Reviews for Second chances
Tinkerbell love chapter 20 . 10/9
Please update this story
Guest chapter 20 . 9/26
This was an absolutely beautiful read, I loved reading it. Thank you for being such a great writer
Slytherin chapter 20 . 9/24
Hey, can I upload the story in german to whatpad?
This is a very good Story and I Would love to share them with others.
DustieDaven chapter 13 . 8/2
I am confused. What happened with Bellatrix and her evil compatriots
Shetan20 chapter 1 . 6/5
Thanks for an enjoyable chapter.
Busymom75 chapter 9 . 5/16
I have just realised that so far, there has been no mention of what has happened to the Dursley family, after Harry told Tom about the abuse he suffered at their hands, other than they had been caught and placed in a dungeon?
Busymom75 chapter 4 . 5/16
Tom is not the only one who is ooc in this story. Harry is a little ooc too, in my opinion, because although I believe that he would do whatever he has to for his safety and that of his unborn child, I don't think that under normal circumstances, he would have gone to Tom, whether for help or to inform him of the impending arrival of their child. Also the Malfoy family, the Lestrange brothers, and Fenrir Greyback are greatly ooc.
Radiant Arabian Nights chapter 1 . 4/29
Admirable Work
Auriane07 chapter 20 . 11/7/2022
I love this story
Guest chapter 8 . 8/2/2022
I personally think painting a child's bedroom based on the genetellia they are born with is disgusting. No one paints a child's bedroom a different colour based on their child's skin colour.
Kate Eads chapter 1 . 7/22/2022
I must say, though TR/HP and MPREG are not my cup of tea, I am truly loving this story so far! I can’t wait to finish and see how it all wraps up. Mind you I am currently only on chapter 3, but I love the dynamic that Tom and Harry have at this juncture, as well as you keeping Hermione true to her always having Harry’s back. I hate it when I read stories where either Harry or Hermione end up hating each other, so kudos to you for sure on keeping them close and the understanding she has for Harry’s position and situation.
Icecube907 chapter 1 . 5/24/2022
Wow! Can't believe I'm reading a Voldy x Harry fanfic for the first time although I ship Harry x Hermione and Harry x Draco instead. I hope this fic doesn't disappoint me, the summary sounds interesting so I'm on for it!
Btw good job to author-chan for your hardwork ;-)
Silverdora chapter 13 . 5/24/2022
You seem to be missing a huge chunk. In this chapter, you keep making references to whatever happened, but there's not enough information to really make sense of it.
Princesscrystal1013 chapter 4 . 4/28/2022
very interesting so far glad I'm reading it
Loveless Demon chapter 8 . 4/26/2022
I honestly got this image of Tom having a copy of the picture in his robes to keep it close and mentally doing cartwheels while screaming about the gender of his heir!
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