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carrieboohere chapter 1 . 4/15/2013
Name: Ai Diachi (Japanese for 'Summer Beauty')

Age: ( 14-16) 16

Appearance: (Detailed) She has curly black hair that goes down to her waist, with tanned skin and golden green eyes. She is very slim yet muscular, but has scars in various places that she covers with concealer. She also wears a pair of black skinny jeans with a gray sleeveless shirt with black arm warmers. The shirt has vines creeping from the corner far down.

Personality: (A Paragraph minimum) She is very caring and will help you no matter what. Ai is very shy, and can't learn to really trust something unless they prove it to her. She is nice and sweet once you get to know her, and is very protective

History before starting DWMA: ( A paragraph minimum ) Ai was abused by her step-dad, because he thought it was her fault that her mother abandoned her and her stepfather. Her father abandoned them before she was born. After her step-dad tried to rape her, Ai ran out to the streets, then was enrolled into DWMA

Weapon form: (weapons only)

Shape of Soul: A golden green soul with angelic wings that encase it from her surroundings

Theme song: 'Counting Stars' by Onerepublic, or 'Angel with a shotgun' by Cab
HELL'S KISHIN chapter 3 . 11/3/2011

For putting GYRUS in this, i cant wait for him to come in great teaser as well cant wait
The3Ryans chapter 3 . 11/2/2011
Yey! Kid is Lord Death!

My only question is how did Maka get Chrona brave enough to...yeeeeaaaah moving on.

Message me when you put up the first chapter and question me about Ace and Lela.

P.S: Forgot to mention but yeah like someone else said these are my OC's and I'm only letting you borrow them.

Can't wait for the stor
Digimon Dreamer chapter 3 . 11/1/2011
Not too surprised about Kid being the new Shinigami-sama, but woah! Maka and Crona had a son? That is awesome! I'm curious to see which teams are formed and who partners up with who!

Also, thank you for accepting my character as a part of your cast! Wonder which weapon she will get paired up with...

If you have any questions on her, just note me! Thanks!
LunarBlaze chapter 3 . 11/1/2011
Nice teaser! I'm not surprised that Kid is the new Shinigami but I wasn't expecting Maka and Crona's son. I can't wait for the first official chapter to be posted. For my OCs, if you have any questions or want to make changes to Ken and/or Mitsu then PM me. Anyways, I hope you enjoy using Ken and Mitsu in your story. Until your next update and my review, bye for now!

(PS I promise once the story starts, I'll make the reviews longer.)
Hetalianluvr chapter 3 . 11/1/2011
What! Chrona and Maka had a child! And Kidd is Lord Death now! Update soon!
LunarBlaze chapter 1 . 10/31/2011
Here's my OCs. If you want to use only one of them, I'm completely fine with that. But anyways, I hope you enjoy them.

Name: Akimitsu "Mitsu" Hiro

Age: 16

Appearance: 5'6; black, flat hair that goes down to his neck (the black starts to get lighter starting at the middle of his head); bright amber eyes; very light tanned skin; and has lean yet slightly muscled built. He wears a cameo-brown unzipped jacket with a few tears on the sides and sleeves; a black t-shirt with the words "SuRViVe oR Die" in light-gray, grafitti-like writing; white fingerless gloves; dark blue shorts, and gray running shoes.

Personality: Despite his appearance, Akimitsu is kind, calm, and protective of his friends. He has a short-temper and usually argues with those who have opposite personalities. He is a workaholic in school but is more relaxed outside of school. Mitsu has a very clear and strategic mind, rarely being distracted or blinded during an assignment. If his past comes up in a conversation, he will immediately threaten the person to move onto another one or just tell them it's none of their concern (this approach usually happens with close friends and the innocent). Mitsu is not afraid to speak up and be honest with someone. When people undermine him (especially in a fight), he loses his patience considerably and show them they should not think likely of him. He is very well-rounded in all of his school subjects and activities but he has no artistic ability and lacks a little in math.

History before starting DWMA: Akimitsu was treated as a servant to his mother and father. Because of this, he couldn't go out to make friends or get a lot of education. At the age of thirteen, his parents were thinking about abandoning since they didn't really know what he could do. Hearing this, he accidentally killed his parents will his soul wavelength. Afterwards, he packed up someof his belongings and ran away. After a year of running away, Mitsu stumbled upon Death City and became a citizen there. Before he entered the academy, he practiced using hand-to-hand combat and trying to master using his soul wavelength as a weapon as well. He became a student of DWMA a year later.

Shape of Soul: Gray with a straight face (the face is smiling a tiny bit) and has a faint dark golden yellow aura around it

Theme song: Before Everything Ends by Len Kagamine


Name: Ken Yuya

Age: 15

Appearance: 5'3"; messy dirty blonde hair; his left eye is dark green and his right eye is bright blue; tan skin; and his canine teeth are longer than the average human's. He wears a white short-sleeved shirt that has three buttons (none of the buttons match each other [the top one is red and square, the middle on is blue and round, and the bottom one is green and triangular] and he leaves the two top buttons unbuttoned) and the shoulders are a dark blue; a red bandanna; cameo cargo pants; and brown combat boots boots.

Personality: Ken is mischevous and stubborn but outgoing and adventurous. He has a bad mouth and temper. Because of his mischief and temper, he usually either pulls pranks on the students or gets into a fight. Ken cares for his friends but because of his personality it's hard to tell. Ken is straightforward and doesn't object when he's caught in a prank or fight. In a fight, his stubbornness in not giving up gets the best of him so he will not run until he wins. Despite this, if someone gets invovle with his fights or pranks, Ken will immediately stop all together. He hates school so he'll either be napping or thinking of a prank he can pull. He would rather do kishin hunting all day rather than do school.

History before starting DWMA: Ken lived a life as an orphan ever since he could remember. No one would take him either because of his personality or because of his appearance. Eventually, he got sick and tired of being rejected so he ran away from the orphanage. Along the way, he was adopted by a man named Rio when he found Ken lying on the streets with a fever. At the age of fourteen, Rio found out that Ken had Weapon blood and decided to send Ken to DWMA where he could hone his ability. Ken enrolled during the second semester that same year. Ken, despite not listening to his lectures in class, tries his hardest to stay in DWMA to repay Rio.

Weapon form: A long katana with a dark gold handle and the right side of the blade is blue and the left side is green. The sword can also be separated into to two skinnier swords, one having a blue blade and the other having a green blade.

Shape of Soul: the left side is green and the right side is blue and has a mischevous look on its face

Theme song: Counter Identity by Unison Square Garden
HELL'S KISHIN chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
chain link(GYRUS) often prefers to use his enhanced speed and strength,but chain link will use his keashin ability's by letting his chains out of his sleeves,but only two of the 6 are visible at a time. his full keashin form is similar to asura's but has iron plating instead of bandages, and each scythe becomes 3 forming claws at the end of his chains, but will only use his keashin form when pushed to the limit, one of his friends are badly injured(preferably the girl in the previous post)(he does this one and the next through a fit of rage,and through this only his closes friend can calm him down,causing him to revert back to normal),or reminded of his past,hurting him emotionally.(he did kill innocent people when he first became a keashin,but realizing what he was doing he stopped,but he is eternally haunted by the memory).no one knows about who he really is(except for lord death)or what he's done.

now i'll ask you a favor, i know using this character will change your story but please add him to your story,and if you could ask one of the other writers if Chain Link could have been some where in their characters past,please?
HELL'S KISHIN chapter 2 . 10/30/2011
name:GYRUS(he prefers to go by chain link,but does not have to be called this though)

age:15(actually 73)

appearance:short black hair,white eyes,pale skin,wears long sleeve grey hoodie rarely has off,black jeans,black gloves, grey takes of his mask which has

the three keashin eyes on it if seen with hoodie off he will have chaines making an x over his chest and an iron brace around his neck with 4 short chains coming off the back(explain later in history)

personality:quiet speaks rarely but when he does he's serious(he's like this because when he was younger he was treated like dirt,out of fear it will begin again),

protective of friends (if possible one in particular,preferably a girl),and does naught care of his own well has a difficulty trusting people(would be most trusting of the person mentioned above)

history: at a young age(3)

he was left in an ally by his mother,who told him she would be back he waited for a week but she never came back. he was found by Medusa who decided to use him for an experiment to create a new keashin, she injected a formula mixed with maka's with blood, giving him chains with scythe blades at the end. it didnt work at first,so she disposed of he woke up he had the chains and a shredded shirt,thats when the treated like dirt began the new blood in him made him age much slower then normal, he also grew the keashin eye on his forehead,thats when he began to wear the mask,and why he rarely takes it off. infuriated with Medusa, he began to get stronger by eating keashin souls,making his stronger, but unlike the previous keashin,he could control himself. he did this for 70 then made it to death city, still waiting for Medusa to return.

shape of soul:silver,with

his mask

theme song: angel of darkness

I dont expect you to use him but if you would thanks Im no good at writing stories so i hope you'll us him thanks!
FallenJade chapter 2 . 10/30/2011
oh and one more time

Relateionship Between Sulky and Roy:Those two parthered up for some reason but the thing is Sulky secretly loves Roy but He didn't know that for some reason cuz Sulky kinda acts out of character around Roy 3
FallenJade chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
Name:Sulky Saint Velvent

Age: 15

Appearance: med long hair (by the half of her body)dirty white,violet eyes,usually wears milk white sweater with dirty white skirt and short socks but now she wears a plain white tee with 1 shoulder down, short purple skirt with white lines in it and long school socks and white sreakers

Personality: soft,shy with a bit of silent,kinda calm but deadly in some cases,a very fun person,dun't got mad most of the times and very serious sometimes

History before starting DWMA: Sulky kinda lived a bad life,her father died from a car crash and her mother died from being posessed trying to kill me,but my mother catch herself and suicide protecting me from her posessed self and brother died in a it was just me and my little sis I used my teleportation to warp us someelse,that when we ending up in a desert, walking then we seen a city,when we seen,that's when we was attacked by a desert kishin,we prepared to fight then i passed out leaving my sister to off the i woked up,seen my sister in bruises,that's we when were in DWMA.

Weapon form:milk white blade with a blue handle

Shape of Soul:purple with worried eyes and smile

Theme song:Shin Megami tensei persona 3 shoji meguro - shadow
RegularBellion chapter 2 . 10/30/2011
I forget to tell u that my character has red and blue odd eyes and whiles using "Gucci Eyes(clan fighting type eyes)"his eyes becomes golden
RegularBellion chapter 1 . 10/29/2011
Name:Roy Buster

Age: 16

Appearance: blonde spiky hair like rio from draglade 2,navy blue shirt with 2 scythes goin cross n in middle is a skull with chains around it and below that the lable "The Reaper",black long cut-off unever baggie pant,black high tops,and fist wraped hands

and leg-wraped on the unever half,mp3 and med size headphones

Personality:calm(but a bit(alot violent)violent when angry) cool, kinda a perv(little bit) short-tempered, mostly silent(because of headphones)and awesomeeee(but didn't talked about...mostly)and sincere.

History before starting DWMA: Mother and Father Died when he was 7, just him and his twin brother "Cody",when he wwas 13, him and his brother gone there own ways,wondered around the woods fighting off kishin souls with his martial arts and wave-lengh,wondered a desert and then once u know he was at death city

Weapon form: (weapons only)

Shape of Soul: aqua blue with stein's stitche across the face,half-moon eyes and wringly mouth

Theme song:Tekken 6 OriginalSoundTrack - Fallen Colony Theme
Hetalianluvr chapter 1 . 10/29/2011
Name:Raven Pheonix Bloo


Appearance:Long purple hair, goes down to mid back covers one eye, black tips. Black eyes. I wear a solid black short sleeve shirt and a black and purple plaid skirt. Very very pale skin. I also sometimes wear a purple lab coat.

Personality:I am quiet but not shy. I love to read, write and draw. I'm not incredably fit but I can pull my own wait in a fight. My favorite colors are black and purple and I love lituature class, math and science class. I love to fight the bad guy but hate fighting my alies. I'm incredably smart.

History:When I was 10 my family tried to eat my soul. Pertefied that I was so weak I attended the DWMA to protect myself and those I care about. My grandparents are Dr. Stein and Medusa but only Lord Death and I know this.

Soul: My soul is purple and only shows one eye

Theme song:Unstably by Chaotica
Gunpowder Cookies chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
Name: Louisa Finnian (Nicknamed "Scout")

Age: 14

Appearance: Scout has blue eyes and ginger hair that is cut in a short, boyish haircut and worn with a brown beanie hat. She is pale skinned, but freckled. Averagely sized, her usual outfit consists of a white t-shirt, blue and white checkered shirt and worn out jeans with black fingerless gloves and classic converse. Scout's not ugly, but neither is she pretty- quite plain, in fact. Due to her personality, not-too-femenine figure and style of clothing, she's often mistaken for a boy.

Personality: As previously stated, Scout is often mistaken for a boy. She's fine with it- in fact, she rather prefers it because she feels that it lends her more freedom to express herself. And so, she takes being a tomboy to a new level, even referring to herself as male. A rather fearless character, Scout doesn't really concern herself with what people think- she's rough and boisterous, loud and proud; eats like a hog, talks complete slang and refuses to conform. Scout has a feisty spirit, and is often quite crude. However, she's a technical genius- from machinery to technology, cars to computers- you name it, she can fix it, name its parts, sabotage it. Despite this knowledge, she's not the best at school work.

History before starting DWMA: The only girl out of six children and also the youngest, Scout was orphaned at a young age and raised by her older brothers. She was fine with this and had a happy childhood. She once had a crush on a boy, but he turned her down on account of her being 'ugly', which is why she now refers to herself as a guy. Scout found out her weapon form purely by accident when wrestling with one of her brothers (luckily, nobody was injured). She decided to enrol at the DWMA with the hopes that she would not only become a death weapon, but that she would make friends along the way.

Weapon form: A golden flying disc that works pretty much like a boomerang, although it can be used to cut and slash at close quarters.

Shape of Soul: A bright yellow with freckles and a broad grin.

Theme song: Kids in Glass Houses- Give Me What I Want

Other: She owns an old motorbike that she got from a junkyard (which she argues is 'vintage'). Scout makes a small income off doing technical work for other students, ranging from fixing cars to computer hacking.

...I might come up with a male meister- when I can be bothered.
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