Reviews for Having Faith
Teobi chapter 2 . 11/3/2011
Really- don't be so hard on yourself in your A/Ns. I'm really impressed with the standard of your writing and I like your portrayal of John as the odd one out, the one who's not so comfortable with the island, the one who always wanted to make his escape and was only brought back because of tragic circumstances. I'm always impressed with writers who can put their own subtle slants on the characters and make it convincing. Also, I absolutely LOVE Scott's nickname of Fearless!

Other bits I liked-

. It was never good, John decided, when you can see the smoke from a rescue long before you reach the actual disaster zone.

. cities had long ago become mostly irrelevant to the astronaut who was used to looking at land masses as wholes.

. "This is your worst plan ever, including the one where we tried to run away on our bikes." (In response to Fearless's claim that he's going to jump out of Thunderbird One onto the roof of a burning building.)

. Fearless snapping on his goggles and then wincing because it stings :)

. "If you think I'm going to FAB that, you're crazy."

. John in the pilot's seat of TB1. *Meep!*

. His older brother gave him a grin that was a little too close to the one Gordon always got on his face before he did something incredibly stupid.

. John's ability to speak Japanese. The man's a hero.

. The fact that nobody actually called International Rescue. YIKES!

. John faceplanting into the stairs. I actually felt that- right on my chin. O.o

. The strange Geisha lady. Who is she?

Whoever she is, she's caused some mighty strange things to happen. And now you've left me wondering- which events are real, and which aren't? The little boy, the fire that no-one called them out for, and now the appearance of Lin.

. She was here. She was whole. This was their room, in their house, in Florida, and if he reached out he knew he could touch her.

Can't wait for chapter three!

t x
grnfield chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
Fantastic and highly emotional start to the story. Can't wait to read the next chapter and find out where this is going.

Great to find an author that I haven't discovered before, am going to spend this evening reading your stories now!
Teobi chapter 1 . 10/29/2011
Hey Reggie! Good to see you back with another story. I remember Half A Chance and how Scott went looking for John after the death of his wife and child and found him in that bar, drinking by himself. :'(

The description of the photo is very touching. And how realistic that Lin's last words to John would be something completely ordinary- "I love you, John Tracy, but sometimes I wish you were less of an ass." Because no-one ever knows it's going to be the last time they see someone.

This is a great first chapter, very thoughtfully written. Poor John, he's been through so much.

Looking forward to seeing where you take us with this!
JoTracy123 chapter 1 . 10/29/2011
Now this is really good. Don't knock yourseft short on it. So looking forward to see where u go with this.

Update soon xx

Lots of love and huges

Jo xxxxxx