Reviews for Heat Wave
Bob chapter 10 . 2/10/2004
I'm was so excited to see you'd updated I read the whole story again! Super! Please update soon, I can't wait to see Logan's reaction at Max's pregnancy!
maggieann452 chapter 10 . 2/10/2004
hiya,i have waited so long for this chapter,but it was well worth the wait awesome comes to mind and wow creeps in there , but dont make us wait so long for the next installment, the suspense might do me in.
more please still one of my favorite stories.
Nicole chapter 10 . 2/9/2004
HOLY CRAP! Talk about suprised to see this updated. :) I liked it though. Well done. Can I expect to see this updated more regularly?
Bob chapter 9 . 1/17/2004
No way dude! You can't just leave it like that! And you haven't written in two years so this is probably never going to end! That is just WRONG!
hay25 chapter 9 . 1/5/2004
please finish the story, we really need to know how it ends.
Somebody's Dark Angel chapter 9 . 12/22/2003
excellent story! although the chris/zane thing was a bit obvious, to me at least. i love the whole angsty max-logan-laura-chris/zane love...square thing (?)
nb: were is not spelled with a 'h', as in: 'their faces were so close together '
x5-220 chapter 1 . 12/21/2003
are you gonna finish? please do!
x5-220 chapter 1 . 12/21/2003
are you gonna finish? please do!
Somebody's Dark Angel chapter 9 . 11/21/2003
great! i love the use of the x5's interacting with the jam pony crew & kendra. continue soon!
mackenzie karls chapter 9 . 11/3/2003
hey i was just wondering when u were going to write another chapter for is this story because it really good and i was hoping it would be soon
anonyme chapter 9 . 10/11/2003
it's great! when the next chapter will be up? I can't wait!
maggieann452 chapter 9 . 9/5/2003
come on guys, wheres the rest of the story, dont leave it there, i have laughed, cried and choked on my drink, this has got to be THE best story on ffnet please email when you get round to finishing it cheers maggieann452
Sally chapter 9 . 7/23/2003
You have not updated in forever! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Don't be one of those people who write good stories and then doesn't finish them! But good work...I like the trouble Max and Logan are in right now...keep it going!
Jayme chapter 9 . 7/15/2003
This is an excellent story and i NEED an update! Seriously! I read Cabin Fever and Heat Wave today, and foubnd them both EXCELLENT! Even though Heat Wave made me feel sick cos of logab's confusion and Zane and Max being mad at logan and Logan being sad! But it is SUCH a great story. I knew Max was pregnant since she started eating heeps and heeps and I would LOVE for you to return to this great story cos i really REALLY need more! when Max found out she was pregnant i was wringing my hands and asking myself out loud "What will she do, what will she do?" Even though i had predicted it it was a big shock! PLease continue, this is great! I'm glad the hibernating polar bear *Walter* has gone back to Seattle and i love the when Max wears revealing clothes all the guys stare at her, it's so cute! I'm glad that Chris was Zane, that explains how Max felt so comfortable with him and was able to open up to him so easily. I love the great msut and fluffiness and would REALLY love a continuation! I REALLY need more! This is a GREAT fic! Please write more, you haven't written any for over a year! This is really good, i hope I can encourage you to complete this piece, at least so i can have piece of mind and not go insane from Cabin Fever/Heat Wave withdrawl!

Please continue! Jayme
FallenAngel chapter 1 . 7/8/2003
R U still working on this story or are u gonna just leave it like tat? I love your story so please update. I've been waiting for so long for this story.
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