Reviews for Retribution
Lady Moon Shadows chapter 6 . 2/3
I wondered if the bullies would be spared if they had actually grown up into decent adults. Guess that's not gonna be an issue. They're still as mean as ever.
Lady Moon Shadows chapter 2 . 2/3
This makes me so angry. It's sad how many times bullies are allowed to get away with it because of the power they, or their parents have. My heart breaks for these two.
Lady Moon Shadows chapter 1 . 2/3
I'm going to think of this in terms of vampy blood play otherwise I'd have to scream about how many diseses you can get from handling blood. Eww.
Guest chapter 12 . 9/23/2014
There are some very cruel,sadistic,evil and psychotic people in the world and I'm not talking about bella and edward
fanfictionalcolic chapter 20 . 9/9/2014
Wonderfully insane. I love it
ms simmons chapter 13 . 6/16/2014
Fuck Mike jasper rose ben and angela had it worst
ms simmons chapter 1 . 6/16/2014
I loved it is that bad? first i didn't want to read it all butttt i kep going cuz i HATE bullies
Guest chapter 20 . 4/3/2014
Wow... this is one original, interesting, unique story. Good job.
harleys chapter 2 . 2/27/2014
Good grief. That's awful.
harleys chapter 1 . 2/27/2014
TwiAaccountant chapter 20 . 2/12/2014
whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA
I don't know what to say!
Horrifying and Fascinating all at once!
ladiblue03 chapter 20 . 2/9/2014
wow the story was intense different interesting I really like it and funny to me
Snappher chapter 20 . 1/13/2014
Fuck...just how bad did high school suck for you? Lol. This was horrid and creepy, but I couldn't stop reading! Wtf? Lol
OhGeeFantasy chapter 2 . 10/29/2013
Poor kids! Bullying sucks and they should get revenge.
OhGeeFantasy chapter 1 . 10/29/2013
Wow! I'm reading on:). Both are a bit creepy, but I like it so far.
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