Reviews for Five rumors someone on the Destiny started
kimmy4eytj chapter 1 . 10/31/2011
OK, I'm ROFL! The images you paint with these stories are priceless. Volker and his pet camel. There has got to be a manip for that to send to Patrick along with this story. Too funny.

Camile the gourmet chef. James yodeling. And that Becker thinking of Vanessa in her suspenders and I'll bet not a shirt to cover her either. Well, he is a handsome man. I'd take him up on that thought.

Chloe thinking Eli was in Back to the Future. I'm still chuckling about that. Perfect for the movie buff in him. And Riley milking bats. OMG! I about wet myself I laughed so hard. I can see Brody's confused face walking into that conversation. What a hoot!

Great group of ficlets, good to make me laugh and lighten the day.