Reviews for Written in the Stars
Shyloeh Deverish-Palmer chapter 33 . 5/13/2021
Okay the amount of utter JOY I have reading this. I swear we were on some like weird vibe and the emotion and oh GOD I have so much that I wanna day but I can’t and I wish I could and imma go cry now
Hazeleyes59 chapter 33 . 5/9/2021
I've just discovered this story and devoured it in a few days. I read it when I should have been doing other things but I couldn't wait to see what happened next
I'm now going to try some of your other stories and if they're as good as this one... :)
Thank you.
Sapphire Petrova Cullen chapter 1 . 5/3/2021
This... it was FREAKIN BRILLIANT! ! This whole plot was something I've never read before and while reading the story, there wasn't a moment when it didn't amaze me. You really should publish this into a book, you are a great writer. Thank you so much for sharing this unique and awesome story with us !
briswan chapter 33 . 4/19/2021
Gosh, I think that's one of the most incredible fanfictions I've ever read in my life. I loved it. The way you built this universe, the characters, revolutions, wars, the whole system and the Alienward. PERIOD.
That's so fucking BRILLIANT! You're kind of my queen now. I postponed this reading for years, cuz I thought that this kind of story wasn't for me. I mean, an Edward alien? I couldn’t imagine this without laughing.
But now, damn god, I’m glad I was so fucking wrong.
That's absolutely my thing, especially cuz it reminds me of Star Wars in so many ways that I couldn’t explain here.
Congratulations, you’re brilliant, amazing, a genius, literally my queen. Your story should be nominated a cultural and historical monument to the Twilight fandom.
Thank you so so so so much for this story, you made me happy when no one could do the same thing for me. WITS is for sure one of my favorite stories in the whole world.
Sending lots of love.
Xxx chapter 13 . 4/3/2021
Oh lovin the story !
alli62 chapter 1 . 3/10/2021
I was voting for Awards yesterday and found this story listed in a few categories. I had never heard of it. So far I love it!
twificfan chapter 33 . 3/5/2021
Absolutely fantastic! It's so ironic that one of the last chapters includes a pandemic like we are going through now. I had to double check the dates that you wrote this to be sure that it wasn't written currently.
Thank you for sharing this story!
jenrell23 chapter 33 . 2/26/2021
A wonderful story, your imagination is amazing!
unfertilizedeggs chapter 33 . 1/19/2021
I’m honestly the absolute worst about reviewing but I just wanted you to know that since I discovered this fic, I’ve read it at least 5 times. It’s so wonderful and creative. Absolutely one of my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
addicted-to-fan-fiction8170 chapter 31 . 1/12/2021
seen this phrase so many times but never figured out what "Ad Astra Per Aspera" really means.
marianmerza chapter 33 . 1/10/2021
That was so super awesome
meggsy chapter 33 . 1/2/2021
I adore this story and always will. I find myself coming back to it over and over. Thank you for writing it
Kenyatta.harmon16 chapter 1 . 12/17/2020

Please update I need more. Don't start a Amazing Story like this if you've not going to finish it. It's torture not knowing what happens next
Flora Mile chapter 33 . 11/23/2020
Ohhh my! This is one amazing story. I was not sure what I got myself in for when I started. But it just got better and better with each chapter.

You my dear are an amazing writer. One of the best FF stories I have read in a long time.

Love this story. Please never take this down, it will be one that I shall revisit often! Thank you!
AleRockerFlorez chapter 33 . 11/4/2020
Thank you for this wonderful story
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