Reviews for Fear Itself
reflekshun chapter 3 . 10/29/2011
I love it! That it was Mycroft behind everything was a perfect way to wrap this story up! Thank you so much for sharing.
Lady Sichi chapter 3 . 10/29/2011
"John believes he looks rather like a hobbit playing dress-up"


Anyway, enjoyed this story I did! :) Perfect in time for halloween on Monday :)
Jodi2011 chapter 3 . 10/29/2011
I'm so pleased neither John nor Sherlock were harmed in the writing of this fic... though Mycroft will have a sore jaw for a few days :)
k8ec chapter 3 . 10/29/2011
Well done! You really didn't let up on the suspence for one moment!
mrspencil chapter 3 . 10/29/2011
I think I can safely say you have got the hang of Sherlock fics:-)

Mrs P:-)
DragonflyonBreak chapter 3 . 10/29/2011
I totally did not see that coming. It was Mycroft all along! I wish I could see John hit him. Great story! Can't wait for more from you!
Fumm95 chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
I like the general creepiness of it. It fits well for Halloween. I can't wait to see what happens next!
nomdeplume30 chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
Even better than the first chapter! This is brilliant. Really loving this.
clb123jump chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
Very atmospheric! It feels just like a horror movie.
Peregrinate chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
Poor Sherlock.
Dolphelecat chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
I don't like how the sniper just moved. It seems they've accounted, or even planned, that this could happen. Not to mention Sherlock: he must be frantic! I eagerly await part 3!
Numbah 12 chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
Oh my God, is Mycroft really the one behind all of this? If so, Sherlock is going to KILL him. If it's not Mycroft, I could also see Moriarty doing this just for the hell of it, because the Moriarty in the new show is definitely more crazy than the canon version.

That aside, I am definitely really enjoying this_ One thing I loved about series one was how John was portrayed, as the soldier he is, which you are definitely taking advantage of. You definitely have Sherlock down, too, with his quietly veiled panic and quick thinking.

Fantastic job, can't wait for the next chapter!
Ash chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
Really good can't wait for the next instalment!
Ash chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
Really good can't wait for the next instalment!
ImLostForever chapter 2 . 10/29/2011

Now that I have that off my chest... Loving the fic!
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