Reviews for Before The Bloodlust Begins
Kit-Kat chapter 38 . 5/26/2014
Travel from Forks to Seattle in those days would most definitely NOT take 3 hours travel time. back in 1918 cars went about 50 times slower than they do today and that was if you had the money to even buy one. Most people still drove horse and wagon or took a train from a slightly bigger town to get there. Considering Forks wasn't even an official town at the time (became one in the 1940's) that would mean they'd have to go to Port Angeles to possibly catch the nearest train depot. But they may not have had one either, it all depends on how bit it was. And that would have only taken them as far as the town where they would catch the Ferry off of the Peninsula. Then they would have to get onto another train after that. And for most people back then it would have been about a months wages if not more to travel like that. Back then it would have taken days if not a full week to drive a car or wagon. A train may have been a full day or too as well. In fact isn't it a 4 hour trip even today? So I can definitely guarantee that it would not have taken a Model-T or Tin Lizzy 3 hours to drive that far. You would have killed both cars and others from that time by the time you reached Port A it you had tried to push them to do it ROFL.
kit-kat chapter 35 . 5/26/2014
um I hate to break it to you but proper women in those days didn't play sports and they definitely didn't have womens sports teams in fact I don't think they were even allowed. They only sports that would have been offered would have all been mens (baseball, track/cross country, american football and maybe tennis and in others but even rarer golf). It seems you REALLY need to do your research. Oh and if I'm correct they didn't have "busses" back then either. There were trains or trolleys in bigger cities like chicago but now busses...
ministripe chapter 42 . 8/28/2013
Excellent story. You brought us full circle, which I do truly love in a story. Thanks so much!
garrigan-nass chapter 42 . 4/11/2013
Well I must say that your epilogue was quite satisfying. I see you had a plan in mind all along. (Of course.) The wedding was beautifully described and very moving. And...what a surprise! Twins. It was lovely to read their descriptions and to learn that they had had good lives and were close as siblings.

I was also glad that you addressed Bella's deep feelings of loss over not having the opportunity to raise her own children. She is/was such a loving, sensitive, protective person and expectant mother; it seemed unfathomable to me that she would accept Edward's decision to let Renee and Charlie raise her babies.

It does seem as though you are setting this story up for a sequel that will involve James and Victoria. Can't believe James is STILL holding a grudge against Edward enough to go after his son. So I'm assuming that Robert will need the help of his parents against James' evil plans. I would also guess that Alice and Jasper will make their appearance in the sequel.

You've covered the basic story line of all four source texts so will the sequel branch off into something entirely new? At what point in this story did you begin to formulate an outline for the sequel?

As always, thanks so responding to my feedback. I've really enjoyed our back-and-forth conversations. You're a very talented writer.
garrigan-nass chapter 41 . 4/11/2013
Oh no. I'm not sure how I feel about this final chapter. As a mother, I am left confused at Bella's seemingly easy acceptance that she can not raise her own child. While I certainly understand that Edward's and her love was destined to be and has them both be completed as "people," they did make a baby together and to give up that experience of being a parent (especially in what seemed like a not very thoughtful or painful way) doesn't ring true for me.

While I could see the writing on the wall when Bella began to loose so much blood after giving birth, I did not think Edward would leave his daughter behind. He and Bella have gone through hell and back to be together. Surely they can see a way to have their child with them. It may be an unconventional upbringing for a human child, but these two have overcome what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles and found a way to make it work. Plus they have Carlisle to help them. Please don't tell me their daughter stays behind in Forks so she can end up with Jacob...

I'm off to read the epilogue as you promised lots of goodies.
garrigan-nass chapter 40 . 4/10/2013
Oh man. This chapter was packed with information and it seemed as though time elapsed very quickly. (At least for me.)

As I had thought, Bella accepted Edward's vampirism without hesitation. I believe her when she said she wouldn't survive losing him again. And he's doing incredibly well around her. I know the pain of her presence and the call of her blood is always at the very least uncomfortable, but his love for her and the baby is stronger than his thirst for blood.

I'm surprised Bella's parents haven't noticed her change in attitude and emotional state since Edward has returned and she and Edward are spending so much time together.

I wondered if their would be wolves in this story and now I see there will be. Jacob's transformation was particularly dramatic. I think Edward showed pretty impressive restraint around him. Carlisle is a calming presence and I do think if anyone can forge a treaty with the tribe, he can.

Oh no! Poor Bella. I predicted she'd go into labor by the end of this story, but I suppose falling and experiencing a trauma is not exactly the same. What will happen if she is bleeding? Will Carlisle have to deliver the baby? Can't imagine that the birth will play out as it did in Breaking Dawn with both Edward and Jacob assisting. Doesn't seem likely given Jacob's recent transformation and Edward's tenuous hold on his blood lust. Hmm...seems crazy to think Edward would run with her to the nearest hospital.
garrigan-nass chapter 39 . 4/9/2013
{Clapping hands! excited!}

Yes! Sweet reunion. Admittedly, I shed a few tears with this chapter. The old Edward may be dead and gone but immortal Edward has retained (or now has access to, thanks to seeing Bella) those amazing qualities that both Bella and this reader fell in love with. He loves her! I think he may love their baby. Guess we'll see how that plays out. I think he knows/accepts that he can never leave her so now they have to figure it out together. And they will. It won't be easy but they will.

As far as accepting his explanations, Bella is a pragmatic, intelligent person. She can already see/tell that this Edward is clearly changed/different. I suspect he'll show her just how much he's changed and she'll come to accept what's so. Perhaps Carlisle will also be part of the explanation she hears. Bella is so much stronger than anyone gives her credit for and her love for this man will not be derailed by his new "life." (I suspect she'll want to join him in immortality except for their child being human. Hmmm...that glitch will be an interesting piece of the story.)

As I was reading I remembered about the treaty with the Quileutes being made sometime in the 1930s, right? It will be cool to have that piece of the story fleshed out in more detail. Aren't Rosalie and Emmett also witness to that original treaty agreement?

I did love Carlisle in this chapter. I'm sure he is still incomplete about what happened to his biological child so many years ago and has great empathy for Edward. Carlisle was not in love with the child's mother but he must have some degree of regret or at least a sense of loss over abandoning any pursuit to establish some kind of connection with the child.

And I love jealous Edward. I, like Bella, believed Mike to be gay and was surprised by his thoughts about a very pregnant Bella. Jeez. Really? (I know my husband was quite attracted to me in that state but I suspect most men don't look at other mothers-to-be with any such longing.) Poor Jacob is clearly still pining, too. Something tells me he and Edward will one day meet and that that will be the start of a looong adversarial relationship.

Just a couple to go. Right now, my guess is that this story may end with Bella going into labor. (That's all I've got right now.) I'm looking forward to having my breath taken away.
garrigan-nass chapter 38 . 4/8/2013
Holy shit! What a reunion; I was on the edge of my seat!

Let's recap: he's seen her; he knows she's pregnant with his child; he recognizes that her scent is like none other he's experienced which causes him to lose control...and BELLA'S SEEN HIM. (I know other stuff happened like Bella not going through with the wedding and devastating Jacob but I'm a little distracted by the most recent events.) Will Edward quickly disappear, leaving Bella wondering if it was all a dream?

Do Carlisle and Edward entertain the idea of visiting the Swan's as they were invited? Will Bella be able to play along if they do? Can't imagine that Edward would follow through with his plan of just "seeing" Bella and going off on a new adventure. If he's looking for the meaning of his life, I think he just found it.

BTW...that's a LOT of $$$ Bella inherited. Whew. She and that baby are set for life. Edward really did take care of her in the end.
garrigan-nass chapter 37 . 4/7/2013
I'm thinking that Western Union telegram might be news about the marriage certificate which would make this new marriage null and void. Hmm...

Bella's parents are so happy (and not just a little relieved) that Bella is marrying Jacob. I do have a soft spot for Jake as he truly is a good guy and does love Bella even though he probably knows he'll be luck if she lets him have half her heart.

I wonder how much Carlisle knows of Bella's life now. Perhaps not at all but i'm just curious as to how E&B may be reunited somehow. Obviously Edward is doing well on his new diet, even resisting Garrett's "meal." Maybe there's hope that he could see Bella and not want to hurt her. I assume her blood especially will call to him but then there are his intense feelings for her that might prevent him from making a mistake.

I miss them being together.
garrigan-nass chapter 36 . 4/7/2013
I meant to ask this b/f as there has been no mention or reference: is Jake a shape-shifter/werewolf? Since there's already a supernatural element, I wondered if you'd go there.

I'm actually not surprised that Jacob is proposing or that Bella may agree. It's 1918. What choice does she have? At least she knows Jacob is a good person and will take care of her the best he can. She loves him in her way, recognizing it's a love that pales in comparison to her feelings for Edward. She's thinking of her child like a good mother.

I thrilled Edward has decided to leave the Volturi. With immortals, it's usually years b/f they make a change. Since Carlisle is in Alaska, he's at least closer to Bella. But that does mean Tanya is in the picture.

Why isn't Bella trying harder to prove her marriage was legal now that an legitimate heir is in the picture? Please say that Seagull and Monk are trying.

p.s. Loved the (incorrect) inference that Gianna made based on Carlisle's comment. Very funny.
garrigan-nass chapter 35 . 4/6/2013
I did think he was bound for Forks...wishful thinking. I forgot about the Christmas Ball pictures. So sad. That was such a happy time. Wonder why he took them when all they do is cause him pain.

So Carlisle is in Alaska with the Denali's? Maybe he will learn about or run into Bella. I mean Edward has to find out somehow that Bella is pregnant.

I knew she would be thrilled to learn about the baby. I hope her parents don't put pressure on her to give the baby up or to marry Jacob to save her reputation. Awful! Perhaps her girlfriends will support her.

And what's going on with Edward's estate? What's happening with his inheritance? I assume living with the Volturi he is taken care of and doesn't need a source of income.

Oh dear. Six chapters left until the epilogue. I seriously have no idea where this is going.
garrigan-nass chapter 34 . 4/6/2013
Hmmm...could it be Forks? That's where Bella is, and I'm pretty sure that's the place listed on the marriage certificate that may have been in the manila envelope Edward opened. But why go there when just thoughts of her bring him so much physical pain?

Loved the scene with Seagull and Monk in the house. I will miss them as I'm sure they won;t serve much purpose in the story now.

I thought Carlisle's comment about his biological child not being his real son very might say foreshadowing of another event. (Just today I gave some thought to the meaning of the title of the sequel.) Such torture yet to come for both E&B.

I'm anxious to check in on Bella.

p.s. How was the soup? I made a yummy dinner tonight, too. If you like DA, you'd also like Call the Midwife. The book is amazing as well.
garrigan-nass chapter 33 . 4/5/2013
This chapter killed me. I was sobbing when Bella was in the cemetery, and so incredibly moved by the love and support shown by Seagull and Monk. They are truly wonderful friends and decent young men.

I do understand Charlie's feelings and his motivation in this chapter. He really is a good Dad. He's gone through so much with Renee and now with his only daughter who is beyond devastated. She's on auto-pilot for the most part.

Clara has been lovely and surprisingly strong recently. I am moved by her love and devotion to her niece.

Ian took the certificate that Heidi placed in Edward's desk. Bastard. How can his father trust his smarmy son? And why is there no other record of the marriage?

Bella can't really be going back to Forks. Why do I want Edward to run into her in Chicago? Hopeless romantic I guess.
garrigan-nass chapter 32 . 4/5/2013
So much going on in this chapter. I'm honestly very surprised at Edward's transformation. I get that he considers himself a realist but his seemingly easy acceptance of his new lifestyle. As a church-going, devout young person, I would think that he might have some qualms about killing even if his victims are less-than-stellar examples of the human race. I guess I need to wrap my brain around the idea that he is "new". He's a new being, a new character who thinks and behaves differently.

Bella's reality is breaking my heart. I do think she has conceived and I wonder how her pregnancy and the baby will change this story. Because your story mirrors rather closely the source text, this revelation is a huge departure and has me considering where you will take it. Edward seems so self-absorbed and losing his connection to his humanity. He's fighting remembering his former life and his relationship with Bella. Will she be left totally alone for years until Edward figures out the meaning of his life (old and new)?

I guess the baby will mean security for Bella as it relates to her (and the baby's) inheritance from the law firm, right?

p.s. I think you're quite brave to have taken on this story. The premise, while remaining (to a point) so faithful to SM's now veers off into your own imagining of "what if?" changing the original outcome dramatically. I'm so impressed with your ability to do both as seamlessly as you have. While I miss having these two together, I am captivated by your writing and these well developed characters.
garrigan-nass chapter 31 . 4/4/2013
I'm wondering why Edward experiences such intense pain whenever any memories of Bella come back. What will this mean for him moving forward? I think he's already unhappy about Carlisle's decision to change him. I remember that there is a period where Edward does leave Carlisle out of some kind of resentment and attempts to live a traditional vampire life.

I thought vampires had impeccable memories. I know their human life is never as clear as their after-life but he's only just changed. I'd think his parents and Bella would be vivid recollections for him.

I did like how the sections went back and forth b/t E's and B's experience. Was also glad to read that Charlie is supporting his daughter. She's going to need it. (I thought there were a few clues in the last chapter that might imply Bella is pregnant.) Oh my. I predict much sadness and confusion ahead.
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