Reviews for The Key to Berchtesgaden
Tzuzuku chapter 8 . 11/6/2011
I always love reading those stories, where characters travel in the region I live in... even if people do a whole lot of research there is always something that is off, and that makes you laugh. Just so, you know what I was laughing about this time: The Autobahn between Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven (A29) was only build in the 1980s. There is no way it could have been bombed back in the 40s.

And when Udo told the others to "act natural" in the pub - classic! Wheren't they all from somewhere around the Düsseldorf area? Soon as they open their mouths, everyone would know that they are at least Quiddjes... *lol*

Hogan's reaction to Danzig/Hitler was nice ("a mental home" indeed ;-). Although now, I'm really interested in what Danzig thought during and after that meeting. I mean, by now he must have at least a doubt about the situation - Hogan just coming into the office like that... it seems to irresponsable for him, especially if he thought that the real Hitler was there...
Tzuzuku chapter 7 . 11/6/2011
This is slowly growing up into a real hugh fracas. And yes, I can see Hogan getting really drunk at the end of it all. *lol*

Other than that, I loved how you made those little "bad luck" moments play out in favour of the charade: like the guards only speaking German, because "Hitler" spoke German. (It's such a well known situation for anyone bilingual, isn't it?) Or the "accident" that Maryse didn't mention, WHO the VIP prisoner was. (It's something so easily left out in a bout of paranoia after all).

Still, I'm looking forward to the first meeting between Danzig/Hitler and Hogan. Makes me wonder, who's going to notice that something's wrong with the whole situation first. My guess is that it would be Danzig, since Hogan is more likely to come up to "Carter" and simply talk to him... that would certainly throw our most favourite female impersonator for a loop. *grins*

Keep up the good work. I love reading this. ;-)
jodm chapter 7 . 11/5/2011
Do these last two chapters ever add to the delightful confusion! I can't wait until Carter discovers he's on the way to England and Langenscheidt / Danzig finds out who he really captured! Love the way you're adding layer upon layer to the intrigue. All the story needs is for the real Fuhrer to show up!
Sgt. Moffitt chapter 7 . 11/5/2011
Boy, I've got to hand it to Danzig/Langenscheidt. He's got the Germans thinking he's Hitler and the Allies thinking he's Carter pretending to be Hitler. Not only that, he's good at crosswords too!

But poor Carter! All that chloroform can't be good for him. And the temptation to bump him off must be almost overwhelming to his captors.
inhonoredglory chapter 7 . 11/5/2011
Another great chapter! I love that "under a stream of muttered French curses." And the interesting tidbit of Hasso's hat falling off. I wonder if that's significant; I've been pretty wrong about guessing so far. Anyway, poor Carter, all tied up! And Langenscheidt as the new Hitler? Oh wow. Love the little tender thoughts before he fell into the Hitler charade. And "paah!" Ha! -Now- that ending in Chapter 6 makes sense. Poor Schwarz and Addison! They're seeing the difference. Oops! This is so going to be fun. Langenscheidt and Carter play different Hitlers. Hehe! You sure are going to have trouble telling him he's Carter.

And I love that tiny scene with him and the crossword puzzle book. Love how you implied Klink's dummkoph-ness with how he started but never finished those puzzles. And the last line, a winner!

The last scene was fantastic, too. Love how Schultz tries not to see who certain individuals are. And these lines...

"It is verboten for the prisoners to pretend to be anyone but themselves."

"So just rejoice in the simple fact that you got your fifteen men and be done with it."

96 Hubbles chapter 7 . 11/5/2011
I have to tell you, you certainly got an emotional reaction out of me with this chapter! In terms of plot, the accidental cock-up is beautiful. In terms of being within the story, it is a cock-up of such profound stupidity that if I were a character, I'd not only be ripping out my hair once I found out, I'd likely be a raging alcoholic by the end of the story, my brain unable to handle the dumbness of Fate, Chance and/or human nature.

In other words, great twist!

But I really think Carter should get a half an hour alone with Danzig at the end of the story in order to beat him to death with the nearest blunt instrument.
snooky chapter 7 . 11/5/2011
great roll call. Loved Hogan's lines about dropping out of thin air. Oh, and I'll say it again...Poor Carter...LOL
ColHogan chapter 7 . 11/5/2011
I would hate to be on the receiving end when Hogan finds out what Danzig and his men have done. Now, besides the key to Berchtesgaden, Hogan's got to get Carter back a mess.
Evenmoor chapter 7 . 11/5/2011
Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh dear. How many Hitlers will there be before all this is over! I'm loving this more with each chapter!
Jinzle chapter 4 . 11/5/2011
Poor Karl. Hopefully he'll get some payback soon.
Jinzle chapter 3 . 11/5/2011
Just one question. As a vegetarian, I have to wonder why they are eating chicken.
Jinzle chapter 2 . 11/5/2011
LOL, Loved the last line. Typical Carter.
Jinzle chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
Interesting start. You can almost see the wheels turning in Hogan's head.
snooky chapter 6 . 11/5/2011
Oh, what a fine web we weave...LOL. Poor Carter. I just love your tone in this story. A quick wink to the reader, as we are know more than the protagonists.
Tzuzuku chapter 6 . 11/5/2011
*lol* Oh, my. Of course, I knew what was coming, but you really wrote the kidnapping scene well. Also, how cool is it that Danzig's men used Hogan's own tunnel to pull it off? There's irony here. Lot's of it. And I'm fairly certain, Hogan won't appreciate it at all, once he figures it out. Now, he needs to keep guards on his own escape tunnel, because seomeone might use it to break "in"... *laughs*
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