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fangirl1990 chapter 2 . 2/13
I just wanted to point out something that I (as a Anita Blake Vampire Hunter fan) noticed:

The information you provided from your sources says that Samedi The Walkers of Death. Clan of Vampires who continually rot and seem zombie/corpse-like.

In AN:VH Morte D'Amore (The Lover of Death) is a member of the Vampire Council. He (along with decendants of his line) are Rotting Vampires. They can rot and reform, and the only definitive way to kill them is to burn them completely.

Also the line Draco comes from reminds me of Belle Morte (Beautiful Death)'s line. Sex and beauty reign supreme.

There is also an animalistic line of the council, Padma (The Master of Beasts) who can exact control over certain types of animals and shifters.

I just had to point rhis out since I love that whole world so much. And this makes me feel siper duper at home with this story.

Honestly there may be more coincidences but I'm half asleep at the moment lol

I freaking LOVE this story so much! It's badass so far.

Which kinda makes me think of the
The Cuteness chapter 7 . 1/14
I really enjoyed that most of the characters got a happy ending!
Scherherazade chapter 7 . 5/5/2015
Another fantastic story, I enjoyed it very much. I really appreciated all the attention to detail you put into the story.
Guest chapter 7 . 12/24/2014
The last part of chapter 6 is repeated in ch 7
KayKarenJasmin chapter 7 . 1/13/2014
Oh i finally finished it and damn why'd i wait so long. Just an absolutely amazing story. I mean A just speechless awesomeness but oh wow my goodness the "PANT WIGGLE GROAN" the laughter is just i can't even describe anymore. hahahaha. but overall truly great story. and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT i mean just outstanding, amazing, *inserts any other possibly fantastic adjective under sun*. AND THE DRAMIONE. i will stay hush now i can't just perf. and listening to "say something" right now and well through the story with He is We's "all about us" i mean spot on. especially say something. I'm sorry i'm gushing and not making a lot of sense but seriously just absolutely amazing story with such dkfjlsdkjfkljdsf nope can't do this. great job!
smileylol )
TheBrightEyedOne chapter 7 . 2/16/2013
You have left me speechless, once again. I must tell you, you are the most thoughtful and eloquent writer I have ever encountered on FanFiction. Before I came across your art, I read anonymously, and never signed up for a FF account, but after reading this story for the third time, I felt that I must say something to you. Your writing evokes both an emotional response and a general interest in me. The thorough research that you do for your stories shines through in every word. To say I admire you wouldn't even be close to adequate. I adore your work, and the mind behind it. Thank You for allowing me the privilage to read your work. My only hope is for more, and that you feel you and your work are cherished by many.
lisa e chapter 7 . 1/22/2013
nice crossover but i wished it was fleshed a little more. but engaging. great work!
Nachtrae chapter 7 . 8/30/2012
Okay, a little confusing :p This is the same as the last part in the previous chapter. No biggie.

I loved loved loved loved this fanfiction! (yes, even with my ranting about WoD vampires!) I think you did a good job merging the two worlds, and gave it all an interesting story with a great ending. Definitely one of the better crossovers I've read in a while!

Again, great job! And don't mind my ranting on Kindred stuff to much :) I just love VtM.

Many hugs to you for such an awesome story!
Nachtrae chapter 6 . 8/30/2012
Poor Hermoine. She's going to be so disappointed to find out the tattoo on Draco will disappear after 1, maybe 2 nights. What with Kindred being unable to change their appearances permanently. They'll always return to the state they were at upon their Embrace.

So happy to read Hermoine returning to Draco _ and even marrying him! Happy ending!
Oh wait, still another epilogue to go!
Nachtrae chapter 5 . 8/30/2012
was impressed by Draco's accomplishments as a newly made Kine

*shudders at the garlic mention*
Works for the story though, so I'll hold of on a rant that it's no weakness to World of Darkness vampires. Well, barring a few that have that particular flaw of course. My Malkavian character is rather disgusted by it in fact.

Q-Q Poor Draco. I feel for that sorry bastard. On his knees, begging Hermoine, pride gone. I hope she'll go back to him.
And please let the Weasley twin be alive!
Nachtrae chapter 4 . 8/30/2012
The night after that, all of the girls that had been made Kine were missing.
Kine are humans. Should've used Kindred there :)

that aside

THOSE GODDAMNED TREMERE! BLOODTHIEVING MAGE ASSHOLES! (quote courtesy of Betram Tung, a Nosferatu who'd love to see them all extinct)
Can't ever trust any of them!

Hermoine, you better get yourself a nice flamethrower girl. Those things work wonders on Kindred, and really, those along with napalm and modern weaponry is the only reason Kindred are keeping to the shadows instead of taking over. The witch hunts in the Dark ages cemented fear and respect for humans in those dusty old brains leading of the vampire leaders.
Nachtrae chapter 3 . 8/30/2012
Figures that that maniac Bellatrix would somehow be responsible for this madness. I think she'd make a better Malkavian than Lamia though. Since all Malkavians are completely and utterly stark-raving mad, some in a very violent manner. Voldemort's influence aside (how the hell did he even manage to get Kindred to Embrace his Death Eaters? Non Camarilla clans aside, there's a freaking death sentence on Embracing without permission. Not to mention that despite everything, Voldemort's still human.)

Also, I think you sometimes confused Childe with Kine in the chapter?
Kindred vampire
Kine human
Childe a young vampire (plural: Childer)
Nachtrae chapter 2 . 8/30/2012
Found this crossover today, and so far I'm loving it. It's an interesting crossover!

But, as an avid Old World of Darkness fan in the VtM setting (Requim has significant differences when compared to Masqeruade, and I'm not as familiar with it, so bear with me if what I say clashes with what you found out in Requim), I cringe at several Kindred aspects in the story that just don't fit well in the canon lore. Naturally, as this is a fanfiction, it's your full right to alter everything you see fit, but if I don't throw this out here, I'll never find rest again (might be a little exagerated _)


First of, the whole sex thing. As they can no longer reproduce, Kindred lose all sexdrive they had as mortal. It's just no longer in their nature. The ONLY pleasure they will ever get is from feeding. The Kiss (bite) does generally invoke pleasure in the victim though, regardless if it's Kindred or Kine. Unless you're Giovanni or have that particular flaw.

Secondly, vampires cannot sweat, nor do the males have seed. Technically, they can't even get boners. With practice, a vampire can replicate this by using the stolen blood in their veins though. Should they imitate sweat or any other bodily fluids, all they expell is blood. Same with tears.

Thirdly, some misinformation on the clans:
Gangrels are loners more so than beasts, though they are the closest to their inner Beast than other clans. A Gangrel respected by the others of his kin is strong willed, knows how to fight, respects nature and is an exceptional story teller. As a clan, they have strong ties with the old, traditional gypsies. They have an exceptional hatred for the Ravnos because they bring a bad name to the gypsies with their generally criminal antics.
(I don't know how you intend to combine WoD Garou with HP werewolves, but this is solely about the World of Darkness werewolves) Gangrel don't get along any better with the Garou (werewolves) than the other clans. The werewolves believe that Kindred are servants of a great evil that wishes to destroy the world as they know it, and are known for destroying all Kindred in their path. A single angered werewolf can take out a whole batallion of Kindred, that's how great their powers are (in World of Darkness). However, because of their knowledge of the land, animals and their own Beast, Gangrels are better at avoiding conflict with werewolves. If they are careful and know how to use their Protean Discipline, they can trick the Garou into believing he's one of them and attain their trust and respect that way. Once accepted, they won't ever turn on the Gangrel, even if they find out that he's really Kindred.


The Brujah are split in two groups: True Brujah and Brujah. The True Brujah can trace their lineage back to the Antideluvian that fathered their clan, and they're generally scholars and historians in nature and are far from the violent/passionate anarchists. They don't look kindly on the anarchists/rebel Brujah that trace their lineage back to the Troile, who Diablerized the Antideluvian Brujah.


Tremere was once a human magus who, fearing the weakening of magic, tried to find a way to make himself immortal and forever strong. Through studies performed by himself and his apprentices, he found out about Kindred society and began experimenting, primarily on Gangrel and Tzimisce. They eventually found a way and turned themselves into vampires. But they were weak at first, and they had numerous existing clans breathing down their necks. Especially the Tzimisce have a powerful hatred for the Tremere and openly waged war on them. Through chance, Tremere found the slumbering body of Saulot, the Salubri Antideluvian, and Diablerized him, going from 8th or so gen up to 3rd, allowing the bloodline to resist the attacks on them and cementing their position. (and after years of propaganda and slander, the Tremere have convinced most other clans that the Salubri are evil, soul stealing assholes and are all but wiped out. They could probably find safety amongst the Tzimisce who'd gladly open their door for them, but their ideals clash to much for a Salubri to find himself comfortably in a Tzimisce haven. There are said to be 7 in existance still, at all times.)


You wrote Lasombre instead of Lasombra a couple times. They are the only clan that doesn't cast a reflection, nor do they show up in videos or pictures.


Random Trivia: Dracula was a Tzimisce.


That concludes my little WoD fan induced, probably entirely pointless lesson on Kindred. If you're already well aware of everything I wrote, you can ignore it all and just yell at me that I wasted my time :)
I'll...continue reading now. Real interested to see what will happen (and here's to hoping there will be Malkavians and Tzimisce in the story! Tzimisce could give Voldemort a lesson on sadism, brutality and cruelty!)
DeirdrePSS chapter 7 . 8/8/2012
Wow such an original story! Vampire the masquerade is one of my favourites game.
San59 chapter 7 . 8/3/2012
Ilove your fiction!
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