Reviews for Convivial
InuViolet chapter 1 . 7/18
Kagome it's not your business
jlawson chapter 77 . 6/13
Your Kagome was very difficult to like.
sapphirezblue chapter 77 . 5/8
Wow, I loved the slow burn. This is the Sesshoumaru I have hope for when he matures, after RT's story. His romantic poem right before he kisses her...swoooooon.
Kagome is a bit of a lame-o though. I wish she had a bit more backbone to go seek him out and properly apologize instead of waiting for circumstances and Sesshou himself to come to her. It gives her a bit of this woe-is-me, princess-who-needs-to-be saved complex that I'm not the biggest fan of.
Anonymous chapter 2 . 5/2
The story is very intersting to read. Sesshomaru is a bit different but also the same as the real anime so It really intrigues me to read more! But I'm a bit disappointed about Sesshomaru liking Rin. Because for me, I think Sesshomaru should think of her as a daughter figure since He was the one who took care of her.
Koneko chapter 77 . 4/16
I loved this story, even though Kago was a whiny, irritating wuss throughout. This should not be rated M whatsover. You got my hopes up there.
Koneko chapter 76 . 4/16
Koneko chapter 74 . 4/16
I wouldn't have apologized.
Koneko chapter 72 . 4/16
This is reminding me so much of my friends' romantic lives. Being the blunt person I am, I always shout at my friends that their love lives would be o much easier if they say what they meant and meant what they say. Unfortunately, it's hard for a lot of people to just be completely HONEST with each other, the person who is spilling their guts and for the person who is receiving said guts.

Kagome is twisting herself into knots, not making a move because she's convinced herself that she fucked up (she did) and that it's too late to fix it. That may be so, but what's worse is letting an opportunity die without laying all the cards on the table. He thinks she doesn't care for him at all. Is she really OK when him assuming so? Is the avoidance of rejection (which she deserves) and embarrassment worth a lifetime's worth of being misunderstood?

This is someone that I've never understood about people. Sure it hurts to be rejected or made fun of, but as long as you live a life saying and doing what you mean, at least you know the pain was real instead of delivered after incorrect assumptions and missed connections.
Koneko chapter 66 . 4/16
Well... at least you're holding Kagome accountable for her actions. Too many times in romantic pairing stories, they let the woman be overly-emotional, bordering on selfish, and force the male character to understand every irrational move she makes by taking initiative to correct her mistakes.

I'm happy that you've made an adult out of Kagome (even though I think she's a sorry wuss) and you have her fixing her own messes instead of making Sesshoumaru clean it up for her.
Koneko chapter 65 . 4/16
I failed my first driving test after hitting the grass doing a 3-point turn. It was so minuscule, but that examiner was having none of it that day.

I share a bit of Kagome's fear of accidents as my dad has been in so many when I was younger. He's strangely accident prone, but has never been hurt. I couldn't imagine him dying in one.
Koneko chapter 61 . 4/16
And Sesshou's probably not even dating that woman. She's likely his new boss and his mother tried to set him up with.
Koneko chapter 63 . 4/16
"Loving Inu Yasha had not been easy, and had, in some ways, bordered on martyrdom."

Finally someone said it. As much as I like the world of inuyasha, the forced romance between he and Kagome always struck me as false. They both came across as 'falling in love' with being victims of circumstances. Inu was lonely and needed to be recognized while Kagome needed someone to pour her compassion onto (or pity imo). That's one of the main reasons why I refuse to read that pairing and go towards unconventional ones. The story of Inuyasha really suffered because of the predictable romance.
Koneko chapter 62 . 4/16
Isn't he 16? I would tell him to finish high school or do a GED equivalent. If Kagome was able to traverse the past and finish her studies, her brother can at least graduate and work on his music as well. He could write for established artists first and work his way up.

Funny how avoidance is new-Kagome's first and ONLY tactic instead up coming to logical conclusions. Tuh!
Koneko chapter 59 . 4/16
lol bye, girl. I wish Inuyasha actually said Rin's name. That would have jarred her enough to snap out of it.
Koneko chapter 58 . 4/16

I think Kagome forgot that Araki is a spy.
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