chapter 1 . 10/28/2011
How about a review trade dude? I review here, you review mine? :D Haha, just kidding.

I like this, I got to know more about Arabella.

14. I didn't know that she was allergic to butter :o

58. I loved how she said that she had a bigger dick than Cartman, that really made me laugh XD

74. Nice point that Arabella made about Timmy and Jimmy. You can never know what's going on in someone elses mind.

81. Arabella's fantasy - EPIC. Seriously, I think that's the best fantasy I've read in one of these memes XD She has a very vivid imagination and all XD

Uh oh, does this mean I have to do this again? :o Ollie, Davy or Sammy? XD
Mr.Dead chapter 1 . 10/27/2011
Oh well this was a pretty awesome oc meme! I loved the South Park: Hell references! Can't wait to get back to that story.

Onto the review. Arabella is quite entitled to her opinions and she seems so freaking rebelious. She's super close with her family which is also cool. She has both mature/childlike personalities. Why does it seem like im just now getting to really know her?

Damien and her father would kill a guy she liked? Wow...that is a creepy family. I've heard of over-protective dads, but not over-protective brothers. Honestly if Damien were real I'd stay away from at all times! I wouldn't even make eye contact with him, but now I know more about him so I make his character more horrifying in Hell.

Aww Arabella doesn't believe in soulmates. Arabella seems somewhat scary to me also in some strange way. You're really awesome at creating these characters. Her fantasy was pretty cool to me. TokenxArabella? Okay I guess.

Awesome I got tagged. Im gonna make one for Gregory since i'm thinking about making him another one of my permanent Ocs just like Haley. Michlon got tagged too! Cool! I wanna see her create one for Ivan!

See ya soon.