Reviews for Don't Lock The Keys In The Car
obabema chapter 3 . 12/15/2011
*facepalm* Ahhhhh... Feliks... XD
KaoruHare chapter 3 . 12/3/2011
Poland's part made my head hurt. And he called Belarus beautiful. MY EYES BURN! DX
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 1 . 11/1/2011
Time for the obligatory rant, since Kaoru isn't here. Here goes...

Poland, if you wear a blue shirt with a yellow skirt, nobody will really know you're Snow White. Will they mistake you for an IKEA worker? Yes. fem!Sweden? Most defintely. A fashion disaster? Not really, since you ARE Poland after all. You see, you need a specific DRESS, not a shirt and a skirt, to pull Snow White off. Plus, Snow White doesn't bare her midriff like she's a lifeguard at the beach. Trust me, I know this stuff, since I am good at cosplay and OCD about whatever details goes into my costume.

If you wanted free pancakes, you could've made some. Or, you could've gone to the house of that one guy with the polar bear. I think his name is "Matthew", or something.

What bugs me is a lack of a cell phone. Yes, i'm well aware that they are in an area with possibly little to no cell reception and that Liet lost his phone, but, a cell phone could've prevented a whole mess of troubles. Why doesn't Poland even have his phone? Was he having a blonde moment?

Liet, who are you dressed as and why does this person need a hoodie worn?

Liet, Poland, turn back. How many times is this authoress going to state that that house may be Russia's house?

Oh, great, that last statement now makes me wish that the house they're going to is England's. England gave the world pirates, musicals, awesome music like Mumford and Sons and Sex Pistols, the middle class and industrialization, British accents, Kate Middleton, The Sex Pistols, and punk rock. Russia just gave the USSR communism. And caviar. Oh, and water pipes. Russia is never complete without those.

Sadly, Russia didn't give us The Sex Pistols, a fashionable and awesome band. He also didn't write songs such as "God Save the Queen", "Anarchy in the UK", and "Holidays in the Sun". All this makes me want to sing "God Save the Queen" and listen to it in the middle of my school's amphitheater on full blast.

As stated, please "Don't Touch the Bright, Young Things", or else Arthur Kirkland will poke you with a cattle prod. JK

"Somewhere out there, an authoress said 'tl;dr' to this review" - Anonymous.

Yuki-Rin out!
fluffyPochi chapter 1 . 11/1/2011
It's funny, I liked how the way Poland continued to talk while driving when Liet tried to make him focus XD

It would'nt happen if Liet just taped Poland's mouth while he drives XD