Reviews for Before it happened
janelvalle chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
My Heart! ;_;


It's so depressing :C

I love the way how you wrote the story

silkdreamweaver chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
Incredible. Do hope you add to this or make another one.
anon chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
I think it was great and that all of them are together, I hope we get to see more fanfics from this game there stories are so intresting and sad. I would do one for Parasoul traning her sis but I got not writing skills. But you keep up the good work
MysteryDarkness chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
First Skullgirls story ever! Very nice job on this!
Dark Spidey chapter 1 . 4/20/2012
Looks pretty interesting, especially for a start though the chapters could be a bit longer in the future. I'm glad to see someone trying their hand at a Skullgirls fanfiction as I'd had the same idea come to mind, though I wanted to wait til I got my hands on the game to do so. Knowing the full story behind everyone and their specific reasons why they did what they did was very important before I decided to up start. But this is pretty good for a first start and when your able I'd like to see where your going to go with this.
Watanuki-kun chapter 1 . 4/16/2012
Wow that was...

The most amazing first fanfic of Skullgirls I have ever read :D

I really am suprised you get everyone in character. Espesielly Peacock. You really get her so well. I'm shock in how you described her fear back when she was Patrica.

Her story was so sad but that's what makes her an amazing character then the rest of the Skullgirls. Well, she and Carol too.

I hope for more Skullgirls fanfics. I'll keep observing you from now on~

Keep on your great job
Itanu chapter 1 . 11/30/2011

Finally, here is my review. Things were busy on and around Thanksgiving day; thank you very much for your patience.

First off, I want to say, your spelling and grammar is very good. There do seem to be some missing spaces and symbols, such as in the second line down from the Title Heading. Some of the quotes are uncapitalized at the starting letter, as well, like when Cerebella denies having said anything. However, all of them are only minor typos. Like I said earlier, though, most of it is really good.

Now, as for the subject matter, this is a very well-done piece; a nicely-composed dip into Peacock's thoughts and feelings. I imagine this as being how things might have gone on, prior to her being rescued by the ASG-Labs. Poor little girl.

Your narrative method is great for this sort of fic, too. It's not as deeply descriptive as a longer, perhaps more adventurous fic might be; that's good, since that kind of elucidation would detract from a oneshot of this nature. At the same time, though, the scene carries in fluid, non-rushed manner. Well-done!

I must also compliment you on another thing: everybody's in-character. I'm very thankful for that; I disdain OOC-ness in fanfiction.

And not only did you keep them in character, Glampyra; you've NAILED them. All of them. Of course, the game isn't actually out yet, so resources are still relatively limited; however, each of these characters acts in-sync with their official profiles on the site, and what we know so far from their character trailers.

Peacock herself, of course, is the best example here. One can't help but think that she still has a heart, a soul, a mind, somewhere deep down. You were able to capture that, and show it, while still keeping her... well, Peacock. I've sat here about five minutes or more, and can't think of any few words to describe her with. Believe me, though; you got her.

On a side note, I like how you inserted a couple of little like/dislike factoids from her profile, too; it's a cherry-topping to an already-great cake.

In conclusion, Great job! And thank God it is so; this is the first Skullgirls fic here on (I intend to submit my own at some point or another), and you've done right by it.

Until next time, Glampyra!

Signed with Humility,

Itanu the Author.