Reviews for Rumors
Alexia Colette chapter 76 . 11/23
One more chapter of her getting pregnant and showing their married lives
Wwwwwweeeee chapter 76 . 8/24
I totally loved this story. It's one of the best I've read so far (even though truthfully I'm new to frantic)
I loved how the characters stayed close to the characters in the original Manga and the plot seemed very logical. I somehow wish that this story could be the final chapters of the manga
Thanks for writing it. I stayed up many a nights reading it
starfingers chapter 76 . 5/4
Awww thank you so much for writing this! I love the character developments, the plot, and of course Kuon's parents. Love the idea of numb arm as well! Keep on writing c:
starfingers chapter 69 . 5/4
You know what, the moment I read "nice to meet you", I also read that in Japanese. Then your author's note came and made me laugh. That confession is truly epic.
starfingers chapter 46 . 5/4
I'm now seriously loving Chiaki and Shotaro's attitude... And ooooohhhh kyoko and ren is officially serious! So much fluff 33
starfingers chapter 42 . 5/4
I wonder how it felt or looked like when they were walking holding hands. I mean, Ren's palm is obviously bigger than hers, and Kyoko is like 30 or at least 25 cm shorter than him. There's got to be some awkwardness while they were at it! Lol
starfingers chapter 41 . 5/4
Argh you made me giggle like mad in this chapter. Maria is so adorable as a tease.
starfingers chapter 33 . 5/4
Yes, I also think her answers are perfect for handling bullies, pr in this case, medias. Very assertive.
starfingers chapter 31 . 5/4
Ahhh I see the president is disappointed because Kyoko haven't actually (realized that she) fell in love with Ren. I'm enjoying this.
starfingers chapter 18 . 5/4
I know i'm not reviewing on the right chapter (sorry!), but I like how you can put the statement "Ren is human so he makes mistakes as well and it's not always about Kyoko apologizing" through Kanae.
starfingers chapter 15 . 5/4
...and so typical Kyoko... Hufff well I guess I'll be disappointed too if she outwardly accepts the confession, so moving on. i like the way you write fics.
starfingers chapter 14 . 5/4
Typical ren, smooth and fangirl-swooning af. Ahahaha you're amazing, this is much more realistic than the manga.
starfingers chapter 12 . 5/4
Aaaaaaaaannnnndddd yes you ruined it.

I'll keep on reading.

(Btw I rarely write a review per frequent chapters like this, I usually finish the story in one sitting then write a review lengthworthy of a thesis. But somehow I am thinking you need this recognition : so here goes to the review count!)
starfingers chapter 11 . 5/4
Awww they are very cute together ~~ I was kinda hoping they would go to Ren's apartment and the media went crazy and they really have to get married LOL
starfingers chapter 7 . 5/4
"The Mogami Kyouko version of the lying gentlemanly smile" ftw! Goodness, now I want to try seeing that in the manga. You have captured their characters nicely, well done :D
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