Reviews for Lease of new Life
English Major chapter 39 . 6/22
You have some truly excellent ideas and some unique plot twists that I really enjoyed. However, your English skills need some strict attention. One cat: cat. More than one cat: cats (NOT cat's). One Potter: Potter. More than one Potter: Potters (NOT Potter's). There are no apostrophes in pluralizations. This is Primary School English you need to review. Belonging to one Potter: Potter's. Belonging to more than one Potter: Potters' (or Potters's). The possessive requires an apostrophe.

Not only do you not know how to use an apostrophe, you can apparently not differentiate between homonyms: their/there/they're, to/too/two, and your/you're (seldom used correctly) are just a few you have misused.

Proper nouns (including titles like 'Professor' and 'Dad') need capitalization. A comprehensive grammatical review would definitely benefit your writing. Keep writing! You can greatly improve your readability by paying more attention to every word you type.

Please do not take my constructive criticism as a slight on your storytelling. You have talent for bringing your own characterizations to an imaginative plot line, and further grammatical editing can only improve your writing.

Thank you for your contribution to the world of Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
MadOwlNekoCat chapter 76 . 6/3
ah i love this story i hope you come back to it sometime soon. i really want to see what will happen.
guest chapter 76 . 5/20
I absolutely loved the fic. It was nice to see your writing improve as the fic went along. Sorry that Alex's feeling so rough. Hope you update again soon. I'll be back to check on it when I've got the time. And I completely understand that you don't want to give up your masterpiece to just anyone. After all, you are the one whom spent hours coming up with this. I won't bug you needlessly to post either. I understand how tough it is to be really busy with real life. You don't have to give the fic up for adoption either. At least here we know where to find it if we want to reread it. lol
Guest chapter 76 . 5/2
I hope you plan to come back this soon because I love it :)
elwarre chapter 1 . 5/3
I haven't even started the story yet (though I'm excited to), but OMG THANK YOU for the info on viewing options. I tend to avoid this site because it's so hard on my eyes and have so missed many great stories. THANK YOU!
AngelMira chapter 7 . 3/2
So I'm the only one that thinks that Snape hating Harry overdone.
Like in ever fiction Shape hates Harry without even meeting him, he just already hate him. His a grown man not a child and He should act his age.
Yeah he hated James Potter. But that doesn't mean he should already hate Harry. In the books and movies you can tell that Snape cared for Harry, at least only a little bit.
I just hate whenever a fix starts with Snape dogging on Harry then starts to love him but not apologizing for being a jerk to him.
Kamwanya chapter 29 . 3/2
.·ˆˆˆ(ºvº)ˆˆˆ·. m m
Guest chapter 76 . 1/17
You're really an amazing writer and I just love how insightful you are I hope you find the time to continue this even though it's been a few years
Guest chapter 76 . 1/15
I spend most of my life on this website and have read hundreds of fanfics but I have to say that this is one of my absolute favorites! Keep writing!
peacepuppy1220 chapter 10 . 1/13
...james was a seeker...not a chaser...
NatNatWriter chapter 8 . 12/21/2016
I really do like this story. However, the one thing that I would like to suggest as an improvement is adding more description. As the majority of your writing is speech the story tends to jump from Harry saying good night to him suddenly being asleep.
NatNatWriter chapter 2 . 12/21/2016
I love the owl you make at the beginning of each chapter.
Professor Potterhead chapter 38 . 11/17/2016
I really like this story, a lot. You're an awesome writer. However, I wish that Harry acted more childlike. I get his desire to please and follow the rules, but he acts like a machine, especially with his emotions. Abused children are typically more emotionally unstable, or are prone to bouts of instability.
RcGabby chapter 6 . 10/11/2016
well now the picture of Dumbledore knitting will forever stay in my head xD
another reader 1 chapter 76 . 10/3/2016
I don't know if your still on here now for its been years since you first wrote this story. I found this a week and a half a go and I fully enjoyed it like omg Alex as his new name and how adorable and how you still tried to make him seem like an eight year old when he's an intelligent young boy who just needs a family. This story is 100/10! Its off the radar and I love every bit of detail and everything. I hope maybe one day you could carry on for you said you'll be doing the good and bad days chapter and probably more after that. Please please please update!
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