Reviews for Second chances
seldombites chapter 19 . 9/16
I love this story.
RandomlyLucky chapter 20 . 8/30
this story is amazing!
Kagehime1998 chapter 15 . 8/27
I really love this story but this small thing is bothering me, it's mine not mines. not trying to sound rude or anything but mines isn't a word unless you're talking land mines or something.
Guest chapter 6 . 8/17
Aren't we going to talk about the fact that Voldermort could be Harry's grandfather?
(sorry for anonymous reviews. Reading on my phone and not signed in this browser)
Guest chapter 5 . 8/17
I've read this far meaning I enjoy the story. But...
Three things that seem to be missing:
-Why is there a "light" side and why are they fighting against Voldermort then? That should have been addressed
- The question of Voldermort killing Harry's parents should have been cleared
- Grammar: most of the time you said "your" should have been "you're".
catatonia3107 chapter 11 . 7/23
Guest chapter 20 . 7/4
Did Berwin ever get better eyesight?
123DandiLION chapter 1 . 7/1
I’m confused why Harry doesn’t give Snape up to be a spy of Dumble to Voldemort?
retired10 chapter 20 . 6/23
Awesome story!
Cheschire28 chapter 20 . 6/15
I loved this story! The relationship between Harry and Tom is beautiful as is their love for their child!
I hope one day you write a little side story where we see the dark lord's revenge on Umbridge and the Dursleys!
brodylopa chapter 20 . 6/3
Its a nice book you had a couple spelling mistakes but over all it was nicely done.
Bele chapter 19 . 4/26
thanks for writing !
Guest chapter 13 . 4/16
I am not sure but, it seems like some parts of chapter 13 has been deleted because while it says that Bellatrix and Narcissa are being punished for something it is never clearly written. Please have a look at it. I really confused me.
Gambito chapter 20 . 4/11
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! The emotion in this fic actually startled me and I loved it from start 'till finish. You really have the gift of writing.
mackiechandler chapter 4 . 3/29
I do love Severus' comment about Harry's meal. LOL
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