Reviews for Session Transcripts
Sellsword Templar chapter 1 . 6/11
Ok the summary drew me in.
musicalradiance chapter 22 . 6/8
That was a bit of a long wait, but such a fantastic job. (And you gave me an excuse to reread the entire story- such sentiments don't run amiss.)
I do hope your personal life improves.
Guest chapter 22 . 6/7
Yikes! With that kind of stuff going on, no need to ask for forgiveness! I hope you're better now.
Post U Later chapter 6 . 6/7
Well, That Was Interesting. Freaking Grangers. I Dislike Parents Like That So Much! I Really Hope Severus Doesn't Send Hermes Back There.

& I Love That Harry Has Such Control Over His Abilities. He's So Awesome. XD
Post U Later chapter 5 . 6/7
Oh Poor Harry, Dreaming Of His Parents Deaths, Specifically Lily's. How Terrible.

& I Kinda Like Caddy(Cadillac Is A Bit Difficult To Write). Poor Little Orphaned Caddy. I'm Glad He Was Raised With The Judith.

& Poor Neville, Hearing People Talk About Him While He's Right There, & People Don't Notice Him. That's A Bit Sad On The People's Part.
TG28 chapter 22 . 6/7
Great chapter, fantastic plot! Very well written, as always. I'm sorry to hear about the hardships you had to go through; I hope it's all behind you now, and that it's smooth sailing from now on. Thanks for updating, I really missed you!
Post U Later chapter 4 . 6/6
Me To Severus, Me Too.

I'm Really Hope That Severus Getting Through To Hermes. I Wonder If He Even Knows He's Transgender Or If He Just Thinks He's Wrong? I'm Sure His Parents Aren't Helping, After What They Wrote In Those Letters.
SpiderQueen Dez chapter 22 . 6/6
Loved the chapter!
Glad you're back! Been so long I had to reread the story, something I enjoyed really much! :D

I love that some mystery has been added in, although with that second to last scene I don't think it's much of a mystery anymore. :p

I hope Harry is still in Severus' room and not wondering the halls looking for the man! I would hate for him to run into Tarq! D:

Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
Post U Later chapter 3 . 6/6
Awww~ That Ending Was So Adorable! It Totally Makes Up For Draco Trying To Kill Harry & The Betrayal Harry Faced From Thinking That Draco Was His Friend. I Mean, Snape WROTE DOWN That He Got His Own Harry. How Sweet Is That?

& I'm Glad That Hermes Helped Harry. Thank Merlin That He Came When He Did.
Post U Later chapter 2 . 6/6
I Rather Like This Harry. He's Very Honest & He Treats Everyone With Respect. & He Wants To Be A Bat Like Snape. How Cute Is That? & I Hope That He Makes Friends With Sarah, She Seems Nice & In Need Of A Friend. & Can He Talk To Magic? That Would Be Awesome! I Mean, He Talks To The Plants & The Castle, Why Not Magic?
Post U Later chapter 1 . 6/6
Oh, Poor Harry. I Really Hope That Whatever Non-Traceable Thing Kills The Dursley's Makes It Slow & Very Painful.

You Know, Dumbledore Should Have Set A Template For The Head Of Houses On How To Conduct Their Meetings. Because Snape's Is Far More Detailed Than That Of The Other 3.
Guest chapter 22 . 6/6
I just read the whole story. WOW! Will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
Nina Sawdon chapter 22 . 6/5
You are very much forgiven for not updating. Just glad that things must be back on an even keel and that you are continuing the story. Best wishes for everything to come right in your life!
StarDuchess chapter 21 . 6/5
Really enjoying all the story as it unfolded, especially in the transcripts. I understand that you needed to tell some of it with regular prose from time to time, but the last few chapters have been much more of that than before. Once you get past this bit with the interrogations, I hope you can return more to the transcripts format. I'm loving the progression Harry and Severus and Hadwyn are going through and the same for Hermes. Looking forward to the rest of it.
Zwartezwaluw chapter 22 . 6/5
Sorry you had such a bad time and I hope it gets better soon. I can't wait to read the next chapter, I've been squealing with joy at least twice every chapter :)
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