Reviews for Trust
rini anointed436 chapter 1 . 3/14/2014
It is in Sosuke's nature to act impulsively without thoroughly thinking things. That can be one reason why he didn't ask for his ranger key. Trust is one way to look at it. From what I remember, the Hurricangers did ask for their ranger keys back. It wasn't until they saw three of the Gokaigers trapped in another dimension try to prevent the people turned into nuts from getting blown up that they trust them with their ranger powers. I guess Sosuke believes in himself to the point that he doesn't have to completely depend on his ranger powers to be a hero in saving others' lives. You've given an in-depth look of Ahim's perspective that really gets into her character. This reflects how she's like as a person-having empathy for others.

That's true. Other times, the spelling/grammar check don't know the proper spelling or sentence structure since it's programmed with knowing the basic stuff. I don't see any misspelled words here. It's just the punctuation in some places that need editing. These are some sentences that need to be edited:

- So even if now she was still not that much of a pirate, if there was something that she could do to help out; she would gladly do it.

Correction: Even now, If she is still not that much of a pirate and there is something that she could do to help out, she would gladly do it.
* The word "now" indicates present tense, so "is" should be used instead of "was."

- Yet despite of that, Mister Sousuke decided to help his friends without asking for their help...even without having his own power as Go-On Red.
The word "of" shouldn't be added after "despite."