Reviews for Veela heart
Ame's world chapter 13 . 2/14/2021
Such a wonderful fanfic !
Thanks a lot
Ashlalee chapter 1 . 1/26/2021
This is a wonderful story..
eeveejacob chapter 13 . 11/23/2020
eeveejacob chapter 5 . 11/23/2020
I'm enjoying the story. Yes, it's fast but it's also reasonable to believe that instincts would cause everything to be smoother. I mean, IMO, being a creature is supposed to have its own instincts and those would be not so rationalizing as humans usually have, due to our suppression of them into society moulds. Anyway, just to point out, it's Occlumency, not "ocullamency". (Also, I believe there's a difference between aught and ought, isn't there? Like that "I know aught about it" meaning you know nothing/everything/all and ought would mean "should", ain't it?) There are some misspelling sometimes and I understand and know it can happen, but Occlumency really irks me and I've seen it written like that in some of your other stories so, yeah, just a heads up.
Anyway, thanks!
sunlightstars chapter 13 . 10/12/2020
I beyond loved this story. It was truly beautiful!
Steve-Arkarian chapter 12 . 9/13/2020
So you never said what happened with Narcissa.
Mushishixxxholic chapter 13 . 7/9/2020
Great story
Bb34 chapter 13 . 5/18/2020
Bb34 chapter 3 . 5/18/2020
Chill Hermione
Astuckwriter chapter 13 . 5/3/2020
One truly amazing book. And an amazing read.
DxInsider chapter 13 . 3/23/2020
FrozenSneak120 chapter 13 . 3/12/2020
That was so wholesome I loved it :DDDD
Guest chapter 13 . 2/8/2020
Ella chapter 3 . 1/24/2020
Great chapter can’t wait to read more of the story keep doing fantastic work
Holly85 chapter 13 . 12/4/2019
Again loved it! It's great that it's not your typical veela story, and albus was actually good, even thought he !are mistakes! Loved Harry and albuses relationship. The way your wrote the bonding and Yule was perfect! Thank you
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